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    • Day 10:  Went to the practice green for twenty minutes or so around lunch. Just worked on hitting pitch shots (most of tightish lies) making sure I was using the proper technique. Showed a little progress today. 
    • My 5W is adjustable and is basically set to be a 4W.  I hit it much better off the deck than a 3W - longer, higher, straighter.  I think putting a longer shaft in the 5W would offset the benefits the 5W offers off the deck.  The reason a 3W is harder to hit off the deck is you need a higher swing speed and my guess (although I don't know) is that is more related to shaft length than loft. BTW, I'm giving up 10-20 yards off the tee but it's worth it to me.
    • It’s really not going to make much of a difference. Once you get a handicap those scores will become a tiny part of your index. Do what makes sense to you.
    • love this! I've been thinking of somewhere I could post about my training progress. I had a calendar in the garage with what I worked on that day but nothing in detail like this. last night I went to the green for an hour and 15 and worked on my touch/feel with chips from 30' to 10'. I set up an alignment rod 10' from me and another one 30' from me. my goal is to get the first one as close to the back alignment rod, second one inside of the first, and so on until i'm chipping to the 10' alignment rod. it takes a lot of feel and touch in order to get them close and put a lot of balls inside the two alignment rods. my most was 6 balls. I was working on ball position and trying to visualize my landing area. I find when I can visualize my landing area its much easier for me to "feel" the shot. I am trying to use more of a putting stroke in the sense the club doesn't get behind me. I find when the club gets behind me its much easier to shallow out too early if my transition isnt perfect. If I use more of a putting stroke I can be more aggressive and control the spin.  #myjourneytobetter
    • The more I think about it and research, the more "most likely" makes sense to me. And in the case of a par plus for a hole skipped entirely, I guess you could make your best estimate of what you course handicap would be and therefore how many strokes you would get on the hole.  Just thinking, in theory: if a golfer with the game of a +5.8 handicapper was establishing a handicap for the first time, the handicap would be completely inaccurate if one assumed 36.4 for par plus, etc. I feel like that basically answers my original question...because I think there are only 3 ways to modify a score: par plus, ESC, and "most likely." I'd still be interested to hear anyone thoughts! I can't imagine most golfers put (waste?) this much thought on something like this, but it's just my personality haha. I'm establishing my handicap for the first time and I want to do it right! 🙂 

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