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    • They also tend to buy golf clubs more frequently. There are a ton of high handicap golfers that will play 10+ year old clubs. I've bought 3 drivers over the past 6 seasons, and two sets of irons. That is probably more money on clubs than they spent in their entire life.
    • While core training, strengthening and flexibility are certainly important, I would first focus on your mechanics. Not only is this the fastest of the components to increasing your speed but it is imo the more important. Why? Because it won’t do you much good in the long run to simply swing OTT and casting...faster. Now of course you can do both strengthen and improve flexibility while working on mechanics depending on your time availability.
    • As of right now only 10 people have given themselves the East Team Candidate badge/award and only five have given themselves the West Team Candidate badge/award. https://thesandtrap.com/awards/category/2-site-awards/ Directions to do so are here: Add the appropriate badge/award, please, as that's the easiest way for us to find people.
    • Had a milled carbon steel refinished by LaMont Mann down in Arizona. MannKraft putters. Awesome job.
    • If it made JB Holmes play faster, I'd buy him a track suit to wear!


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