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    • Roger Maltbie finished top five in only one major and won only five PGA Tour events during a time when they weren't too hard to win. 🙂 He has a long broadcasting career too. It's not like every broadcaster has had a huge career. Gary Koch. David Feherty was on a Ryder Cup team, but never won a PGA Tour event. Frank Nobilo and Brandel Chamblee have two PGA Tour wins between them. And Johnny's been a much better broadcaster than he was a player. He was a top three golfer for only a few years - he's been a top three color guy for over 20 years. And, as I said in my answer, he's influenced far more people for far longer as a broadcaster. That's my argument for "broadcaster" at any rate.
    • Johnny Miller was mostly done as a competitive golfer in the early 1980s. Anyone my age or younger have only seen him as an announcer. The fact that he was a successful player lends credibility to him as a broadcaster, but playing is not the way a lot of us have experienced him. The question is about legacy. It's how will people remember you. It's not a knock on his playing career.  
    • Regarding the slow practice, there is often immediate success when I’m applying a change at 30 to 75% effort. The difficulty lies in speeding it up. While that’s not as much of an issue when practicing, trying to apply the change to even a practice round on the course becomes nearly impossible.  I can’t help but think I need to play a bunch of rounds at 50% (or whatever) so that the change I’m trying to make becomes the only thing I know. Thanks for the explanation, @boogielicious.
    • I agree generally, but two things: +3s have a great short game, great full swing, and great putting, relatively speaking. A great short game alone will not get most people anywhere near +3. PGA Tour players are "only" about +4 to +6 or so at the top end. The thing is, they do this in competition. Your handicap may have been mostly established in practice rounds, etc. Anyway, this guy's probably already given up on his quest, because despite his bravado, he's realizing how hard it is to do what he said, and won't want to admit it.
    • I voted playing career since he was a much better golfer than broadcaster, and as @boogielicious mentioned above, there would not have been one without the other.  He's no Joe Buck, after all ...


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