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    • For fun. Thats what the game was originally created for so why play for any other primary reason?
    • Cheers, we'll leave it at that, we disagree on most everything and that's ok. 
    • getting back to the original premise of the thread. Not having the actual product in hand, I really cannot evaluate the best way to use the program until I can measure the weights suggested. Once I get a scale, I will be better able to do this.  Meanwhile, I can only relate my limited experiences with what I currently have. With all the weights I have attached, I find that the training aid serves mostly as a tempo trainer. It is quite heavy and I can actually see the shaft flex during the swing. Not as much as the Orange Whip and similar tempo trainers, but enough where this can be of benefit. I realize that is not the purpose of the program however. With only the smallest weights, the club is light enough to promote the speed training for which the program is designed. Again, once I get a scale, I could then assemble the club in all three configurations. Of course, I could simply design the three configurations separately.  I would concede, this is not nearly as good as the actual program. I am only trying to see if I can come up with something that comes close. I am still not convinced that it is justified in my case as it is doubtful I would achieve all that much or whether it is important to me. Heck, I will be fortunate if I can even play in  ten years or so.  Improve? maybe...Nirvana , never. Noting the "tinkering" results above...one might surmise that one motivation is the act itself being more satisfying that the product resulting therefrom.
    • I still find it difficult to choose. I had a period this year where I got frustrated because of my scores. It took me 9 months to play my new course with low scores (like high 70’s and low 80’s). The high scores made me allmost stop playing the course as a member to go to an other course and play there as a member. So I need low scores to have fun.
    • 1. Fun
      2. Camaraderie
      3. Competition (usually meaning betting - maybe low score, maybe just winning a few buck)


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