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  1. Darwinism is no excuse for cheating. Bad argument. When you get married you make a conscious commitment. Again, if you never grew out of a need for strange, then why get married? Why have kids? Just because you have an urge doesn't mean it's okay to act. We are not monkeys.
  2. Hi guys, wanted to let everyone know golf instructor Dana Dahlquist online academy is now live. https://danadahlquistgolf.com/ Dana is one of the best golf instructors in the world and has gained a lot of popularity over the years sharing valuable content through his YouTube channel, and daily Instagram posts. He's also worked with Charles Howell III, Brad Faxon, Daniel Summerhays and other PGA Tour winners/players. Dana is a friend of mine, has helped me with my own game and been very influential with my knowledge of the golf swing. Dana and I even did a video together for this thread a few years ago. I'm really happy for him that he's built a site like this where he can organize and share his thoughts and teachings on the golf swing. I've gone through most of the videos on his new academy and it's great stuff. The videos cover many aspects of the golf instruction such as the ball flight laws, full swing, how to make changes, short game and putting. Most videos are 1-2 minutes and while Dana can get as technical as anyone out there these videos are simple and easy to understand. If you've ever seen his posts and wondered how he gets these students to make their swing changes this is the perfect introduction to Dana's preferences and the information he shares with students. There is even a glossary section in case some of the terms are new to viewers. As far as I know the plan is to continue to update the site with new content. My favorite clips are the "over the shoulder" and online lessons where you watch other players receive instruction from Dana. The other videos are useful but to me watching the lessons really connects the dots from golf theory to practical application. Every lesson handles a different aspect of the swing as each student has different priorities. Whether you're a low handicapper trying to take those last couple strokes off or a high handicapper looking to break 90, I'd strongly recommend visiting the site and learning more. There are even some plans that include membership to the site with online lessons included. Here's a couple screen shots of the video library. If anyone is interested in checking out the content, Dana has been nice enough to offer TST members a discount, the coupon code is "thesandtrap" for 10% off. Since I've known Dana a while and gone through most of the content I'm happy to try and answer any questions you guys might have.
  3. Watched Golf Channel coverage that aired portions of Tiger's arrest. It is such a sad commentary on our society that this is even aired and is getting this kind of coverage. What he did was wrong, but it is just as wrong for the Florida Police to allow their videos to be released to the media. Give the guy a break. John
  4. Whoa, buddy. You can get kicked off the internet for saying s--t like this!
  5. Ok that is reasonable. I guess I was talking about other issues that are personal morality based.
  6. I'm going to change things up a bit today, partly because I don't know a ton of intimate details about the person's next selection, but also just to keep y'all on your toes. The fourth member of the East (Blue) team… Joined TST in 2013, 1350 days ago. Has 2461 posts in that time. (That's 1.82 posts per day, roughly.) Has horrible taste in sports teams. I may not have chosen him, but his hockey team obliged - as they almost always do - earlier this year. Met me (and I met him) for the first time only a few weeks ago. Has what I must assume is better taste in cigars than sports teams, but who will refrain during the Newport Cup. Until the celebratory cigar, of course. Was born in 1964. Has carried a mid-single-digit handicap about as long as I've known him on the site. Has a GAME GOLF profile, but no rounds posted to it. May be able to carpool with @DaveP043 to get to the Pinehurst area. Doesn't hinge or cock his wrists much during his backswing… Anyway, without further ado… The fourth member of the blue team is… @jsgolfer (Gerald Scott, "Gerry" or "Jerry")!!! Welcome to the team!!! If you're on the eastern side of the U.S., have a handicap index at or below 9.0 (or will by August), and would like to be considered for the East Team, please let me know ASAP! It's never too late until we choose the sixth member of the team!
  7. You make a fair point about how an instructor doesn't have to have won a PGA Tour event to be a good instructor. It is not a prerequisite. The trouble everyone has, is folks claiming to have a secret. After a person spends x amount of dollars they will get the secret. It is like Chris Rock said "There is no sex in the Champagne room". The idea being there is no secret. Instructors shouldn't claim there is one. Improvement is a road, a very long one wrought with distractions, curves, bumps, all sorts of stuff. Many of us don't have the patience or athletic ability to do many of things that instructors ask us to do. You need to find your own road. If it is Mike Austin, great, do it. Post your progress weekly, monthly, whatever and enjoy the ride. Share it with us. For what its worth, what I look for in an instructor is someone who has taken regular joe's like me who sit in front of computers for most of the day and improves us. Taking a athletic kid and making him swing great is nice to see, but far from making a hack like me better. Show me videos of 45 year old men who are 15 handicappers making (and most importantly maintaining) improvements. That is the kind of thing that interest me.
  8. I wish the sponsors, Dean & DeLuca, had kept "Colonial" in the name. I understand they want the biggest advertising bang for their bucks but it is hard for me to recognize exactly what the Dean & DeLuca Invitational is. Two weeks ago, if someone had said they were looking forward to the Dean & DeLuca Invitational, I would have been hard pressed to even say within which state the tournament was being held. It is not just Dean & DeLuca, either. CareerBuilder Challenge anyone? Or Genesis Open? Time for my nap, I guess.
  9. It's a fair point and question; athletes definitely get held to a much higher standard than rock stars. Somewhere along the way athletes have been exalted as entertainers and role models whereas rock stars have mainly gotten a pass on all personal things and are viewed as strictly entertainers that are almost supposed to have volatile personal lives. Athletes I suppose have brought it on themselves a bit and been victims of their own success- when you appear on Wheeties boxes and take millions to be the face of a brand then the public feels like you have an obligation on and off the field to conduct yourself accordingly. Not saying this is fair or not, just the way it is. As for Gregg specifically (needless to say, I'm a very biased fan of his), Tiger and plenty of others could probably learn something when it comes to PR. Gregg was always honest and genuine with his fans about his flaws and so people loved him in spite/because of these flaws...the same thing can largely be said for JDaly in the golf world. Tiger has always been so guarded and walled off (yes, understandably for some reasons) that when the veil is pulled off from something negative like this, people want to come down extra hard with the hand of judgment on him. Everybody likes a comeback story and people like flawed heroes...I don't think it'll ever happen but if Tiger wants to take the wind out of the sails of most haters, being more open and honest about his flaws would go a long way IMO.
  10. Had some fun with the Karma drone over the weekend:
  11. link The site won't allow cut and paste but he hopes to break the world record for "The fastest 9 holes ever recorded with one arm and the lowest nine hole score with one arm. His best has been a 32 and he believes he can do that in 45 minutes. He has won 3 times on The Golf Channel's Amateur Tour.
  12. Finally got around to doing this: I got it on the first try tonight, but my camera was not set up properly. Took me about 5 more tries to get it the second time, which is this video.
  13. He cheated on his wife. It happens every day in a large percentage of marriages. It's actually natural, we are not monogamous by nature. It's a rule made in Jewish and Christian tenets. The very fibre of our DNA makes us want to spread our genes as much as possible. Testosterone is an important part of men's health. Many have the morals and will not to cheat, but I don't k ow anyone who doesn't have the desire to. I'd never hurt my wife like that, but I'm most certainly attracted to other women. They are beautiful creatures, how can you not be?
  14. This cracked me up: "Is Phil the most famous golfer in the world?"...next to 7 articles about Tiger Woods. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge's_law_of_headlines
  15. This is outdated already because it was from this morning, but funny to hear Joe Rogan and Bill Burr talk about this:
  16. Played in our season long fourball match today. Our second match on the way to the final 32. We won our match 3-0 (Front/Back/Overall) Shot 37-39-76, partner shot 41-39-80 Won Front -1 up Won Back 3/2 Won overall 4/2 One more match to win and we're on to the final 32.
  17. I still enjoy watching the Crosby Pro-Am, and the Los Angeles Open (or what ever they want to call them) Now get off my lawn!!!
  18. I get what you guys are saying about not releasing the video, but in this case, it kinda makes sense. The video contradicts much of what TMZ and others reported, so in that sense, the video is a good thing. Otherwise, we'd be left with the image of a drooling Tiger Woods calling a cop a pig and then angrily demanding directions to the Pacific Coast Highway or he'll give everyone a knuckle sandwich.
  19. 1 point
    That's only a couple hours from my house -- I may have been there if I'd realized that this was going on -- please include me in the next outing!
  20. Looks like TMZ screwed us all over again with bad reporting. No mention of LA at all in the dash cam video. Tiger sounds totally coherent and not wasted. He says he knows he's in Jupiter. Totally cooperative.
  21. Hey I can admit when I am wrong....
  22. Because we live in a society. As I said before, my expectation is simply that he (and everyone else) will obey the law, not put others at unnecessary risk, and generally conform to societal norms. You don't?
  23. I'm halfway through the videos, went straight to the transition and downswing section. Would highly recommend to any who are students of the swing.
  24. The Fourth Selection for the 2017 Newport Cup, West Coast (Red) Team is… @mchepp Red Team Michael is a TST staffer, long time member and lives in the Pacific Northwest. He's has been playing golf for close to 20 years and he's currently a 5 handicap. Michael has contributed some great content for the site with his reviews, blogs and TST staff predictions articles. He was on the previous Newport Cup and I was very impressed with his clutch play. His consistency and sweet swing are going to be a huge asset to the team. @iacas and I will be making our next selection on June 30th. So to everyone else, please keep posting your submissions. You don't want to miss a chance at playing in this great event! If you're interested in being a candidate for the Red Team, let me know ASAP! Until the last team member is chosen, it's not too late to get picked.
  25. Thats exactly what you are doing when you get married.
  26. I had the same issue around 2 years ago, my 3 wood I would hit great off the tee and consistently hit it farther than my driver at the time, I sliced my driver and just could not hit it far at all. My 3 wood I could get out to about 220-230 and it was straight but could not hit it off the ground to save my life. So I made a decision I was going to make my driver my best part of my game, it was by far my worst part. I went and got fitted for a driver that fit my swing and removed my 3 wood from my bag so I wouldn't be tempted to use it. Then I went to work, my evolvr instructor had me making full swing changes already that helped out my driving, once a week I started going to the range (normally I hit in a cage in my yard) and the range session was just to get so I wasn't anxious about hitting my driver. My range session was split up into, working on my driver swing and any changes I needed to make and then trying to hit an imaginary fairway, swinging as fast as I possibly could. So 2 years later I'm hitting the ball straighter even drawing the ball sometimes, and hitting it farther than I ever have. I hit a 270 yard drive for the first time last year with no cart path/wind/hill help GameGolf measured and this year I've hit quite a few drives over 240 yards. Now for most of you you're probably thinking big deal, but my typical drive according to GameGolf when I started working on it was 167 yards! Yea I still have mishits but a normal drive for me now is 230ish yards, a good drive for me is now 245-250 a great drive for me is now 260+. And it is a lot easier to play the game from the fairway with a 9i or PW into the green.
  27. This is seriously a gorgeous course. Can't wait to see it in action. They have all 18 holes on this Youtube channel if you're interested in seeing it, but here's the opening hole: 7693 yards, par 72. Should be a fascinating week with no course history really to work with other than the 2011 US Amateur, which probably won't tell us a whole lot.
  28. In addition to this there have been multiple instances where cops have tried to just be nice guys and let someone go, and that person gets in an accident right afterward. The police department is then liable because it usually comes out that the cops had let them go. That happened enough times that they said no more, and now everyone pretty much plays by the same rules. Ive seen judges, sheriffs, other cops, etc get pulled over and put in the back of the car. With the advent of Lyft and Uber there really is no excuse anymore.
  29. I'm glad I'm not one of those that skewered the guy the moment this story came out, I admit I first thought he was partying as well, but at least I didn't run to the boards to announce my distaste, because those people look like idiots right now. The guy made a mistake yes, but taking meds for a major surgery and having an issue at the wheel is a very different animal than drinking. I have sympathy for the guy and am glad he's OK, and throwing hate at Tiger right now is pretty low IMO.
  30. Agree with this. Also agree it will likely never happen. The same genetic combination that made him able to compete at such a high level seem to contribute to his lack of openness, even with his friends and family.
  31. Who "expects more" from him? I expect exactly what I would expect of anyone. That they obey the laws, don't put others at unnecessary risk, and conduct themselves in a manner that generally conforms to societal norms. The only reason we even know about this is because of his celebrity. If you or I did the exact same thing, no one outside of our relatively small circle of acquaintances would ever know, but that doesn't mean that our actions would be considered in any less egregious.
  32. Not exactly. 'Fit males' don't WANT to spread their seed....all males do. But it's Natural Selection that means the fittest shall achieve such goal with greater success. Saber tooth tigers wanted to preserve their survival just as much as sharks but they were not ecologically as successful and eventually their long fangs (a mutation which was not favored) ended the species.
  33. He was close to building a stance, in my opinion, but based on some other "digging in" efforts I have seen, he did not cross the line. A tip of the cap to him for calling in a Rules official after he hit pay dirt. If I had been the official, I would have told him "no" but I can understand how some (all?) Rules people might consider that call wrong. I do know that in the future, when confronted with a lie I do not like in a bunker, I plan on re-creating the "Big Dig" in an effort to find a silver lining.
  34. Keep working at it and keep it in the bag for holes that don't have accuracy challenges. Those are the holes you can let loose on.
  35. In the days before the internet and instant mass communication many reputations would have suffered, These days you can't just pat people on the head and let them get away with things like this. Police have chest cameras, do they not?
  36. I find the issue of drug use interesting. Greg Allman died this week. His lifestyle was brutal and probably led to a premature death. Yet we mourn his passing. He was an influence in my life. Tiger has been busted. Drugs are involved. There is way to much interest in that story, He's a golfer. He's a record setter. But why do we expect more from him?
  37. I hope you're not driving on whatever it is that you're taking...
  38. Looks like I'm not the only one, eh? OK how about some non-speculation. Tiger had the world by the tomatoes! Fame, wealth, gorgeous wife, lovely family. And what did he decide to do? Go whoring around! So, he blew that deal , which could have been solace to him after his back issues started. I understand that the guy has a gigantic hole in his life! But, who dug that hole?!
  39. My best guess is that you use to much forward shaft lean and hit to down on the ball. You are taking to much loft off the club and are hitting shots to low. I would check out this thread, I pitch pretty much nearly all my short game shots around the green. Chipping only comes into play when I don't need the height and the ball is close enough that I don't need the extra speed from adding wrist the amount of wrist hinge used in a pitch.
  40. The assumption is that as a drunk person in the proximity of your car, you might suddenly succumb to the irresistible intention to drive it. Hence, being drunk and "in control" of the vehicle seems to be enough - it doesn't have to be switched on. You don't have to be in the driver's seat. In fact, some attorneys advise you don't even need to be be physically in the car. Ridiculous, but there you go. A trawl of the internet reveals stories of people receiving DUIs while retrieving something from the trunk of their parked car, and God knows what else. I live in an apartment building close to downtown. Out front, there is on-street parking. Out back, up a short dirt road, there is about a quarter acre of land that belongs to the apartment building owner, which he has loosely graveled and lets the tenants use as overflow parking when all the on-street spaces are full. On the nights I decide to have even a glass of Shiraz, I park out back, off the public road. Not that I have any intention of driving anywhere, (and nor would I), but if I have left my book bag or my reading glasses or something else I need in my car... What can you say? From the legitimate, good, original intention of targeting irresponsible drunk drivers, it is now possible to find yourself in a very bad spot when you had zero intention of sitting in the driver's seat, switching on the ignition, and selecting Drive. It's a MADD, MADD world...
  41. Not even if you knew it was the only time the paparazi weren't outside your house? Suffering from insomnia? You've never taken a drive in the middle of the night out of boredom?
  42. Are you referring to our mutual buddy? Because, if you are, I'd love to be there to witness that round of golf. No chance he breaks 127 from the tips in Qualifier conditions.
  43. Austin had a great swing but other than the "macro" moves I don't see many similarities to DJ. - Austin had a slightly weak or neutral grip, DJ uses a strong one - Austin raised his left heel on the backswing - DJ has a much more flexed lead wrist on the backswing and downswing - Austin goes into right pelvic tilt and with more axis tilt on the downswing where DJ maintains left pelvic tilt longer - DJ is more rotational while Austin had more "leg drive".
  44. +1. I'm 63, but my club distances may not resemble yours at all. Lots of people my age aren't as long as I am, but some are significantly longer. I cringe when people ask me 'what club was that?" after a good shot because a) it probably doesn't mean anything to another player and b) my irons are 20 years old and my 5-iron has the same loft as a modern 6 or 7-iron. I'd rather not even answer, it's meaningless...
  45. He's 23 years old, has won 9 times on the PGA Tour in his 4 years on tour, including 2 Majors and a FedEx Cup. He was previously the number 1 ranked player in the world, and is currently 7th. I've got to ask, by what measure is he "glaringly less talented than other top players"?
  46. Tee boxes have to drain, too. They need some degree of slope for water to run off. I actually like to tee the ball up slightly above my feet as a way to manipulate my start line a little. You get two clublengths back from the markers to find a spot to tee up the ball and you don't even have to be standing within those boundaries. I often see people complain about the tee box without even looking for a good spot to tee off from; they just automatically tee up in line with the markers.
  47. I foresee injury to myself.
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    • I will do , I actually just watched the first day between reading your reply and responding.  
    • Day 91: Same thing as the past couple of days: right arm drill, getting hips more open and elbow more bent at impact. Worked in some slow and faster full swings as well. Looking forward to getting to the range and doing some filming tomorrow and/or Wednesday.
    • Oh boy. Where's the proof? The weight does shift back and then forward during the golf swing. The game's best players do this. The pressure shifts even more, and the weight shift on the backswing is not as great as some people think, but it's still there. On the "random new guy pitches an earth-shattering, never-heard-or-seen-before swing thing" scale, which goes from albatross to triple bogey, I'll give you a bogey.  You gained points for: "All of golf instruction is bad but I have the secret" vibes. Outrageous but unproven claims. Citing something as "wrong" that almost none of the game's best players do. You lost points for: No video, no website, nada. No mathematical formulas or pseudo-science or terminology. No visual aids of any kind, no font styling, etc. But hey, you can always improve your score on the next hole. Please take the above as light-hearted, and understand that we've seen a TON of these kinds of claims, and they've never panned out. Maybe yours will. But sell us. Don't tease, sell. Discuss. Share.
    • Reminds me of the old joke... A priest, a wealthy businessman, and an engineer are playing golf together. After an hour, they’re only on number 3, when the ranger comes by. A little miffed, they ask what the heck is the delay today? The Ranger says I’m sorry but we have a group of blind veterans playing as guests of the club today. The priest says, oh my, no worries I’ll spend my time saying a prayer for them in their struggle. The wealthy businessman says, oh my, no worries, in fact I’m going to personally ensure that each of them has the finest golf equipment available at my expense. The engineer says, why the hell can’t they play at night?! 😂
    • 75 today, four birdies, two doubles, sloppy putting, law of averages day lol

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