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    That's only a couple hours from my house -- I may have been there if I'd realized that this was going on -- please include me in the next outing!
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    • I was referring to Pro, not live, since that is what he was talking about. Their customer service or lack there of was also a reason for my switch. My live worked ok, most of the time, it had times where it would turn off mid round, or lose gps mid round, I eventually had to do a factory reset on it to get it work again, but it did work. I just enjoy not tagging at all too much, and just playing not worrying about did I tag or not.
    • Permanent Shutdown Notice - GOLF Channel AM Tour GOLF Am Tour Players — As you are aware, the GOLF Am Tour made the difficult decision to cancel all local and regional major events (including the 2020 National and Senior National Championships) due to complications...  
    • Day 3  - 5/30/20 Played 18 holes at Gray Eagle GC in Fishers,  IN. I also practiced chipping and putting for 20 minutes before I tee'd off.  
    • Day 6 - 5-29-20 (6/6) Played 36 holes, and spent about 30 minutes at Golf Evolution primarily practicing my pitching motion.
    • That's why it's lost. 18.2a: "(1) When Ball Is Lost. A ball is lost if not found in three minutes after the player or his or her caddie begins to search for it." Definition of "Lost": So, you didn't find the ball @Sandy Lie. It's lost.

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