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    • Day 29.  Medicine ball drill from LSW tonight.  Indoors, stood on my mat (I'm not sure if that's relevant).
    • Based on my driver distances I am pretty similar to the OP. For me any  course that totals greater than about 5,800 yards is just too long for me.  I read somewhere that if you’re not competing but just playing for fun you might want to try playing variations like a “red, white and blue” round. Meaning - play the par 5s from red, par 4s from white and par 3s from blue.    Depending on the course that might make those longer courses more accessible.  
    • I’ve been thinking a lot about what you noticed about me falling back on my heels to start the downswing. I was just curious if my most recent videos seem to show the same thing? I feel like I can see it as well but I’m not sure if we are talking about the same thing. I’ve tried setting up with my weight less on my toes so I don’t fall back into my heels, but even when I swing with my weight starting on my heels it looks like this. Just curious if you would happen to have any input 😁
    • Tried the "Original One". It's not that forgiving. Mini-drivers aren't that forgiving.  I can top a 3W off the tee a lot easier than I can a full sized driver. My swing path is I-O with a 3W but O-I with a standard length driver which results in slices and pulls. However, I don't want to give up that big forgiving club face. Especially not on the first tee. I cannot tell you how many times I've topped a hybrid and shanked an iron. Every 1/2" mishit on the club face you lose 5% distance.  So I got fitted for a 44" driver from Ping. It's short. I may sacrifice a little club head speed, but I'm making center contact and thus gained distance and control.  Last year Cobra made a "Tour length" F9 Driver - 44.25". I wonder if they'll do the same next year?

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