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    • I wasn’t even planning on playing today, but my dad asked if we wanted to play nine holes around 5:30, and we did. I scraped together a respectable 46. One really terrible hole: a triple on the fifth. I hit my drive to the right of the fairway, and I was worried when I saw that my ball had come to rest right against a tree root. I elected to try to hit it, but I hit the root instead. I then took an unplayable and chipped to the 150. It took me three to get down from there for a seven. Apart from that hole, I had six bogeys and two pars. Putting wasn’t great (19), but I was grazing the lip with a lot of putts, so I was giving them a chance. My best shot of the day, though, was this 9I dart I hit on the par-3 third, my ball is the one closest to the pin. Obviously, given the above, I missed and made par. The other white ball was my dad’s tee shot, and he made his two. The orange ball was my brother’s chip shot, and he two-putted for bogey.  I’ve got another tee time for 11:15 tomorrow, so we’ll see if I putt a bit better.
    • Not sure where you’re getting this from. All I said was don’t hit it in the middle of the fairway. You know, towards the tree. What course and hole? High Bridge Hills Golf Course has a tree in the fairway on the 9th hole. Don’t put the tree in play. Seems kind of obvious, honestly. Pebble Beach has a tree in the fairway on the 18th.
    • I merged your topic with an existing one because that chart (or a similar one) has been here for a while. Seems accurate for me. Where is the discrepancy for you?
    • Happy for you that you have that kind of control! I'm thinking of a particular course, with a tree in the fairway, that gives you maybe 15-20 yards on the right of the tree, and 10 yards on the left to fit a drive into! I don't recall Tour tolerances as that tight! It's just ridiculous! 

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