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    • I was at the local "Shriners" pga tourney in Vegas a few days ago. I was talking with a friend who is also one of the many organizers/sponsors involved in this tournament.  Nothing substantial, but some low rumblings about making this fall tour stop a coed event.  Some organizers/sponsors feel this tournament could use a kick in the butt. Bringing the lpga back to town in a coed format is one of the ideas being looked at.  If it were to happen, (not likely) my guess is it's several years away from happening. 
    • I played my first round with the Titleist 915F 21* yesterday. I really like it, plus I hit it the yardage I was targeting. The club is outstanding!
    • I had two friends that played Founders Clubs.  I have never heard of them being a club made by Langert. How ever a search did bring up some info on those clubs. Is this the item you are referring to? eBay has a listing for this driver. My friends played this driver.  
    • I watch GSK just because I like watching him play.  But he is a scratch player so he can get away with hitting three 6 irons on a 540 yd par five.  Me, I have to get max distance on every shot because I know that I will probably mis-hit 1/3 shots.  So his divide and conquer strategy wont work for me.  Fun videos tho. 
    • Another idea is to make your own shaft flex board. Maltby sell one for $180. I once made one for free using a scrap of plywood, and some 2", 1/4" dowell material. Hung it on my garage wall.  I marked known  clubs flexes on the board as reference points, using a consistent weight. The board also gave me other info besides flex.  It was crude looking, but did the job.  It mattered little what the manufacturer's rating on the shaft was, which was usually different from each company. What ever my flex board showed me, was what the actual flex was when compared to the known flexes I used.   Maltby probably has a picture of his flex board on his website. Probably other sites have picts available too. With a little self ingenuity, a person can study the picture, and build their own. It's pretty easy. 

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