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    • Day 93: Range session today. This one was much more productive. 
    • Been to the range about 5 times, and have been working with foam balls in the garage, trying to hit a ball to the right of the alignment stick that's inline with my setup. Still having a pretty tough time doing it, but making some progress. Pretty much only working on a 9 to 3 swing so far. I do let myself take some full cuts with the big stick for about the last 7 to 10 balls though. I'll probabaly get back in touch with my evolvr coach in another couple week or so after really hammering down the drill he gave me.  
    • This is the option that I like. Keep these, play em for a bit, and if you want to keep playing, make a change.   This is the option that I like the least. You won't have more fun with these, and the 200 dollars would be wasted (no resale value as others have said)   This option is good, but since it's out of budget, I'd hold off. These clubs aren't going to get more expensive. You could buy it a year down the road for the same amount. If you aren't sure that you are going to stick with the game, this option is obviously not good. If you know that you are going to stick with it, this option isn't bad, because even if they don't work (or don't fit) you will be able to get a decent amount of the money back. My 2c: No reason to buy something newer if you already have a full bag and aren't sure that you will play long term. 550 bag is good if you know you are going to keep playing, but playing with the old clubs won't be noticeably worse, and if you groove your swing in (or start getting lessons), a fitting may be in order in a year anyhow. Hope this helps. 
    • "Yo momma's house" would have been a better answer 🤣
    • Not sure where you are, but apparently brewery patios opened today in Longmont. Hopefully that means restaurants are close behind. 

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