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    • Day 17:  January 25, 2020.  On my way out the door this morning (yes, really) I took the five minutes to take some practice swings and hit some balls (real balls, one whiffle at one point) at my indoor practice area. 
    • You should set a goal to be mentally tougher for 2020...you don't want to be a mental midget and a 5.5 cap who folds under pressure. I also think you can get to a 3.8 cap. I believe you can win your club championship and hope you do. Just think when you win and get called up to the front to collect your trophy at the awards dinner. You can then stare down the 2 women who have won it the past 15+ years and say: "There's a new Sheriff in Town...and her name is Flying Ace" And then you husband can stand up, clap and cheer....Asia Rules Baby!!!.😂🤣   Oh ya....played today with my friend on Chinese New Years in the wet SLOP....2 of my fellow Mainlanders joined us....the one who couldn't speak English had a set of Majesty gold plated golf clubs....classic Chinese POSER's clubs....I've seen many gold plated clubs here...I think these clubs were $10,000-$15,000....PXG...move over. Did not see one white guy playing today...the course was busy....only 2 white fellows working in the pro shop...lots of Asian women playing today. Gung Hay Fat Choy!!
    • Day 26 - January 25, 2020 Full swing work again. This is going to be almost everything that I do. 20 partial swing 8-irons and some time putting with Nat. I might actually take a few days off on the full swing and work on some putting because it felt… a bit off. I also might not have been caring or trying; I tend to get distracted by helping her instead of actually paying attention to what I was doing. The 8Is were about 3/4, with punchy follow-throughs. I could feel when the club would tip out/over a bit early and the ball would go left.

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