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  1. This weekend me and my playing partner @canth played the knock-out fase of our clubchampionship foursome. Our club has 1400 members but only the better players enter this championship. Handicaps of the contestants ranges from 9 to scratch, but the best two players (scratch and +1.5) did not enter. First round we played we were slightly favourite, but the battle took us to hole 18 to win 1 up. We did not play well, also a bit because our opponents made a lot of mistakes, so we played taking the risk out of the game. Next round we played a strong team of two 4 handicappers. They had played the lights out during their first match that day and we were expecting a beating. This was a fight to the max. Chances turning by every stroke, we were one up after 9 and played a good match. At 17 we were still one up and had a far more better drive. But chances turned again, they made the pressure putt for par and all square at 18. 18 is a 210y par 3 over water and wind against. My drive was 12y from the pin and they missed the green. This time their pressure putt was from 6 yards, but again in the hole. Playoff! We were in two on the green, they made a mistake and had to putt first from 14y for bogey and made the putt!!! Luckily my team mate holed his putt for par and victory for us. Next day we had to play the number 1 seed who had been clubchampion foursome before (both also clubchampion strokeplay). So we were up against a team that was by far favourite to win the title. But they had to fight us and our form got better by every round. After 13 holes we were +2 in strokes and also 2 up. Than the dreadfull 14th most difficult par 5 on our course. Left side out of bounds or deadly bushes all the way, right side water all the way. But the pressure was on them and they failed. 3 up 4 to go, then 3 up 3 to go. At that moment the pressure got to us and we lost 2 holes in a row with bad golf, 1 up 1 to go. Again that 210y par 3 against the wind. It was heart warming when I hit my almost perfect shot on the green. Both players from the other team were applauding. Still the suspense did not end. They had to chip from under a tree, out of the rough to a downhill green and got the ball to 7y. The putt for par lipped the hole and we were going to play the final. It was a big surprise reaching the final, but the biggest surprise was we did not have to play against the number 2 seed. We had beaten the number 1 seed, they had beaten the number 2 seed. Nobody had expected this. During that final we were in the zone, even more then during the semi-final. I did not hit one bad shot, my partner had one when he had to hit out of a divot. I had one putt that was short and that was it. It was a nice 5&4 win. The first match we did not have to battle until hole 18. What a weekend it has been. Never in my mind that me and my buddy could play that level of golf. Me as a sixty year old fart winning from all that flatbellies, can't get any better.
  2. Next Tuesday, I will be playing in my first official tournament as an individual, one of the Utah State Am qualifiers. I am the worst player in the field of 84, so no grand delusions of securing a qualifying spot in the actual state am tournament. I am pretty excited nonetheless. Hopefully the two I'm paired up with are easy going and it's an enjoyable experience. The course is Rose Park GC, and the set up will be 6,803 yds 70.0/113 (a tad easier than the 71.0/116 it usually plays). The course is best known as Tony Finau's old stomping grounds as a kid. My best score at this course is a 78, and I've broken 80 at it several times, which is my goal for this tournament. http://ghintpp.com/uga/TPPOnlineScoring/Default.aspx?ID=437 I'm debating using GameGolf to share the round, but we'll see (depends how I'm feeling that day). Of course, I appreciate any advice from those with a bit of tournament experience. And any well wishes to boost my confidence haha.
  3. Good luck! Keep us informed along the way and share your results here!
  4. Well, my standard advice is brush up on the common Rules situations one might face such as water hazards and lateral water hazards, relief from obstructions, etc... Be sure to review the "conditions of competition." When a shot is hit out of sight, don't hesitate to hit a provisional. Most of all, enjoy the experience.
  5. Good luck! You sound exactly like me! I played in a couple of these in the last few years and each time was likely the worst player in the field as well. I had a goal of solid play, no crazy dumb mistakes and hopefully break 80 each time. I haven't broken 80 any of the times, but I achieved the other goals. Let us know how it goes! (You can share it in the tst member tournament thread that many of us use as well. :)
  6. To your point, you picked a handicap based on your average score, if I showed up with a true handicap to play you, I'm likely giving you more shots than I would if you had a real handicap. If you're shooting low to mid 80's on average at a course with a higher rating and more difficult slope and I'm a 5 HC at a course with a lower rating and a lower slope your gaining a significant advantage when we play at match, especially if you're playing at the lower rating/slope course. My average score over the last 20 is 77.3, which at my course is +6. However, my index is 4.4 which makes me a 5 at my home course. But at Army Navy CC - Arlington, the same 77 I shot would be an 8.2 differential and an 7.8 Index. And at Stoneleigh G&CC which has a 135 slope, the same 77 is a 4.1 differential and a 3.9. Big difference. There are so many free handicap calculator's on the web and they are all easy to use and if you play a lot, it's a great way to track progress other than by score.
  7. Par 72... The only par 5 they were thinking of possibly converting was the 1st. Which normally plays as a 605-yard, par 5. Actually the 1st, 14th and 18th are SHORTER than their scorecard yardage. The 4 par 5s are 560, 607 (#7), 594, and 637. The par-3s are between 135 and 237, the par 4s are between 338 (#2) and 507. The real meat of the golf course is 3 thru 8. And the par 4s on the back other than 15. I've read Mike Davis may move the tee way up on 15 on the Saturday or Sunday. Same with 18. I heard a 570-ish tee could come in play on 18 to make it reachable in two. I've heard a playing length of 7600 yards, par 72. Only Merion in 2013, Oakmont in 1994 and both Opens at Shinnecock Hills had no converted par-5s from the natural everyday scorecard. This next 5 year stretch of U.S. Opens, their will be 3 non par-70 U.S. Opens. I read an early rumor on the 2020 Open at Winged Foot (3 years out), the 515-yard, 5th may opted by the USGA as a par-4. In order to keep the par at 70, they may opt to play the uphill 9th as the sole first nine par-5 (They have more room to lengthen the 9th a bit than they do to lengthen the 5th). But that's off topic. I'm surprised that we don't have prediction contest. I honestly think Erin Hills is not as much of a bomber's paradise as the scorecard suggests. I believe it favors someone who can spin the ball a lot, and a decent driver of the ball. I believe Sergio has a good chance at the second leg. I hoping Dufner keeps this form up that led him to win at Memorial. But it will probably, be someone like a Furyk, or Spieth that wins it.
  8. 84 people for how many spots? and what does it generally take to qualify?
  9. Our local First Tee organization is having a fundraiser where they will be dropping golf balls from Helicopter to a target on a golf course. I can't get the thanksgiving WKRP in Cincinnati episode out of my head. The one where they dropped turkeys from a helicopter to a supermarket parking lot. "Oh the Humanity!" -- Les Nessman I hope the First Tee event goes better.
  10. David in FL

    dress code

    Then vote out the elected municipality leaders that are spending money in a manner that you disagree with. Unless the "oppressed one" isn't allowed to vote or campaign for office on his own platform, they get the same say as everyone else. Just because more people don't agree with me, doesn't make me "oppressed". Along the same lines, you suggested that the only dress code you would support would be one that the taxpayers voted on. Well, the voters voted for those that indirectly imposed any dress code in voting for those elected officials. Fwiw though, even a municipality owned golf course is often subject to the free market. It's one of the reasons that they're becoming something of a disappearing breed these days, and if that's what the market decides, I'm ok with that too.
  11. I would think that your insurance and the local police would tell you. But it might be worth your time to check craigslist, local social media garage sale type sites (facebook, etc), and even call or go to pawn shops. One place I worked at had some tools come up missing, 3 of us split up and went to the local pawn shops and one of the guys found our tools for sale. The owner turned them over to us, after we produced the police report we had filed and it was easy as there were identifying marks on all the tools of value which we had at the shop. I would think that with the police report and a photo, or have your description printed out so that you have a detailed and accurate description if you find it. Because you really don't want to just walk in and see it and then try to tell them it is yours without any proof it could get a little ugly.
  12. rehmwa

    dress code

    I think, then, that you meant to say a 'municipal' or 'city' courses rather than note 'public'. Public just means a course is open to non-members even if privately owned. If a course uses tax monies, then I'd also argue for a very relaxed code. or at least one defined through a public means (legislate, public vote, etc etc etc). Because the taxpayers are the owners.... In this I'm consistent with my position that the owners of a property can do whatever they like however smart or stupid - and also have to deal with the consequences good or bad.
  13. The way I see it, in a competition the committee would likely have marked or declared such areas as ground under repair. Since it was just casual play, you make the call yourself. I see nothing really wrong with what you did. Any such area of the course which is being worked on in such a way that it may adversely affect play is abnormal and should be treated as such.
  14. Madison home-boy Steve Stricker shoots 67/65 to win the Memphis sectional. On his way to Erin Hills!
  15. Here's your scorecard for the U.S. Open Hole. Yards. Par 1. 608. 5 2. 338. 4 3. 508. 4 4. 439. 4 5. 505. 4 6. 208. 3 7. 607. 5 8. 492. 4 9. 135. 3 Out. 3840. 36 10. 504. 4 11. 460. 4 12. 464. 4 13. 193. 3 14. 594. 5 15. 357. 4 16. 183. 3 17. 509. 4 18. 637. 5 In. 3901. 36 Tot. 7741. 72 It looks like ol' Mike is listing #1 at 608, but they do have a shorter tee at 560 yards ready to go. They may or may not use the back tee on 18 (663 yards). Like I said before. the 570ish tee on 18 is ready to go. 15 may play as short as 290ish on one of the days
  16. 6/5: Copied @roamin without knowing it. Pouring outside most all day, so I putted in the hallway for 10-15mins. Focused on keeping the current stroke grooved, and tempo.
  17. Myth busted. There, I saved you the trouble.
  18. Congratulations. You hit the ball a lot further than Jack Nicklaus in his prime.
  19. 5 min Sklz swing trainer. Visitors in the house so we will see if I can get through this visit w/o missing a day--maybe back to practice sessions in the bathroom!
  20. No. You're not practicing properly.
  21. Shot a 92 on Saturday. It was a par 70, 5300 yard course with a rating of 64.7 but I'll take it. First time breaking 100. Ball striking was all over the place and is my number one priority right now. My pitches were on point after learning Pelz's finesse swing, however.
  22. I'm passing up the U.S. Open this year as well. Something about having to mow the grass. - Shrug -.
  23. Just shot 76 (40-36) from the whites at a nearby club. 4th best 18-hole score of my life!
  24. It's hard to know all the rules. I peroidically take the USGA quizzes and always get a question or a few wrong. Even when you make an effort, you still don't necessarily understand the rules. Try it yourself? https://www.usga.org/RulesQuiz/rules_quiz_questions.asp
  25. I'm gonna shoot mother nature if it rains all week like it's supposed to.
  26. Tried? I played them for the first 20 years that I played this silly game! Sorry though, they don't come close to comparing to modern clubs. At almost 60 years old, I now hit the ball further and more consistently than I did at 30. Anyone who says different is either lying or age related dementia has finally kicked in...
  27. Kalnoky

    dress code

    Yeah "slobs" probably reads offensively and I apologize. I'm really not a hard a** and I'm certainly not trying to make anything "great again". I actually let my staff dress casually at work (and God knows some of them have taken that too far). But mostly I just see a lowering of standards across the board in America, and man that is really sad to me. Because there is something really cool about having propriety and decorum. I know my girls would disagree with me. But it just seems the more they try to make everything easier for people, the less they value it.
  28. So Phil just should go all out and not be with his family at all then? How jaded are you man! That has nothing to do with it. You make it sound like wealthy, intelligent, and famous parents should just be non-loving assholes to their family because they happen to be wealth, intelligent, and famous. Wow man, great way to be judgmental.
  29. Thank you. My dad wasn't an alcoholic, but he was a workaholic (and I got my competitiveness and athleticism from him), working to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted. Through no fault of his own, what he didn't realize was that what I wanted was more time with my father. I started hockey at 3 1/2, and played AAA from age 7 right through highschool, he worked three 12 hour shifts overtime a week to make sure there was money for travel, hotels, hockey sticks (my mom did the driving, taking me to games), making sure I had the best golf clubs in the summer. Memberships at both clubs around us. After I turned 16 he bought me a new car for hockey, golf, and to last me through university, so I could get around on my own. He paid the insurance the gas. I would have been happy with less than half of that, if he had spent more time with me. Thankfully we made up for it since I got out of university and he no longer had to work so hard to make sure I had everything he didn't. It makes me both sad that he thought that was what was important to me, and that he put his life on hold like that for almost 20 years. He would have climbed Everest to see me graduate, it was a source of pride for him, since he didn't graduate himself (but later got his GED, which was the same month I graduated, so we threw a big, big bash to celebrate). Now he's a journeyman in two trades. I'm proud of him. He's acting like Phils love for hiss family isn't genuine. He's being ludicrous, and thats the nicest way I can put it. Phil is doing what a father should do. Hopefully he'll understand that someday. Acting like graduating 12 years of school doesn't merit dad being there to watch is just idiotic, at best/.
  30. Sure some would. There are those who think missing the US Open is bad, and those who would think missing his daughters graduation is bad. These type of decisions are a no-win for Phil in terms of what other people think. What matters the most is what Phil thinks. If he thinks that going to his daughters ONLY high school graduation is more important to him than the US Open then fine. Remember, Phil would have walked away from his chance against Stewart when the US Open was at Pinehurst. His wife was due any day. Phil had his pager on him to receive the signal to leave the US Open. It does seem that Phil puts his family before his own golf legacy. You seem to like to demean what Phil and his family thinks of their daughter's high school graduation.
  31. Additionally, they have all the money in the world. What they may not have, is as much time together as they might like because of Phil's schedule...
  32. No, im serious.When I joined I believe it gave you some to choose from or put your own. I just went with the athlete one instead of the kitty or whatever was on there. Im from NC, soccer would be probably the last thing id watch.
  33. What, the kiddy challenge?! Man up. Hanging lie off hardpan!
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