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  1. FFS - you change the topic title AND your post AND the subject? Clearly you are a troll and the mods haven't banned you yet.
  2. Yea, it ain't Vijay. People like him, and he's far from a loner during practice rounds. There's quite of bit of speculation going around about who this article is about, and I really am speculating and have NO idea, but people keep throwing the name Billy Mayfair around. Read this tweet from March 2016, Mayfair's first PGA Tour start since the Anchor ban on Jan. 1st, 2016. It's by Mark Urbanek, who is James Hahn's caddy: Now read the tweet replies at this link: https://twitter.com/UrbanekMark/status/713033924910432256/video/1 Colt Knost, Edward Loar, Chari Baryla, Kim Felton, and Brad Fritsch, all current and one-time journeymen tour pros, reply to him. Kevin Baile replies too (Jason Dufner's caddy), as does John Beliakoff, a trainer for several big name tour pros. Steve Underwood replies, and he used to caddy for Snedeker. Noah Zelnik replies (Michael Bradley's former caddy). John Rathouz replies (Seamus Power's caddy). Tim Pressman replies (former Johnson Wagner caddy, now retired, and has caddied for several other pros over the years). We have a thread on the controversy with Mayfair that this tweet refers to here: So who knows if it's Mayfair or not, but it seems like most of the evidence points to him as of this post.
  3. Was he unhappy with the result of the 2000 tournament?
  4. Two responses. First, the basic rules are NOT that complicated. Some of the decisions can become very complex, but you could fit most of the simple rules on a couple of index cards. Second, water hazard rules are among the most basic, and they come into play for many of us rather frequently. I have little sympathy for those who don't know the simple rules.
  5. It they have evidence, and they don't come forward, they are just as complicit as him.
  6. If the committee has activated the local rule, then it is certainly legal. It's one of the specimen local rules in Appendix I of the Rules of Golf. This is not a full time rule of golf - in a competition, the local rule must be instituted by the committee. In casual play, do as you feel is right.
  7. It's definitely not JJ Henry. In John Feinstein's Tales from Q-School, Feinstein relays a story about Henry calling a penalty on a sponsors exempt player at the Buick Open in the early 2000s, some kid named Colby Beckstrom: Given the way Henry is documented to have handled this situation, it seems highly unlikely he is this notorious cheater in question.
  8. Can't agree with anyone who thinks Spieth is a "head case" - he is anything but. Listen to him speak - he talks with amazing maturity which belies his age. In fact, I think it's his strength - he out-thinks the competition with amazing clarity & staying in the moment. Now does he OVERthink sometimes? Maybe. But that's totally different.
  9. I thought this was a fun video: I instinctively knew all of the tunes. Not including any golf songs is an oversight though. A few goodies: I get chills when the horns kick in during the U.S. Open theme. Yanni you magical genius. @JetFan1983
  10. Maybe it was on the fringe, but she marked it then moved it to the green. (somebody had to; might as well be me)
  11. Anyone who tries to argue to a rules official that a fire ant is a "burrowing animal" and thus is entitled to relief is, at the least. a head case.
  12. I did not get fitted until years later. My first set of real golf clubs was off the shelves, standard lie, regular flex and such. I played, practiced and got better with them. Overtime, I felt like I was not getting any more distance and my misses were too unforgiving, yet I was not comfortable with my swing...once the swing was a little more fundamentally sound..I decided to go and get fit. I chose the clubs based on my preferred look, feel, forgiveness and budget, the added value was the shaft recommendation. I am happy with the results, I hit them longer, my misses are in play and my swing speed has increased. Others would go get fit on their first set of clubs, I do not feel that make sense...more times than not is the Indian and not the arrow so for me it made sense I learn the game with a basic standard set.
  13. Because the design of golf courses brings many more specific local issues into play than the rule can possibly account for. If they wrote all of the decisions into the rule itself, that rule alone would be 50 pages long. They write the rule for the typical situation, then they add a decision when an incident occurs where the ruling may be unclear without clarification. For the most part, the Decisions just clarify specific instances which have cropped up during competitions. If you learn Rule 26 as written, you will know all you need to know to proceed correctly in any hazard situation. You may still run across one of those special cases, but even not knowing the decision, you can still play and return a correct score, even if it isn't as favorable as the decision might have made it. You can always play a new ball under stroke and distance for a ball in a water hazard (Rule 26-1a) and you will be correct. All the rule does is add a couple of other dropping options (26-1b and 26-1c) depending on the situation. Most of the decisions for rule 26 are aimed at getting a player back on track when he has already screwed up by not following the rule correctly. The rule itself is quite simple, one of the easiest rules to play by.
  14. I love you. OK, here we go. Football: Any Given Sunday. "The inches we need are all around us." Baseball: Bull Durham. "When you make it to the show you can let the fungus grow back on your shower shoes and the press'll think you're colorful. Until then, it means you're a slob." Basketball: Hoosiers, of course. Hockey: Umm....I got nothing. Soccer: Again, I got nothing. Auto Racing: Talladega Nights, because I like to party. Bowling: The Big Lebowski. "This aggression will not stand, man." Surfing: Point Break. Golf: Tin Cup. Boxing: Million Dollar Baby Other: I'm gonna go with a "game" not a "sport," and that is chess. The movie is Searching for Bobby Fischer.
  15. Baseball: Major League Boxing: Million Dollar Baby Golf: Caddyshack...is there another one here? Basketball: Hooisers Football: Brians Song Soccer: The Damned United Yeah, thats a great flick
  16. Ya'll need to watch The Damned United. No it has nothing to do with Manchester United.
  17. zipazoid

    dress code

    I remember growing up in Northeast Ohio, whenever summer would finally hit you would have these morons who would take their shirts off on the golf course. In 35+ years of living in South Florida, I have never once seen that. So I totally understand a dress code for golfing, but I think it's too restrictive (collared shirts). No shit, no shoes, no service would be my dress code if I ran a course.
  18. Just to clarify if anyone is confused, this is Undercover Tour Pro, not Secret Tour Pro, STP was the one who has been proven wrong again and again. I'm not familiar with the track record of UTP.
  19. "Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules." I really don't care about the best movies of the other sports. It's The Big Lebowski. ;)
  20. mcanadiens

    NHL 2016-17

    Is it really asking too much to have both teams show up at the rink on the same night?
  21. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/youre-a-us-open-alternate-how-likely-is-it-then-that-youre-going-to-play-at-erin-hills
  22. So what do you think the reaction would have been to an LPGA player who called Lexi Thomson a cheat before her "controversial" penalty a while back? All of the sycophants and enablers would have been outraged at the slur. Because she's young, attractive, a good player with the ability to break the Asian stranglehold on the LPGA Tour and an American. Even the fact the Lexi T. is clearly a cheat is not enough for the majority of fans and commentators, it would seem. That is why the player in question on the PGA Tour has not been identified.
  23. I am gone for awhile-And come back to this? @Jack Watson I agree the fork thing is stupid.-Using a fork is nothing like playing golf. What are you even trying to say here?-You are a guy who does not break 80 often. You do not teach.-What do you know about teaching golf? Serious question-Not trying to be mean. Actually asking. I teach using a bunch of methods.-Limiting yourself makes no sense to me.
  24. I don't understand. Why are you talking about his right hip? That's not "swinging the clubhead." That's thinking about a body part.
  25. My wife and I met while being Members of the American Singles Golf Association. http://www.singlesgolf.com/ There are chapters in most large cities. You sign up to play, they typically play Saturday's at local public courses. And then there are national events, we went to Pinehurst a couple of times and they travel all over. Hawaii, Scotland, etc. Great time, no better way to find out about a person, then spending 4.5 hours on the golf course. It was great fun. Very few good golfers, but they like to have fun, which is more important anyway.
  26. I was wondering if the rain delay was in reference to the Memorial?
  27. If someone knows, and doesn't tell, they're just as complicit as the cheater.
  28. Great topic. Can you provide a sketch of the room in a drawing app? Like a quasi-blueprint style thing? Is this in the budget? http://iswingbox.com $495 isn't too bad.
  29. I played at 7 a.m. this morning, the first golfer on the course. No warm up, just finished Mc Donald's and go. I shot my 3rd best round of the year at my home course. I shot an 85, 45/40. I birdied the 2 par 5s on the back nine, 32 putts, 8 fairways but 4 others close, 6 GIR with an additional 8 nGIR. I'm still fighting my hook off of the tee but it only raised its ugly head on 16.. A work in progress.
  30. Tee Times/Pairings are posted http://www.usopen.com/tee-times.html Of interest 8:35 (10) - Spieth, Kaymer, DJ (last 3 Open champions) 1:36 (1) - Bubba, Scott, Sergio 2:09 - (1) - Day, Rose, Rory others to comment on: 2:20 Phil, not the last tee time but pretty close to it
  31. I disagree. It's not like there's some secret magical potion that costs $5M that they can afford that others cannot. Yes, they're in better health, generally speaking, and have access to slightly better doctors, but it still comes down to getting the surgery and doing the rehab.
  32. Week One Results It's the end of week one! So far, we have 20+ participants in each challenge, and about half have posted a round. @iacas squeaks in a late nine-hole entry and uses his putter to take the top spot in the overall challenge to end the week. Fighting it out for second, and the top spot among eligible TST members, @coachjimsc and @JxQx have both posted matching 72% and 56% rounds and sit equal on GIR% and the tie-breaking PPH. Jeff appears to have the more consistent putter, but it's way too early to start calling things, now. @Valleygolfer started strong out of the gate and sits in the #4 spot, ready to strike, with @b101 using a hot putter to snag the final spot in the top 5 this week for the overall challenge. In the single round challenge, a non-TST member (as far as I know?) sets the bar high at 78%. Just a single green behind, @coachjimsc and @JxQx are, again, equal on GIR%. This time, though, consistency with the putter only matters for 18 holes. @iacas's 67% only grabs him 4th here so he has some work remaining to keep his reputation intact (), while @Valleygolfer stands tall in the 5th spot and proves he has the chops to contend. For anyone new to the thread, both challenges run through June 30th and @iacas offered to match me on the prize, so there's a pair of TST ball markers on the line for each challenge. You don't need a GameGolf device to enter...all you need is a smartphone and the free GameGolf app. Highest GIR% Overall - http://www.gamegolf.com/challenges/11194Highest Single Round GIR% - http://www.gamegolf.com/challenges/11195 Lots of golf yet to play, so it's still anybody's game!
  33. Moxie Dawn

    dress code

    My philosophy is the better you look on the course, the better you play. And even though that is absolutely not true at all, at least if you suck you look good doing it. Having said that, I think it is unfair that women seem to be allowed a tremendous amount of leeway in attire, while men have a lot of restrictions, particularly the collared shirt rule. I happen to have a friend with Asperger's Syndrome, and a collared shirt drives him crazy. His job actually gives him an accommodation to not wear a shirt with a collar. And there are plenty of shirt designs with no collar that are perfectly nice looking and not just a t-shirt. The henley is a good example.
  34. My first birdie occurred today! Second shot on a par 4. 170 yards! Landed and stopped about two foot from the hole!
  35. You know, it's like a car wreck. You don't want to look. You know you shouldn't look. And yet here I am... I looked.
  36. Thought I would just put them all in here to keep the site tidy.
  37. That's awesome, I think my best ever is 27, maybe 26? No he's a really good ball striker and intentionally hit all of his approaches onto the fringe. :)
  38. I'm not a big KT fan, either. How about swapping her out with an LPGA tour veteran....someone possesing great knowledge of the game and all the details of tournaments that only players can truly express. Another cool option that I've longed to see is to have a Caddie show on Golf Channel.
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    • And a carbide circular saw, laser level, titanium doubled braced work bench, 400sq ft room at your disposal and throw in some diamond tipped, Himalayan Aerotech nut casings. That should set you up for the very basics.😁
    • I’m watching my 8th episode of Bewitched today...
    • Great advice. I also have a Dremel tool which would seem to be useful in the process, possibly cutting or. deburring
    • If you have been doing regrips you are already well on your way. There is nothing mystical about club making, just geometry, physics, and common sense. If you've got the vise (by far most important tool), torch or heat gun, and a drill as mentioned, those are 3 big basics. Here is what I would add. Utility knife 48 inch ruler epoxy (start with quick set) sand paper (medium and fine grit) hacksaw, manual pipe cutter, rotary tool, or chop saw. Of course if you have a built out shop a belt sander is useful, as is the chop saw, but you can do all the same stuff with manual tools. If you have specific questions about picking shafts, I would ask those separately as you have to be more specific dealing with tip diameter, weight, length, flex, etc. I would look at some videos on Youtube as a starting point. I recommend finding the Mobile Clubmaker. 
    • You sound like you’re giving too much weight to the mental game.

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