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  1. I'm at an Army excercise in central CA so my wife sent me pictures of a book my son drew for me... this is one of the pics. It says "my dad is smart because he knows how to golf".
  2. The best. I got to play golf with my 81 year old dad. He shot 79 on his little par-60 executive course.
  3. Played 18 with our stepson. Considering all the drama in his family the past 12 months, giving me 3 hours of his time was a great present and well worth the greens fees I paid.
  4. They're like points on Whose Line is it Anyway?
  5. I got a remote controlled push cart (used but in great shape) and came here to gloat, but I think you win.
  6. My daughter got me the Orange Whip. Wasn't expecting it, after reading the thread on here and one of the guys at my course talking about it, we seen one at the golf shop where we were on vacation and she must have overheard me talking to my wife about it.
  7. If there ever was a major that had a winning score of -16 and was boring AF - this US open was it.
  8. Johnny is just being a grumpy old man I can't decide which one best describes this or
  9. It's high quality journalism though. Just like in typical team sports. Ask a question and get a Madden answer. Coach, how could you have won? Well we could have scored more points than they did, then we'd have won. Coach, who was the MVP of the game? Probably the bucket. How would 1973 Johnny fare on that course with a Ping G30 driver and Titleist ProV1s? It's just different eras, same reason we can't really find out how Bjorn Borg would fare against Roger Federer, or how Sid Luckman would have fared against the Steel Curtain, or whether 11 year old Martha Stewart could knock out adult Ronda Rousey. Good point. They should replace Joe Buck for the 2018 U.S. Open with Darrell Waltrip and/or Jeff Gordon. Or just get Jimmie Johnson, who, when he plays golf, ironically can only get the ball to turn right.
  10. Got it on the second attempt. Thought the slope would let me pop it up and not have to move. But I need more slope or talent, one of the two.
  11. I broke par for the first time ever on a local 9 hole course, par 34. Ended up -1. The best score I managed any other time was +1 here. Its a short easy course, but the consistency was on point today and I only hit one very bad shot, a drive, that I manage to scrape up a bogie on. 3 birdies, 2 bogies, and 4 pars.
  12. When Justin Thomas fired his 63 on Saturday at the US Open, you could almost feel Johnny Miller reaching for his computer to respond. Well, he didn't disappoint, and was quick to reply, in Miller-esque fashion, that his 63 in the final round of the 1973 US Open was better - tougher course (I agree), won him the Open (obviously). We were batting it around in the US Open thread so I thought having a separate thread might be a good idea. My take - Miller's, even though it was 'only' 8 under par was superior to Thomas's 9-under 63. JT can take solace in having the lowest round in relation to par in Open history...but Miller's was still superior, if for no other reason that it won him the Open. I give points for Miller doing it in the final round, a totally different paradigm than the 3rd round. JT wasn't even leading after his 63...that's how low the scoring was on Saturday - he simply had the lowest round on a day where 65's & 67's abounded. Someone posted something to the effect of, "Yeah but Miller didn't have 600-yard par 5's to deal with or 525-yard par 4's" - Well, put a persimmon wood in today's pros hands & Balata balls for them to hit & you wouldn't have THEM dealing with 600-yard par 5's or 525-yard par 4's either - you can't give JT credit for something technology addressed decades ago. Anyway, thread started. Have at it.
  13. Yes it depends on what works for you, I think. I also think the idea that slower swing speed means senior shafts in al cases a bunch of hooey; a statement by someone who doesn't want to study or think and just parrots what he has heard. What is "regular" in one brand may be "firm" in another. All must be tested. I use regular lightweight Nippon shafts in irons, though one-stepped. My driver is a senior shaft. My Fairways are senior. My hybrids and my new custom wedges are all regular shafts. On the other hand, my Cleveland TA5's were stiff graphite that I could have sworn were regular. Sorry to rant. I get agitated when I hear one must use senior or ladies' shafts if you are old or young or slow. It isn't a universally true statement. -Marv
  14. My 3 youngest Grand Daughters made it a "Grand Pa Day" celebration. I was rewarded with 6, $10 gift cards for Mc Donalds. The fact that we all go to McDs every week for ice cream is probably just a coincidence. My Daughters fired up the grill for a chicken/steak barbecue with all the appropriate trimmings. Afterwards, my two son in laws and I hit the local golf course, where I continued to show them that old age and treachery still ruled. We closed the 19th hole.......
  15. It all depends on what works. In my case I have... Irons: NS Pro 8950GH R-flex shafts 97 grams (fairly light). Wedges: KBS Tour R-flex shafts, 110 grams. Driver and FWs: Fairly robust R-flex shafts, 62 grams. Hybrid: VLCT Altus Senior flex, 73 grams. Get a fitting on your next irons. This is the best way to determine what you need on shafts. AT decent golf shops, the fitting is free if you buy new irons.
  16. Dude - this type of talk isn't welcome here. This forum includes kids, women, and men who like to live in the 21st century.
  17. This is pretty simple geometry. A line and a point define a plane (your vertical putter shaft and the ball, for instance). If the other two points, the hole and your eye, are on the same plane, then both the ball and the hole will appear to be directly behind the putter shaft. If they're all on the same plane, this is a fact, not interpretation of any kind. The only way for the hole to appear to be left or right is if its not on the same plane. This may appear due to a subconscious tendency to stand on the "low" side of the line, and perhaps that tendency is why plumb-bobbing works for some people. But that subconscious stuff isn't science or geometry, its psychology, and its not going to be consistent for all people. If you really want a decision-maker, I suggest you learn to read the ground with your feet, as AimPoint asks you to do. Even without taking a class, you can physically sense a slope, and that's likely to be more accurate than plumb-bobbing.
  18. I hope I will do as well. I turn 75 next month and breaking 80 again, seems not as likely, but hope is eternal. I can relate.
  19. Thanks for the recap. i too dint feel the US open aura. I think its because of these: * No big names in the final strech * No major collapse * No close challenger in the final stretch. * The bombers were too long for the attempted stretched out holes. They even made a 'fescue' video since fescue wasn't a prominent factor in the game when compared to British open! That video was super lame btw.
  20. Probably, but not necessarily. You could keep the hands a similar height, and just have them less "left" or less "deep." But they'll probably go a bit higher, too, yes.
  21. The parts shown. Your hands get too "deep." Too far left in those images. Then you have to push them out to the right in very little time, resulting in a lot of shanking.
  22. Johnny's 63 was better because he won the tournament and it was in the Final round. JT blew his load on saturday and was done after his first tee shot on Sunday. Both of the rounds are awesome though.
  23. Data on those swings: I've copied over the driver ones for convenience, but there's also 6-iron vids and Trackman data at the link. Good stuff, @nevets88 I'm working on the steep to shallow transition (as you may know from my swing thread), and the driver DTL really shows him doing that. Right as he gets to the top, his club really whips back and around him- no steepness at A5 for him! There's a point in there around A5 where the club looks even too shallow to my eye. I'm sure he'll be working on that! I'm also trying to make sure my left wrist doesn't cup- yah, no cupping here on this driver swing.
  24. those aren't mutually exclusive positions
  25. Thanks Shindig - I have added the video to my swing thread
  26. He was asked to comment on JT's 63, and said as part of his response or a follow-up question or something that JT's round wasn't at Oakmont (tougher course) nor was it to win (on Sunday). Both facts, but you can take them as diminishing JT's round, too.
  27. I don't like comparing feats from different eras. Justin Thomas holds the record for the most under par round in a U.S. Open. Johnny Miller holds the record for lowest final round score in U.S. Open history. Certainly Miller's round was more meaningful in that it occurred on the last day and it won the tournament. Was it "better"? If we all agree upon the parameters for comparison, which I doubt we would, I might vote.
  28. I would pick the area you are the weakest at, and devote the most amount of time there, dont try to practice all aspects of your game in 1 hour. I typically have 3 different types of practice sessions, short game, where 75% of my range balls are 9 irons or lower, I work on flighting the ball, distance control, etc. my short game sessions are usually a smaller bucket of balls (40 or so) followed by a good amount of time at the chipping/pitching/bunker area, and occasionally I'll do a little bit of putting. I also do long game sessions, mainly long irons and woods/driver. Then I will have a simulated round type practice session where I visualize holes in my head and hit shots based on that. Example I will start with a driver, then hit a 7 iron, then a chip. Then I'd hit a 3 wood and a wedge, etc etc simulating the varying club selection I would face on the course. My chipping and pitching is the worst aspect of my game right now, so I try to do 2 short game sessions for every 1 long game/simulated game sessions I do. Focus on one small aspect/area of your game at a time and keep checking them off the list as you improve.
  29. For 2017: Average score was 72.01, standard deviation 3.55 For 1973: Average score was 73.77, standard deviation was 3.14 So 1973 had higher average score, and a smaller deviation from that average. Numerically, Johnny wins. Plus, 4th round to win the tourney for Miller, whereas JT is just a footnote. Case closed, in my mind. Source data of scores in spoiler hidden text below. If you follow the link, there were only 3 other scores besides Miller's in the 60s that day. For JT's round, there were numerous rounds in the 60s.
  30. I think it's Johnny's, and I don't think it's particularly close. Sunday at Oakmont to win the US Open trumps it. Plus, Johnny's round was a bigger outlier from the field that Justin's was. That doesn't really take anything away from JT's round, though. Johnny's round was probably the best single round of all time. JT's round was incredible, but not quite that good.
  31. I don't even disagree with Miller. This was a joke of an open. It felt like every other tour event. There was no prestige like the masters, no ridiculously punishing courses like the Open (sorry folks, there's only one open) , if anything, it felt like a small tournament that none of the top stars show up to. In my opinion, I was underwhelmed. That said, I still have tremendous respect for what Koepka did. He hoisted a trophy I could only dream of. Good for him. Yes, well, missing fairways by a mile will blow up your score. I'm evidence of that. That is not what he said at all. But to that point, they were driving into much smaller fairways with clubs and balls most of us couldn't even duff a ball with nowadays. I think you should get on youtube and watch millers round.
  32. So all courses are the same? No difference in degree of difficulty? Then why do we have course ratings & slope ratings? There was almost a 2-stroke difference betw field average in Miller's 63 & JT's.
  33. Did not know he tore it up on the Challenge Tour. He calls soccer "proper football". Thats un-American! Anyways, this piece is pretty good in outlining his career. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-buzz-on-brooks-koepka
  34. I have a couple of them... on the same course. The don't look that difficult. The first one is the 9th hole at Lake Spanaway Golf Course. It's 468 from the forward tee, only 502 from the whites. But there's always a slight headwind blowing so your drive never goes as far as you think it will. Here's the problem: 7th hole, although parallel to 9 is protected by tall pines. The 8th hole tee is open and has a prevailing wind to your back. You just crushed your drive there. Now you're on 9 with the prevailing wind in your face and two fairway bunkers where the fairway pinches, and the rough around them isn't kind either. You have to hit the fairway or you have to hit a fantastic rescue shot. I've done that. But the green is well protected. Then there's 15. A 390 yd par 4 dogleg left. Seems straightforward enough. But hit your tee shot too far and you're hitting off hard pan... or the cart path from which you get to drop on hard pan. Your approach shot is uphill and you can't see the green very well. Just aim right of the bunker and make sure you take enough club. Don't land right because the ball will deflect and go down into a little depression with all those bushes and trees - add a stroke or two getting out of that.
  35. Some of these comments make me wonder what it is that people want? Nobody can control the weather. Ever wonder how Johnny Miller shot that 63 back in '73? Because Oakmont was soaking wet, that's how! I think it rained every night of the tournament, and it was solid overcast every day! I was there for Saturday and Sunday, and while it didn't rain during play I still came away with soaked feet! Waterproofing back then wasn't what it is now. The old style Open course of hack out rough around the greens reminds me of the old NBA. The old "shlob" it in to the center, everybody runs away from him, and he backs his guy down! Boring! FWIW, the greens reminded me a lot of Augusta's greens, where if you couldn't hit a target about the size of a dining room table you had no chance at birdie. And when the ball runs away from the green they make them chip or pitch from tight lies. That's OK by me. And, just as an aside, did anybody besides me notice how spectacular the skies were up there? I know Montana is called "Big Sky Country", but the sky looked plenty big up there! I don't know why, I just notice such things.
  36. Funny how you act like your opinion and hand me down info is fact but if someone else does the same thing you are all over them. You have no clue how much Elk worked on his game. I bet if you tweeted him he would tell you though. Sorry if you have back problems, doing heavy squats and deadlifts is a great way to make it worse. What would you expect Rory and his trainers to say about it? Of course they are going to say it is the right thing to do.
  37. Welcome to the Sand Trap! And to golf. Yes. Check out these links: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/ And in particular this post: When I started posting video, I moved from a 19.x to 13.0 at my best; it's been climbing a little bit lately due to not having played much since last October, but I'm working on improving that. Hopefully we can help you out.
  38. I finally have a legitimate handicap index (at least I believe so). I've been posting all rounds that were compliant and finally have 5 for the season. It will go up as I continue to post because of an uncharacteristically low score to start off the season... that is unless I can improve slightly. Anyway, it's something I've been wanting to do for a while but was unable due to a lack of playing partners. Not sure if I'll maintain it or not, but probably will for the remainder of the season.
  39. It's still internal and not a ton has leaked or been made super public, but I just told you a bunch of information. http://www.usga.org/articles/2017/04/world-handicap-system-in-the-works.html http://www.golf.com/tour-news/2017/04/19/usga-ra-develop-single-world-handicapping-system http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/usga-ra-developing-world-handicap-system/ http://www.skysports.com/golf/news/12176/10843017/ra-and-usga-announce-plans-for-single-world-handicap-system http://golfweek.com/2017/04/20/golf-handicaps-usga-ra-world-system/ http://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/news/notice-board/golfs-governing-bodies-planning-world-handicap-system-132547 https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-handicap-may-finally-go-global-1431732136
  40. Well it's voodoo, and has to do with aligning your chi/chakras with the magnetic poles of the earth. Works best with Mercury in retrograde. I have used my putter successfully to find potable water and natural gas. True story.
  41. No. It is a breach of 14-1 (a). The ball must be fairly struck at with the head of the club and must not be pushed, scraped or spooned.
  42. BAM! Got that one over my head!
  43. I received the GX-7 yesterday which was a day earlier than estimated. Today I tested the club on the driving range against my driver, and am confident I will keep it. Although my average distance was slightly less than my driver, the accuracy of this club is exactly what I was looking for. At best, I may have hit it 220 yards (using low compression range balls), and hope to be more consistent with distance with continued use of the club and higher compression balls. The 44" shaft works well for me as I'm 5'8", of slight build. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical about the company as I find their advertising videos to be on hard sell side. But now, I can say the club is solid and the company shipped in a very reasonable time frame.
  44. I saw above you worked on 'dropping into a slot' IMO don't focus on that. Focus on the clubHEAD path through space as you swing.
  45. Thanks so much guys, I worked with him on flaring his feet outward, and gave him a drill where a tee is under his left heel and he has to squash it on the downswing. Helped tremendously right away. So much so that he was finally able to get real distance out of his shots. Of course, as with any new swing change, he was shanking quite a bit, but he is sticking with it and I will post an update in a few weeks after he really works on it. May even convince the stubborn old guy to sign up for an account and post a my swing thread!
  46. Yesterday we played our tee it forward tourney (organised by Leon and me) on Scherpenbergh and we had a blast. 40 contestants. Halve of them played nett strokeplay, halve played Stableford. Winner was a guy with nett 74, but he played from scratch, so also bruto 74. There was one guy who needed to shoot 5 under to play his handicap. Two eagles were made and a lot of birdies (I made 4). We played in honour of Leon who lost both his lower legs last year because of an infection. It was his first full round after his illness and he was smiling all day long. We also had a prize for 'most beautifull legs' which was won by Leon.
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    • Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I’m disappointed that the US Open is not a true US Open this week. I understand the weather has a lot to do with it, but I also feel the USGA has given in a little bit to the players demands of making the setup easier. 30 players under par sounds more like a PGA Championship rather than a US open. The US Open has an identity, and if the USGA decides to lighten up and let the Championship become more like the RBC Heritage, then it’s not the US Open anymore. I’ve heard Jason Gore is trying to “please the players more”. What makes the US Open is the challenge, not guys double digits under par.
    • I rather agree with you. For what it's worth, based on 2019's performance, to win 19 majors all he has to do is show up fit and well to Augusta for 4 years out of the next 8 and the discussion is pretty much over. In spite of the 700 pages (or whatever) of the Jack vs Tiger thread, the discussion is already pretty much over, but 4 more green jackets would close the file and lock it in a drawer for a very long time, perhaps indefinitely. I wouldn't bet against those 4 green jackets.
    • I hit my driver 170 yards straight. I’m 75 YO and that’s all I’ve got.   The woods are full of long drivers....Harvey Penick
    • Is there a bunker on this course that Justin Rose hasn't been in this week? I am in awe of his short game. I move that we change his name to Sandy Rose. All in favor? 🙋‍♂️

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