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  1. This is several days old, but June 14-17 I got to caddie in The Decatur-Forsyth Classic, an event in the LPGA's developmental Symetra Tour. Held in Decatur, IL, the Classic is the oldest continuous event on the Symetra Tour. I got to caddie for Grace Na, from Alameda, CA. A four-time All-American from Pepperdine University, this is her second year as a pro. Because Symetra prize money is not that high, most of us locally sourced caddies volunteered for free. Likewise, Decatur host families housed many of the tournament golfers for the week. Caddies are quite a mix: Some of the women golfers have regular caddies they use from week to week, either a relative or a steady hire, while others use on-site volunteer caddies. But, some of them just go it alone with bags on pull trolleys, and a few even carried their own bag during the rounds. Most of the players use stand bags. During the rounds, a golf cart accompanies each group. Players can put umbrellas and orange whip trainers and clothing into the cart to lighten their bags. But, it's penalty strokes if either the player or caddie ride in a cart during the round. Most Symetra tournaments are 54 holes - with a cut after 36. In Decatur, Grace needed a birdie Saturday on the 18th hole to make the cut, but missed a 20-foot putt. Grace rebounded this week at the Island Resort Championship in Michigan, tied for 28th. She shot -3, and got $1,270 in winnings. The course is in the Upper Peninsula at the town of Harris. Michigan played out a bit differently from Decatur. The ladies went from high humidity in the 90s in Illinois to blustery weather in Michigan. Second-round photos from this weekend showed the golfers playing in warm-up trousers and windbreakers. (I just followed online; Shirley and I did not go to Michigan.) ------------------------ For Decatur, the caddie assignment process was confusing. The caddie master didn't announce "who's your caddie" until Wednesday. Word originally was that you would meet the golfers Wednesday, and caddie in a practice round on Thursday. Reality: Most of the golfers played practice rounds on Tuesday, a pro-am on Wednesday, and then rested on Thursday. I helped Grace practice on Wednesday, but didn't actually plant a bag for her on-course until money time on Friday. The golfers said they usually get several days notice on their caddie, so the two can touch base and go over mutual expectations. Still, Decatur was a fun experience - I just worry that Grace might have been able to sink that Saturday putt if we had worked together more.
  2. Don't know if I would go so far as head case but he does get "frantic" out there and isn't one to hide his emotions. It is interesting to watch because it gives you more insight to what's going on with him than other players. When it comes down to it the guys on tour are just people who experience the same doubts and emotional up and downs as any of us, they are just really, really good at hitting a little white ball. I never really bought that they are/were superior "mentally" (like emotionally). The pros still get nervous (even first tee gitters), they just have more experience dealing with it and some realize that being nervous doesn't affect their ability to hit good shots. Not to get too far off topic but I follow Garrett Kramer on Twitter and I like a lot of what he says. Here's a couple tweets that basically sums up the gist of his "philosophy".
  3. I'm a bit bellow that but link on in if you want. I haven't posted on GG for a while, I think I'll start up again.
  4. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/JonMa1 Hey @Largobuc. I haven't recorded any rounds for the last month or so but I might get into again before the season is over. After countless hours of number crunching and complex diagnosis using GameGolf Data, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very good. Seriously, I had to take a break this year and just try to enjoy the game a bit more instead of killing myself to try and get better. While GameGolf has done a pretty good job of confirming the suspicions of what my weaknesses are, I was becoming too consumed with the statistics and perhaps forgot why I'm out there. I might get back into it soon because it is cool reviewing a round or even a season. A bit off topic, but there is a GIR is King thread. If you haven't already, you might consider joining the competition.... Go Bucs!
  5. After seeing Jordan's miraculous bunker shot at the Traveler's, I'd say he may be a streak player. Some weeks he's on target, other weeks he's here and there and everywhere with his shots. I sometimes think he has the Furyk Syndrome: tending to overthink shots when things go flaky. Multiple times last year, TV announcers used Jordan tee shots as an example of the hands taking over and resulting in a serious miss left.
  6. Those are Latinum rules, not gold.
  7. 33th Hole of my club´s scratch championship final. I was 2 under and 4 to go. Par 5, my competitor hit the back of the green with his 2nd shot, and i hit the front bunker with my 3rd shoot. If i loose that hole the match will be dormy and almost over. I was closer to the hole than him but he let me play first, big mistake... ... i Holed it ! and with the pressure he 3 putted. Only 1 under a 3 to play. We went to extra holes and i won it on the 2nd one.
  8. Maybe not heroic, but I did think outside the box and it worked. I was playing the 9th hole at Eagle Green GC in Denton, TX (RIP, EG... it got subdivided). This was an uphill 500-yard par 5 to a terraced green, similar to No. 9 at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. I pulled my drive into the left rough, and hit a 5W which put me 10 yds. short of the twin spectacle fairway bunkers at the top of the hill. I had 50 yards to go to the flagstick. A long hitter in our group then put a 3W shot on the back fringe (blue ball), and I hit a thin wedge that landed by the cup and released about 10 feet forward onto the upper tier (red ball). Big hitter strokes a gentle putt, which rolls down the terrace and off the green, into the fairway. I take a 7 iron, and hit it with a putting stroke. The ball checks up at the edge of the terrace, so gravity is carrying it down the terrace, rather than force of the club. Ball rolls into cup for a birdie.
  9. I just fit someone from wedges two days ago and all of the choices for grinds were back.
  10. Last year the Michigan Publinx Senior Golf Association was playing the Indiana version of our club in the inaugural "Challenge Cup" competition. Team Michigan was leading going into the last day singles matches. I was not playing very well and found myself 2 down after the 11th hole. My opponent hit a good drive in the fairway of the 12th hole while I pushed my effort right and was blocked by some tall trees. I wanted to see what my opponent would do and fortunately I thought to take a GPS reading that showed he was away. He hit the green in regulation and now it was my turn. I took a mighty lash with an ancient Taylor Made "Cleek" and hoisted my ball up & over the trees to the green. Two putts later we halved the hole and from there I did not lose another hole, closing out the match 3 & 2.
  11. 1 point
    it is scary how big some of these corporations are getting. Amazon has their hand in everything. And behind it all, data on just about everyone.
  12. After the 3-Day member-guest, played in a couples tournament yesterday. 38-39-77 (1 birdie, 1 double) - got really tired on the back 9. Finally going to take a break today.
  13. The most heroic one personally isnt so much due to the difficulty of the shot, but rather the circumstances in which I executed the shot. I was having a very solid round and knew I would be close to breaking 80. On the 18th tee, I knew that getting a 5 was all I needed to shoot a 79 and break 80 for the first time in my life. The hole was a pretty simple 340 yd par 4, slight dogleg right and a decent amount uphill from the tee to the green. Pulled my drive into the left rough, was under some trees so didnt have a shot at the green, used a 5 iron to punch back out into the fairway. Middle of the fairway about 60-75 yds out on a slight uphill lie to an elevated green hitting my 3rd, I knew I had to get on the green and 2 putt to get a 79. Took my 56 wedge and pitched it to 6 inches for the easy tap in par for my lowest round ever 78 and first time breaking 80. I have had a couple of chip ins, 1 hole out from a bunker, and a couple 30+ feet putts, but the shot I just described is the most heroic for me since I was under pressure for breaking 80 and I was able to execute. (there have been countless times I have missed the green from 60 yds so it wasnt a guarantee that I'd even get on the green from that distance)
  14. I broke 80 for the first time yesterday with a 78 at my home course. Good (not great) day off the tee, I've hit more fairways in the past but my misses were all long and still playable. 7 GIR's and the putter was in control for the most part. Honestly, there was nothing "spectacular" about the round itself, just stayed out of trouble for the better part of the day and dropped a few longer putts then usual it seemed. The only real odd thing about it is I was coming off what was probably one of my worst rounds ever not too long ago, crazy game for sure.
  15. Alx

    My Swing (Killa)

    The wider stance will give you a better balance and help with the weight shift. Right now your weight cannot shift anywhere as you would fall over. Feels are always very individual, cant say much about that. More upright will set you up closer to the angles you achieve at impact so you dont have to compensate during the swing. Wider stance will help with balance, weight shift and thus hip rotation. Spine angle
  16. Number 11. Salem, Oregon Sunday 06/25/2017. I played Salem Golf Course, blue tees 6236 yards. This course was built in 1927 and is still owned by the same family. The club house is plantation style with many authentic pictures and other items. Very, very nice. The fairways are flat and are lined with very tall trees. Some of the greens are flat and the others have various slopes, front back, left right. It's great playing different style courses, it can only improve my game. I played the course alone today except for the ninth and the eighteenth, where on the ninth I was joined by one of the pro shop workers, and on the eighteenth by a guy that was getting back into golf. It was cool playing alone, surrounded by the trees and all the green plants. The air in Oregon is so clean, so enjoyable to breath. I shot 42 on the front and 45 on the back, total 87. Next city, Olympia, Washington.
  17. Actually I did, lol, I followed Jordan around the course today as soon as he made the turn. It was awesome.
  18. Don't dismiss the knowledge of people just based on handicap. Having unwarranted prejudices is not good. This would be impossible to generalize. It would depend 100% on the golfer's swing. Also, it depends on the golf shaft as well. This wouldn't be worth doing at all.
  19. 1. @WUTiger routinely posts in the equipment topics with a good depth of knowledge. 2. You don't need to be a low handicap to feel the difference between golf clubs. 3. Stop being insulting.
  20. Glad you liked it. FWIW I consider "chipping" (using the leading edge) on one end of the spectrum, and pitching (using the "glide") on the other end, with 99% of the shots occupying some place between the two extremes.
  21. Early extension means that you are standing up too soon on the downswing, aka "humping the goat". Steady head means more than just a steady head from a face on view. It means that your head is moving too soon off of "the wall" as you come into the ball. I struggle with this as well.
  22. Post a swing video. There is plenty of help available from the membership. Online help is too general at best. Everyone may be guessing your particular situation. With video, the more knowledgeable will be able to give you specific help with "your" situation. Read the "How to" section. Good luck
  23. Welcome to the site @RickRude. No, I don't think it's stupid play a club you like. There are tons of debates over GI vs Players clubs, but I tend to agree with @Piz - assuming you're fiscally responsible. If you settle for something less, you may regret it. Maybe take some more swings with the set, and especially the long irons, just to make sure you like them. I wouldn't mind having a modern set of irons designed for better players. I like the challenge they present and often practice with an old set of blade style clubs - even though I own a very nice set of GI irons.
  24. Okay, back from practice. Here's what I found out - First off, this is awesome! It's a perfect example of what I think is right is exactly wrong, and what I think is wrong is actually right. I hit a bag of chips first, about 15 feet off the green, around 60 feet total in length. I watched Erik's vid a few times to ingrain, then started. It took maybe 5 or so swings to 'get it,' and here's the results of about 40 chips: Accurate? Not really, but note - none chunked, none bladed over the green. Consistent contact. I wasn't concerned about where the ball went as much as I was trying to just ingrain what I watched. The accuracy will come as I stop thinking about the swing mechanics & start thinking on the shot itself. Okay, I'm trying to load more pics but it says I hit my max upload amount. So I'll just explain from here. I took a pic of the ground where I hit the chips from, and no divots. Some disrupted turf of course, but no digging - so obviously my angle of attack shallowed out. I then hit a bag of pitches - from about 30 feet off the green. The only change I did was open the blade a little, but the same movement as with the chips. Success! This is great stuff! Thanks @iacas !
  25. Exactly. If some player has an issue with Uresti winning...I would suggest that player shooting a lower score than him.
  26. At my club most of the members are seniors. They've been playing golf for years, tournaments, etc. I ran the club for one year, what a horror show. Anyway, here's some of the "fun" I endured: - Men's league the guys play from different tees against each other for $. I told them the guys on the front tees needed their handicap adjusted per section 3-5 when playing against others from different tees. When guys off the front tees were calling for my head! - During Match Play, no one was posting their scores. They said how can you post a score if you pick up? Even the owner agreed. I told them see section 4-1 and the "most likely" score. Even the club champ disagreed with me. They all found out they were wrong and the committee should have hit them with failure to post but since the entire club was doing it they looked the other way assuming people knew now and would post. Yet 5 years later they aren't posting again for the same reason, how can you post if you pick up, and it's all the same guys... - The owner wins the club championship. When he comes in he signs his card and many are congratulating him. He happens to set his clubs down inside (he's the owner so he can set them where ever he wants) and then someone counts 15 clubs in his bag. I count them, yup there's 15. The tournament committee hits him with the penalty of too many clubs and with the extra strokes he is no longer club champ. He asks me "why didn't you protect me by telling me I can only have 14 clubs". What???? - I'm made aware a guy is keeping two ghin cards, one for his NY club in the summer, one for his FL card in the winter. He leaves his FL club with a 14 handicap, and comes back to his NY club where he left there with a 15 handicap. He jacks his handicap up to 26 in NY and wins a lot of net tournaments, eventually bringing his handicap back down to 15 by the end of the season. Then he goes to FL and jacks his handicap up there and does the same. He never posts T scores. I call the state association and connect his cards, then the committee posts his T scores for him and he loses his mind like it's the end of the world. But this guy is the first one to challenge people on rules. So why doesn't he hold himself to the same standards he holds everyone else to? I could keep going but I'll stop. The thing that gets me the most is no matter what rule we have to review, they all refuse to even crack open the book. How do you learn if you won't even crack open the book? Like I said, what a horror show....
  27. I approach that shot almost like a weight forward, preset drill with a low lofted club.
  28. So finally getting back in to swing of things after returning from my Myrtle Beach buddies trip (10 players) and whole bunch of work . Played 6.5 rounds in 5 days which include the travel days. Grande Dunes: 39-39 = 78. Great round to start out. Won the daily bet for top net (and gross). Willbrook Plantation: 39-47 = 86. Tale of 2 9s. Swing magically disappeared on the back 9 and sputtered home. Won 2nd net (and 3rd gross). River Club Round 1: 46-39 = 85. Another tale of 2 9s. Swing magically reappeared on the back 9. I was 3rd with a blind partner net. River Club Round 2 (afternoon): 39-44 = 83. Won the 2 man gross best score with mah pardner. Heritage Club: 45-41 = 85. Toughest pin placement known to mankind on nuttiest undulating greens. Won 2nd place 4 man team 2 best scores. Independence club: 38-... Quit on 14th hole due to rain pounding and greens basically under water, was 4 over for the day and hitting well. Oh well. Ironwood Golf Club in Greenville NC: 42-39 = 81. Another great round to finish with - won top gross and 2nd net. Highlights: Had only 2 blow up holes (pick up at triple bogey) and 5 only DBs the entire week! Shot 39 on six times and a 38. Won about a 3rd of entire trip cost back in various tourney and side bets...
  29. For the first question, its rude to engage in political or religious or any other kind of rant, chiding those who disagree, all of that, in ANY setting. On the golf course or off it, its just rude. The second question, what to do about the guy who lines the ball up without marking it, its perfectly appropriate to say "did you know you're required to mark the ball when you line it up?" If he doesn't care, or doesn't want to change, let it go, its a casual round of golf among friends. If he says he IS allowed to do it, hand him your rule book (I assume you carry one) and ask him to show you the rule.
  30. Anyone who tries to argue to a rules official that a fire ant is a "burrowing animal" and thus is entitled to relief is, at the least. a head case.
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    • Made it out this afternoon.  Temperature got to 70 in Chicago, so I made sure to get out again.  Intended to play as a practice round,  but got put in a group who was playing straight up, so I played along.  Ended up grabbing a birdie on 4, bringing my total composite score to -7 for the year.  
    • Yes, "COVID Fatigue" is an issue but I also feel the problem is when they go overboard with restrictions then people revolt at even the reasonable restrictions.  It is a little like a child, a few reasonable rules and the child is fine but but an over abundance of rules then some kids may rebel.   In Michigan, they initially closed the courses but some private courses "Rebelled" at the start of the lock-down and said the members can walk the grounds and if they want to carry a golf bag with them it was their choice so then you had un-supervised groups with no precautions.  Then they opened  the courses but said "Walking Only" which impacted some players who could safely ride as a single, so then people claimed to be "Handicapped" to be allowed a cart.  Unreasonable/excessive rules provoke breaking the rules. Yes, we are all tired of this mess and I fully agree we need to be vigilant, but we also need to be reasonable and closing a course is not reasonable to me.
    • Thanks for the warm welcome all!  It's great to hear from so many of you that either live not too far from me or have ties to Wisconsin.  I'd like to think that everyone has a little bit of Wisconsin in them  I've been playing recently with a fellow I met through The Persimmon Golf Society facebook group.  He and I both play vintage clubs on a nice par 3 course he introduced me to and we have a ball.  We're interested finding more folks interested in playing vintage clubs in our area, southeast Wisconsin - northeast Illinois, in order to gauge the interest in have a few vintage club golf outtings next summer.  If any of you are interested in joining like minded golfers to play rounds with vintage clubs please contact me. By the way, love the photos of upper midwest golf pretty much anytime from November through April  Regards, Brad   ps. Attached photos was taken from our last round.  1956 MacGregor Tourney Colokroms v. 1959 Wilson Dyna-POWERED --- "Clash of the Titans"!
    • That other course looks fine to me. Definitely a change of pace. If it's flat and we take carts, I'm game. I don't think I'll have a problem walking SV 3 days in a row, but not walking a day (during or afterwards) won't be bad. 
    • Actual footage of me after day 3 at Sand Valley.

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