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  1. Made a hole in one yesterday! 9 iron from about 160. I basically flew it in the cup. The ballmark destroyed the side of the hole. We saw it bounce from the tee and disappear, so I'm not 100% sure how it still went in, but I'm not complaining! First one ever! It was really cool!
  2. Great vlog! Enjoyed watching, iMovie? I use my iPhone. I try to have it charged to at least 80% and then I always turn it to airplane mode which saves a ton of battery. I use my portable charger through holes 10-12/13 usually but it just sits on the tripod which it's recording and usually charges it back up to about 60-70% which easily gets me through the rest of the round. I suppose I could only do 13 or 14 holes if I didn't plug it in during the round. Not much hassle.
  3. Here's the front nine from my round yesterday! Back nine coming tomorrow night! Take a look!
  4. I've written up an analysis of @Slowcelica's stats analysis- the data was from late last season. Here's the link: https://thesandtrap.com/b/the_numbers_game/deep_dive_analysis_of_slowcelicas_golf_game As is the case with @Fairway_CY's analysis, the intent is to take members who are near bogey golf and sincerely looking to shave a significant number of strokes over the next season or two. When the member achieves that goal, perhaps we can look back and see more definitively where they improved. The articles mostly document where I think they can improve, but hey- I'm really just hoping the players can improve their games, so we can gain some insights into where that improvement comes. So with that said, any comments you have are fair game: Any suggestions for either player on their future improvement that you may have? Any suggestions for the author to improve future articles that you may have? For the players, is the analysis helpful, or is it not really a surprise? Was there anything unexpected? What the most "expected" result for you? Whatever else you want to comment on. Now that I've got two under my belt, I'm interested in comparing/contrasting them a bit. SlowCelica: Lost about 15 strokes per round full swing, 10 strokes inside 60yds (mostly putting) Fairway_CY: Lost about 18 strokes per round full swing, 9 strokes inside 60yds (half putting, half short game) I think Fairway_CY had more to gain by improving his full swing (particularly approaches), whereas SlowCelica's data showed that he could likely make some quick gains from improving his putting. That's how the numbers shook out for me, anyway. Interested to see how it all turns out, so pressure is on those two guys to deliver! Also interested to hear if anyone who wants to argue a different conclusion from the data they see. There's a lot of charts and graphs in each, and my hope was to spawn a good discussion of each area of their games, not necessarily try to preach the right answer. For those brave enough to slog through the lengthy articles, congrats and have at it!
  5. You can also get a starter's set, as JonMA1 suggests. A few years back, I did a TST column on the benefits of boxed sets for beginners. In USA, shops that sell the boxed beginners sets often let you test out the different company's models and you pick the one you like best. Also, tjese golf shops can do small adjustments to beginners sets so that they fit your swing: static fitting activities. And, whether beginner's set or used clubs, a good golf shop is your best bet. You can try the clubs before you buy them.
  6. Welcome to the forum @jaochoo. Before you read my opinion, keep in mind that @WUTiger and some of the other members are far more knowledgeable than I am.... If I had to do it all over again, I'd have put more thought into a complete new set. http://www.touredge.com/products/reaction3mens.asp The same golf shop in my area that sells $1100 players irons also sells some of these lower-end complete sets. In my opinion, I don't think it would be a worse decision to learn the game using one of these sets than to buy an old set of mix and match clubs which may require new grips, or ones that may have been custom fitted for someone else. These sets may be of lesser quality and materials, but as others have said, the first clubs you own likely won't be your last should you continue to play. If you opt for used equipment, I'd look at super game improvement irons and wouldn't get anything too old unless others you trust can point you in the right direction. Make sure you don't try to learn the game using clubs that have old, worn grips. You don't have to spend a lot of money on equipment to enjoy this game. Equipment is often much less of an issue than simply not having learned some basic swing mechanics. At the same time, trying to learn on clubs that are 30 years old may not be the best choice. Whether you buy new or used, I would definitely consider dealing with a golf shop if that's an option. If they are honest, they'll sell you the right equipment within your budget and let you try it out. By the time you decide to take on the challenges this game presents, you'll have learned quite a bit more and can make informed decisions when or if you feel an upgrade is needed. Good luck!
  7. Welcome to TST. We're glad you've decided to join. I echo what @Vinsk has stated. Unless I absolutely have to have something from the pro shop, it will be the last place I'll choose to buy. There are just too many less expensive options. That being said, there are many people that will buy a hat, shirt or another piece of clothing with the club logo as a memento of their travels.
  8. Generally, I find I can get into a good setup position just by making sure I'm looking at the back of the ball rather than the top. That's how I know I have a decent amount of axis tilt (which gets your head behind the call) at setup. It's very subtle and you don't want to over do it, try just bumping your hips towards the target by about 2" (roughly 5 cm) or so, you'll probably naturally want to drop your head back a fraction at the same time. A good way to work on this is with a mirror and some face on pictures of pros at setup. Again, it's subtle, don't over do it.
  9. If there's anywhere a jacket matches the environs, it's here.
  10. You can do either. I prefer to right side bend a little because I have a tendency to slide my hips too much so I don't like pushing them forward at address. Depends on the club. You want more with your driver than you would with a wedge, but I don't think it's more than 10° or so.
  11. @StefanUrkel It's not a terrible question. It's actually a pretty good one. As stated above, there aren't really standard specifications anymore. Those days are long gone. Different manufacturers do pretty much whatever the hell they want with length, loft, and lie. You could be standard length in 1 set of irons, -1/4" to a -1/2" in another and both clubs would be exactly the same length. When I got fitted for my clubs back in January of 2016, I actually had 3 finalists for irons. All with different stock specifications. My EXi irons are 3/4" longer and 2° upright than the stock EXi iron lengths, so my 5-iron is 39". Another finalist I had was the Mizuno JPX-EZ. My fitting for them was 1.25" longer than standard and 3° upright. (Mizunos "standard lie is 1° flatter than Tour Edge). The final set that was a finalist was the Ping i irons. 1" longer than Ping standard, White Dot (3° upright). All 39" 5-irons all have roughly 63.5° lie angles three different "standard" specifications to get there. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Played 8 holes with my wife after happy hour at the club. She had a par on the first hole and I lipped out my birdie putt. Practiced playing while a little drunk. ? I also worked on not giving my wife advice and just enjoying the beautiful sunset.
  13. Possibly. But BL is wrong when he keeps saying he's 'discussed the issue and is found to be completely legitimate.' Ok, when? He can stand there and show them a million times that he's within the rules. Just like Lexi could show the USGA she properly marks her ball a million times correctly. But....not that time. There's a reason BL does an illegal practice stroke and he's being ridiculous if he thinks it's impossible that at times he's anchoring.
  14. Couple rounds the last few days. On the fourth I played with my dad and the usual group we play with. Played 36 holes with our group and then stayed and played another 18 holes of match play with my dad. First round played okay. My driver was awful as was my putting which is not normal for me. Shot 37-37 (par 37 on front) to shoot a 74. There were three 74's in our group of 6 plus a 75 so it was only a profit of 10 cents for me...Here's the strokes gained from that round: Turkey Run Strokes Gained Just look at some of those drives...awful (Hole 3,4,5) Next round I started great, was -7 thru 7 and shot 32 (-5) on the front with a double on 9 and bogies on 10 and 11 to start the back lol. Shot 32/39 for a 71. What could have been. I don't have a strokes gained sheet for this one but I gained a ton with my drives and short approach but lost it all with short game and putter. Played yesterday with a guy from work and shot a 37/37 for a 74 on a 75.0/135 course that I had never played before. Heartland Crossing in Camby, Indiana is a links style course that was in a little rough shape but not bad. Played really well despite having a few bad shots. Note my hole #9...great then awful. Here is the strokes gained: Heartland Crossing Strokes Gained Not bad I am getting there but I am pulling a ton of putts...super frustrating. I'll be playing again Sunday. Meanwhile here's the front nine of my course vlog from Heartland...will be posting the back nine tomorrow night! See you guys on Monday!
  15. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/langer-mccarron-usga-respond-chamblee-criticism/
  16. RandallT

    DJ or Rory?

    Poll added, if folks want to chime in
  17. klineka

    DJ or Rory?

    First off, welcome to the SandTrap! Take some time to read the FAQ portion and feel free to update your location and handicap on your profile if you wish, so other members can get a better idea of who you are and what level of golfer you are. Now into the topic of your post, How can you consider McIlroy to be one of the top 2 most dominant players on tour?? He doesnt have a win this year in 8 events, missed the cut at a major, and finished 35th at The Players Championship. His last 3 tournaments have been 17th place, missed cut, 35th place. That doesnt exactly seem like "hands down most dominant player on tour" to me. DJ has been by far significantly more dominant than McIlroy, with 3 wins already in 12 events, although he too missed the cut at the US Open and at the Memorial prior to the US Open. While I would say that DJ started the season dominant, he wasnt dominating in June with his lowest competitive round being a 73. I am curious to hear your reasons why you feel that DJ and Rory are "the hands down most dominant players on tour" I think DJ will have the better career than McIlroy, but I also think the depth and the amount of great players that are on Tour today is much higher than it was 15 years ago, so I dont think we will see someone dominate for multiple seasons like Tiger once did. http://www.espn.com/golf/player/results/_/id/3448/dustin-johnson http://www.espn.com/golf/player/results/_/id/3470/rory-mcilroy
  18. There are a TON of threads on this very subject. A quick search will get you there. My first recommendation is always either or both of the courses at Orange County National. They used to host the finals of the PGA Tour Q-school every other year. Tremendous facility. But again, do a search and you'll come up with plenty more to consider.
  19. Here is my Vlog from my round this past Weds. I stopped by this course on my way home from Alabama. Very hilly course in northeast Georgia at Victoria Bryant State Park. It was a hot and humid 94 degs. I shot 40-35/75. I only videoed the front nine and 17 & 18 due to low phone battery after the front nine. After reviewing the video I observed a few things. I setup with my feet closed on most shots I need to make a faster backswing I seem to be out on my toes with the longer clubs I don't make enough putts...Duh
  20. Here is my, @saevel25's, submission . I got a bit on a hot streak with my game. Show size: 10 wide or 10.5 normal Shirt size: XL Pant size: 38x32
  21. @Shindig, Club designer Tom Wishon would like your idea about shorter shafts.
  22. This seems to be bordering on the contradictory. On the one hand, they're testing distance measuring devices at a few events, while on the other hand, they're looking into banning details about greens. Why is green reading is an essential part of putting but figuring out yardage isn't an essential part of everything-that-isn't-putting?
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