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  1. You did nothing wrong. You can drop any* conforming ball. You can drop a ball you found in the woods, you can buy one from the pro shop and drop that one, you can borrow a ball and play that (effectively what you did), you can use a ball from your golf bag… whatever. When the rules say "a ball" it means any ball, and when it says "the ball" it must be the same ball you played. * If the One Ball Rule is in effect, which it almost never is, you have to drop the same make and model.
  2. It's late so I apologize for not going into more detail. Your post contradicts itself a bit and your disdain for video or mechanics-based instruction limits you IMO. A bit of an overswing is not a problem in and of itself. The problem is when that overswing leads to swinging OTT or from too far inside, which is common for most players who overswing. Most people don't get across the line and then transition perfectly on plane like Nicklaus, Couples, Daly, etc. The object of building a swing with video isn't to make it pretty. Swing positions are snapshots that only tell part of the story. The dynamics of the swing and how everything moves from one position to another matter.
  3. The quality of a rule cannot be judged by the quality (or "fairness") of individual rulings. Does this result seem sort of arbitrary? Sure. Did he gain an advantage with the infraction he was penalized for? No. Is the rule still a good one, because it is absolute, black-and-white, and prevents all sorts of potential cheating? YES.
  4. All the more reason why the rule needs to be strictly applied. Otherwise it invites endless debate - see "divots as GUR".
  5. 1 point
    He said 80-90% of your normal 8 iron distance ... not 50%. Come on now.
  6. 8 strokes is a stiff penalty, but at the end of the day, it's an Idiot Tax. Next time don't enter a tournament with stickers on your club face. Sucks for Ben, but the rules are the rules and you can't get wishy-washy with their application or it gets into being an endless debate as to when it applies - divots as GUR anyone?
  7. I agree, mainly with the bold. The application of this rule seems to fall more in line with carrying 15 clubs rather than using a bent club, but it should probably be the other way around. If you're carrying 15 clubs, then it makes sense to penalize right off the bat because there's absolutely no way to discern which club was the "15th." But if a club is accidentally altered prior to use then its easily correctable and shouldn't have to be a penalty. However, that doesn't seem to be how the rule is currently written, so as it is, they really couldn't have done anything else about it other than apply the penalty and make a note to look into changing it in the future.
  8. Down to a 4.9. Below 5 for the first time. Pretty cool!
  9. Perhaps more credit would be given if they played all 72 holes in this week's major? Just sayin'
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Bright Purple or Neon Green might be better? I'm pretty sure that could present a problem at address though.
  11. Ben stated he had the stickers for purposes of measuring with his TracMan data. How are the stickers altering the ball flight? He hadn't even used the clubs either. I get what you say @iacas but this is the kind of pettiness that turns people away from golf. 'Ben, take those stickers off your clubs.' Ok. Done. To receive 8 strokes pretty much finishing your hopes on the tournament because you had a sticker that cannot by any intelligence deem to alter the ball flight is asinine. Christ he hadn't even used either club. The stickers were by no means used to alter the ball flight as Ben said. Bernhard simply says 'I'm not anchoring' and all is done with. Well Ben stated they were not used to alter ball flight. Again, he should've been asked to remove them since they had (complete speculation) an assumption it altered the ball flight. And, he had not used either club. Remove stickers and play on. What advantage did he receive by having a micro gram sticker on 2 clubs he didn't use?
  12. I played the Vivid for a while and I thought they were easier to pick out from distance, because they don't reflect light in the same way as "ordinary" balls. I used to play a lot of twilight golf and sun glare was an issue on several holes. I stopped playing them mostly due to cost.
  13. Use the rotation of the chest more than swinging with just arms to control distance on the partial shots. Practicing the distances with good tempo and using the chest you'll get control pretty quickly.
  14. I would bend them. Bend the PW to 46, then play a 52 and a 58. I have similar carry yardages to you but I am playing a PW 125 AP2, GW 112 AP2, 52 Vokey 100, 58 85 Vokey. I need the 58 for flops and use it in the sand. My gaps in degrees are fairly consistent except between the AP2 GW and the 52. They are closer together but I find the AP2´s go further so the 15 yards gap is perfect.
  15. Good question, like you said @carpediem4300, it's going to feel a little different for each player. Ideally you want the backswing to stop when the pivot stops, allowing the pivot to "carry" the arms. I don't consciously feel or think "ok so and so feel means my backswing is done now I'll do my downswing feels", it's more of a seamless thing. I have a tendency to get a bit under-turned so my mental image to "finish" my backswing is to keep decent pressure in my abs as my left shoulder works under my chin. The pressure comes from my torso coiling/bending correctly. If I "stretch" my abs too early I stop turning and start lifting my arms.
  16. This guy. By his own admission.
  17. NM Golf

    Marker Size

    Not sure how anyone ever lets somebody else's mark knock their ball off line. I don't care if someone marks with a dime, if its near my line I am having them move it. On another note, I have never fully understood the use of those little plastic ball markers with the peg on the bottom you buy in the pro shop. What's wrong with a coin? We have those little plastic ones in our pro shop for $0.25 each and people buy them all the time. Every time someone gives me a dollar for 4 of those things I always want to ask them if they realize I could just give them 4 quarters instead and then after their round they could even use them again to buy something.
  18. Just a quick Thank You for this thread. I've played quite a bit this year on four or five different courses and my putting has really improved! I've learned to read the breaks on the greens and started to get the ball close on the long lag putts to avoid three putts. Even the 6 to 8 footers have started to fall regularly! Next up will have to be hitting more fairways, or just keeping the ball near the fairways so I can advance closer to the greens. I've worked on my chipping and pitching to where I save a couple of strokes every round. Thanks for all the good information that is available on your site!
  19. Evolvr might be nice, but I prefer hands on interactions. 24 bucks an hour is CHEAP! If he can get you to keep the ball in the fairway, that's money well spent!
  20. I don't have "a club", but we've all run into "that guy"! That guy is recognizable anywhere, be it in a meeting room, on a job site, wherever!
  21. I would personally focus on succeeding at one thing at a time. Fix the root cause.
  22. My take, for someone to "suck" at golf and to be a bad golfer are two different animals. By definition, most of us a "bad" golfers to some degree. I think the majority of posters here would consider ourselves "bad" golfers. Why do I think I am bad? Easy, BECAUSE I WANT TO BE BETTER. Once I improve a little, I still think I am a bad golfer because I want to be better. I carry an 8.1 index. To a scratch golfer, I am bad (maybe even suck) but to a 20 HI golfer, I am nearly a "pro". So it's relative. No someone who "sucks" is much different. This person is the person who is a miserable person to be around. I have played with low handicappers who suck at golf. Excuses, complaints, etc. and to me, that makes you suck at golf. Be as bad as you want, but don't suck at golf.
  23. Honestly, for me skill level doesn't matter as much as playing quickly and leaving the course in better shape than when you got there.
  24. I suggest you go see a teaching pro for advice. He or she can look at your swing, examine your equipment (loft, shaft flex, etc.) and devise an action plan to get you on the right track.
  25. Bad golfer..... rageaholic....blames a crap shot on everyone/everything but themselves club thrower wont pick up after 8 does not fix ball marks, rake traps. gets way too hammered on any substances i play with anyone regardless of skill level, just have a little class
  26. I agree with this. As a student, the use of video is important to me so that I can see exactly what I was doing at the beginning of the lesson and then see how the drills and feels that I am given during the lesson change the swing. It reinforces what we do during the lesson. It's a tool that helps me learn more than it helps my instructor teach.
  27. iacas

    Marker Size

    You can mark the ball with a log if you want.
  28. Hit down and through. You have to hit down on the long irons too. Don't pound it into the ground because it will mess with the spin. Just keep your head back of the ball and make sure the club connects on the descent with the hands leading. You can't hit a bad long iron shot when all of those ingredients are there. If you want to know how to get them there, take some lessons. Do that and get the image in your mind of where you should be at impact and let your body figure out how to do it. That's the only way. No easy answer.
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    • I have struggled with the flip as well, and similarly have tried many different swing thoughts and drills to fix it with little success. What has worked for me recently though is this: focusing on keeping my right (trail) wrist hinged from the top of my backswing, as long as possible through impact. I have found that the more specific the instruction, the easier it is for me to carry out the action. In this case, the instruction is simple and direct-  keep your right hand bent back as long as possible. When I tried focusing on a more abstract swing thought like "turn your hips" , I've had a much harder time executing the movement. This video from Eric Cogorno really helped hammer in the concept of keeping the trail wrist hinged:    Who knows if this will work the same wonders for you as it has for me, but it could be something worth considering. Good luck!
    • You know better. So do better. </toughlove>
    • Will keep at it. Obviously what I'm feeling ain't real.
    • Hello. I have Morton's neuroma in my right foot. I'm applying Ice hot with lidocaína and according to my doctor I have to wait for the next month to see any improvements or he has to do an injection. So does any one have experienced this ? Any advice for treatment or how to avoid this and other injuries? Thanks 
    • No width? C’mon Vishal. You can do this. No reason to have that right elbow bending that much. No reason for the club to go back anywhere near that far.

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