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  1. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years seriously My current handicap index or average score is: 37 My typical ball flight is: right to left or a heavy hook The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Anything with a hybrid I am trying to copy Moe Norman's swing within reason. I have a lot of physical limitations in the area of coordination, balance and flexibility. My hands shake in a fairly small way, but still 24-7. The reason I have chosen the Moe swing is because based on everything I have read, watched and studied the swing appears to have less moving parts and is based around what would appear to be good biomechanics. I have with an Instructor from the Graves Golf Academy who I have worked with and have several of their DVD's and training aids. I now just need to put the pieces together. I also use a Biomech Acculock Putter in order to control my hand shakes on the green. I am hoping to use both these tools to make my game both more repeatable and more consistent. My stats are available here: https://www.gamegolf.com/player/wpgstriker I will try and post a video tomorrow and other videos as I go through the learning process for this swing. I understand that many people don't care for Moe's swing and that's fine, but that is the one I am going for. For at least the next 12 months I am committing to it. If you want to join me on this journey please be welcome. If you have questions about the swing or Moe please throw them at me. I would love to discuss. Videos:
  2. I started my son playing golf when he was 4 yrs old. Now he's 14 and 5'10. He's play'd in a youth program, local youth tournaments, and summer camps up till 2 years ago. He had been playing club travel basketball for the past 2 years. He wanted to start playing again, but he'd grown out of his junior clubs. So I bought him a used set of Callaway X-18 iron and some Callaway woods. We started going to the range a couple of weeks ago. He's had one lesson with his long time youth golf coach. He's hitting a nice draw, but just raw potential. We played a twilight round yesterday, and he surprised me. He realized all the sudden how much power he has with a driver in his hands. He started slicing his drives but keeping them in play. He even out drove me on a few holes. He was hitting greens, but his putting was all over the place. We came to a 170 yd par 3 that's over a deep ravine. He walks up to the tee, drops his ball and hits and 8 iron. He hit it pin high 10' right of the pin. I hit 7 iron short of the green, and bogied the hole. He par it:) It's so much funner for both of us playing golf together vs. watching him play basketball and me yelling at him.
  3. Dropped off some old golf shorts and shirts at a local Goodwill store today, My waist size is now 32", and the 34's and 36's were falling off of me! I kept some of the nicer 34's just in case! After the drop off I went into the store to see if there were any golf clubs worth looking at. The selection was pretty sparse, but I did find a Taylor Made R580XD and an original Callaway ERC II! The ERC II even has a stamping on the heel of the club that states, "Non-conforming to USGA rules". This was the club that made for the big kerfuffle, and lawsuit, between Callaway and the USGA. I bought them both and will go try them out. Considering modern golf technology, I'm not expecting much. But, if I can't hit them, I'll pass them on. Maybe the next guy can. At 2 bucks a club, how could I go wrong?! Dang! I hit the J instead of the H in the title!
  4. I bought one. I gave a review somewhere here. Anyway, short version: i wasn't real impressed with it. Not to mention it looks like an Alien Sandwedge from days back. It's rather embarrassing to have in the bag. Playability wise it does help with basic green side bunkers but without real options for adjustments for wanting different shot types. I actually decided to watch @mvmac's bunker post again and got a tip from him as well which had me doing much better with my 56* Ping Glide 2.0. it didn't give me any good feedback on tight lies from turf. As usual it's more about proper technique so the club now sits in my closet.
  5. The shaft in my Cobra is the Ozik MFS Q4 mid launch in R flex, Boy, is that a mouthful! Oh, I know shafts make a difference. The "nonsense" I was referring to is the fact that there is no objective standard for measuring shaft characteristics other than weight. The flex is what the manufacturer says it is! And I don't know that an objective standard would make that much of a difference. Shafts are all about "feel". Different kick points and tip firmness can make big difference in feel and performance, even though the overall "flex" might be considered the same.
  6. I haven't hit the Blue but bagged the Tight Lies last year, sold it on eBay and bought the super S for this year new for cheap. They might be good for you if you naturally fade it cuz for me BOTH of them tend to hook more than any other club in my bag. I will also add that the Tight Lies is better for off the deck, the Super S is better off the tee.
  7. @JonMA1, After reading the other 5 pages of the discussion regarding rules like your situation, I'd do what Erik suggested. The first one was OB,penalty, back to tee, the second one was found to be OB, penalty. I'd drop at that point and play out. Your ESC for that hole was a 7. Take the 7 and run. Most courses are crowded enough that going back to the tee after finding your second OB isn't practical. Obviously, if this was a tournament it would be different but we're talking a handicap round.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, the order of handicap holes is NOT determined by the relative "difficulty" of the holes. But rather by where the average "bogey golfer" needs the strokes relative to the average "scratch golfer"...
  9. I had the same problem this summer for a while. What a playing buddy noticed was that I was letting my ball position creep back in my stance for 3 wood and 7 wood. I didn't realize it until he said stop and look where your ball is in your stance right before I was about to start my backswing. I was lining up to the ball about where I usually would hit a 7 iron. I have had much better results lately since that was pointed out to me. Might want to double check that. Before he pointed that I was thinking the same things you were.... am I not sweeping, do I need to be steeper etc. Now I make double sure I have not let the ball creep back and then my usual swing thoughts.
  10. I think that's a case where you take your ESC. You would have been hitting five from the tee, so to mark down 5 makes no sense. Again, it's not that you didn't play the hole under the rules… it's that the best score you could have gotten from there would be a 6, and that's certainly not the most likely score you would have achieved. Even if you "birdie" with that last ball, you're getting a 7, which is probably your ESC anyway.
  11. Of course, I don't know your individual situation, but I hit the ball fat when I decelerate. I get too intent on what is about to happen at the bottom of the down swing, and I wind up decelerating my hand swing. I can get around it by focusing more in accelerating my hand swing and paying less attention to where the club head is. The club will straighten itself out. I don't need to help it by decelerating. Some people seem to think they need to help the club "whip" by slowing down at the bottom of the down swing. At least, I used to think that. Perhaps you could try not focusing on where the club head is going to hit the ground and let your hands swing all the way around. Focus on good body rotation, weight shift, acceleration, etc. Don't focus on the ball or on the ground. Focusing on a spot on the ground might be causing you to decelerate. I still hit fat sometimes, but so do the pros. I saw several fat shots in the Tour Championship yesterday.
  12. As per the specs on XR irons, the stock shaft lengths are: 6i = 37.875" PW = 35.75" AW = 35.50" SW = 35.25" So, your 6I + 1" now is 38.875" long. If you have already extended these two wedges 1" also, then you would extend their shaft length by 2". If you have not already extended your wedges, you would be increasing the shaft length by 3". A couple of things to consider: Shaft length + loft helps determine how far a given golf club will launch the ball. If you make the wedge shafts 2 to 3 inches longer, you likely will get yardage compression. You might get a PW that flies longer than your 9i. Safety factors: The clubsmiths at GolfWorks do not recommend extending non-putter shafts beyond 1". You run the risk of creating shear points, with club possibly coming apart. If you like longer shafts in the short clubs, try the single-length irons.
  13. I would have loved to have played with Brian. That is a very nice course, one I'm sure I'll play again even with 1 hour drive.
  14. Did you see any of @bkuehn1952 gnarled and broken clubs hanging from trees or at the bottom of the ponds?
  15. Stretch string between two knitting needles. Line up under the string and hit puts along that line. You'll know right away whether you push or pull them.
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    • Having shot a bunch of 107s, I figured it'd be a good idea to submit a card, so I went out with two folk I've never played before (my normal playing partner is away for a week), and had them mark my card.  Of course, I turned in my first performance ever... 116!  Several blow-up holes, and some times where I got into trouble by being aggressive to try to make up for bad holes.  But also some really good stuff into the mix.
    • Day 5: 15 mins half swings with a 7I, trying to focus on weight forward, especially on downswing.  I have an in-built habit of lurching onto my back foot... which I'm trying to reprogram.  I found my low point control was difficult, and my brain worries about hitting the ground at all, which contributes to the weight forward problem.
    • Still can't seem to get the clubhead on the ball. Shanks, slices, topping the ball. The last 3 days scores have been 87, 85, 85. I had to take myself out of competitive play for the foreseeable future. Especially the team events. When you're listed as the 'A' player, and you are scoring like the 'C' or 'D' player, you bring the whole team down. Which brings up another point (question). Is the new handicap system really fair. My lowest index for the year has been 6.5. Right now my index is an 8.8. After today's round, it's telling me that I should be at a 9.6 index tomorrow, which hits the 3 point soft cap. If I'm going to keep scoring the way I am, the max my handicap index can be is a 11.5, which is the 5 stroke hard limit, but wouldn't necessarily be reflecting my game at that time. 11.5 index reflects a score of 78. There is no way I can compete against people if I'm still shooting 85-92, so I'll have to stay out of competitive golf until I can get my game back.
    • Day 57.  Got my priority piece from Evolvr!  It involved a drill at the wall and some very slow backswings -- like 5s was desired, and I'm trying to slow it down that much.  I spent 30 minutes on that today, might have hit a total of 10 balls in that time.  Indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls.  But most of it was backswing with a club or at a wall without so much as a club. 
    • Not sure this is on topic. I have no problem with untargetted general mood swearing. Passive aggressive horseshit is 10x worse.  We don't swear in front of kids (yet) but have not shielded them from TV profanity. Don't see the point. They are very socially aware at 13 and 11 and understand context. My mom is one of the kindest people I know. But if didn't swear as much as she did (she's cooled off quite a bit), stress would have killed her 30 years ago. 

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