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  1. I had the opportunity to visit @iacas in Erie and spend some time working on my game so I wanted to document my notes here for reference. I'm not going to put them all here, because there is a lot, but these are the main ideas. First of all, thank you Erik for your hospitality, I think we made a lot of progress and I have a good understanding of my swing now and the things I need to work on to get my scores down in the future. Here's my takeaways: Practice slower My tendency is to swing too fast when I'm trying to incorporate changes. Erik would tell me to swing at 50%, I'd try the move, and we both would agree that was probably more like 90%. So from now on, I really need to focus my practice sessions on working slowly to do the move right. Jason Dufner is my spirit animal Or he should at least be the swing picture I'm working towards, especially when referencing how compact his swing is and how his right elbow works The first day we spent most of the time working on my takeaway, getting the club to work more up...and then working on my right elbow starting down by moving towards the ball (not just down) and in front of me, in order to get the shaft to lay down. A lot of drills, slo-mo swings with a few training aids, etc.. Here is me exaggerating the feel on the takeaway: A before and after showing the right elbow concept As we were working on these two items, a couple of other issues started to clear up some without addressing them directly. I was keeping my head more steady as I started the downswing and I was retaining more secondary axis tilt. Also, my hands weren't rolling over so fast in the forward swing after impact. Here is where I'm hoping to get to in the backswing: We also spent some time working on my pitching the first day. I got a better feeling for the concepts from the instructional thread about pitching on the site. Practiced feeling the club fan open and under the plane a little and feeling gravity do a lot of the work to let the club fall back on the ball. Also touched on setup for these short shots. Day two we added in a couple setup tweaks: Also added a feel of keeping the chest pointed at the ground. This is me exaggerating but shows the feel of not retracting the right shoulder, this also helped shorten the swing and keep the right elbow in check. We made a couple of tweaks to the setup with the driver too. I was a little too tall and had the ball too far back in my stance. Later we worked on my putting and I thought this part was really cool. I seemed to do ok aiming my current putter, we made a small tweak but the main objective was to create a little overspin. Also, I had a tendency to have the putter accelerate slightly after impact. We worked on having the putter rise a little through impact with a little more forward press/shaft lean feel or "float loady" feel. I am glad I was able to make the trip and now more motivated than ever to try and make the changes necessary to improve.
  2. Thats one of the main things i took away from the S&T book, As a fellow glasses wearer theres nothing worse than trying to hit a blurry white blob on the ground . I was always told that not keeping the chin up stopped a full shoulder turn and i suppose if you are trying to keep the flex in the trail knee and restricting the hip turn like a lot of instructions claims you have to do then it may prevent it. Thing is, you dont have to drop the chin that much to be able to see the ball. I get people saying i should get laser eye surgery but there are 3 resons i cant 1. My eyesight apparently "isnt bad enough" despite being blind as a bat! 2. Still pretty pricey and not gauranteed to last 3. Lasers!! last thing i want is a wannabe Bond villain shooting lasers into my eyes . I hate anything touchng my eyes so this would be the worst!
  3. After 8 years away from golf when I was just learning, I've started back up again. New equipment, lessons, etc. Yesterday, after 8 years away, I went to the driving range. Just like riding a bike, nothing had changed. Topped shots, slices, a few good chip shots. Just like riding a bike. Lol! Looking on the bright side, I've got all winter to solve these issues. I had fun though. I'll be ready by the time spring shows up.
  4. Sure but is he driving it past Chuck Norris?
  5. I also think he can bench 145, but he's definitely not a big guy. His wide is more buff than him. . . http://www.playerwives.com/golf/bubba-watson-wife-angie-watson/
  6. They're all good clubs. I played Mizuno MP30s for about 7 or 8 years, and now I'm on my 4th year (I think) with Titleist AP2 714. Lots of good players use some degree of "player-improvement", so its not critical to buy a pure blade. Probably most important is to hit them all before buying, especially if you can try out the various available shafts, especially if you can do a comprehensive fitting. As for wear, you're going to cause wear when you practice and play. Its inevitable, the only way to keep your clubs new and shiny is to put them in a closet. Go ahead and play, don't worry about wear, Oh, I almost forgot, welcome to TheSandTrap!!!
  7. Here's my suggestion: tilt your head down so you're looking at the ball out of the center of your eyes and through the center of your glasses, not below the frames. Seriously, if you're looking near the bottom of your frames, you're doing it wrong. Glasses wearer here…
  8. They can. If you launch the ball too high with too much spin. Then lowering the loft a degree or to can help out a small amount.
  9. here it is... Literally my biggest pet peeve in all of anything.
  10. This last 2 weeks i took holidays from work to compete in 2 (inter)national tournaments and my club´s championship. It was the first time i did this, all the tournaments where played less than one hour from my home so i didn´t have to travel. The holidays started on the 28th of october and ended yesterday 12th of november. This is a summary of what and where i played. My handicap it´s 1 but trending to 3 :(. Oct 28 Sat: Club´s Championship Qualifier at my home course. 1st round, shoot 74 (index 70). Oct 29 Sun: Club´s Championship Qualifier at my home course. 2nd round, shoot 73 (index 70). Won by 5 strokes. Oct 30 Mon: Rest Day Oct 31 Tue: Practice day on the range. Nov 1 Wen: Practice day for the TailHade International Cup at Los Lagartos Country Club, Par 71, Rating 73,3. Stroke Play, 4 rounds. Nov 2 Thu: 1st Round for the TailHade Cup, shoot 80. Nov 3 Fri: 2nd Round for the TailHade Cup, shoot 75. Miss cut by 3 strokes. Nov 4 Sat: Club´s Championship at my home course. Quarterfinal, I won 6&5 and shoot +4 against a 11 handicapper. Nov 5 Sun: Club´s Championship at my home course. Semifinal, I won 6&5 and shoot -2 against a 5 handicapper. Nov 6 Mon: Rest day Nov 7 Tue: Practice day for the "Nacional por golpes" (same field as in the tailhade cup) at Argentino Golf, Par 72, Rating 72,3. Stroke Play, 4 rounds. Nov 8 Wen: 1st Round for the "Nacional por golpes", shoot 78. Nov 9 Thu: 2nd Round for the "Nacional por golpes", shoot 80. Miss cut by 3 strokes. Nov 10 Fri: Practice round at my home course. Nov 11 Sat: Club´s Championship at my home course. 36-holes Final. Won 7&6, hole 30th. Shoot +2 (+4 first 18th holes, -2 last 12 holes) Nov 12 Sun: Stroke play at my home course, shoot 68 (index 70,8) Played 14 rounds over 16 days, i´m so tired but happy! I will definively do it again next year when this international tournaments take place. Did you have this kind of holidays or this amount of rounds played in just 2 weeks?
  11. Like u, i like to test on the range different club path a face angles in orther to produce a consistent type of ball fligth. I ve been doing this in the last 2 years. Before that i always played a pull-fade with an outside to inside swing path with a square face at address. At this moment my most consistent shot it´s a push-draw with an inside to outside swing path, hit down on the ball with a closed face. This works perfect for my mid to short irons. But long irons fly really low and i want to hit up on the ball with driver so this isn´t an option. So i have to have 2 swings, that´s not ideal. The other problem is that it´s hard to close the face of the club exactly the same degres every time in orther to be consistent. How i solved it? with a stronger grip. I make a practice swing and stop at the ball, I look at the face angle and regrip the club in orther that the club it´s perpendicular to the target, my swing always make the face angle to be open at impact. That´s it. with that new grip i know that my hand will close the face of the club the exact amount i need in order to hit the draw. I tried it hitting it down and up on the ball and works like a charm with every club in the bag. Keep trying new things till you get the results you want.
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    • As someone who plays roughly 6 month of the year with rain gear I feel qualified to say, most, if not all rain gear is an enormous struggle to fit.    Let’s start with pants. They are ALWAYS too long with a waist that is not matching, usually too small. Foot-Joys pants are lousy elastic in the waist and I have to wear a clip at the bottom to avoid dragging my pants all over the golf course. Nike has the best in my opinion. Sizing is easier and not ridiculously long length.    Jackets rarely offer much “give”. Most are hard to swing in. I have purchased the $250 top of the line, same problem. I recommend undersizing as many of the good brands will do a fair amount of stretching. Foot-Joy when undersized is good, also I like Nike undersized also. Nike has quite a bit of give and is the best in my opinion.  I also have an Under Armour that gives nicely too.    I don’t like pullovers but that is probably personal preference. Hard to get on and off easily. Don’t get me started on zippers. Foot-Joy has nice zippers, everyone skimps there and it is the first place the jacket begins to break down. 
    • Augusta National giving patrons rare chance to purchase merchandise online For the first time, Augusta National is offering online shopping -- but only to patrons who are on... Seems like all of us could find someone with tickets and get Masters gear. I had a friend go in 2010 and my hat could use an upgrade. 
    • Sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing the opportunity @cipher  Particularly your accommodations, that is awesome.    Similar to @DaveP043 I am in interested but undecided camp. I would like to keep an eye on it as it gets a little closer. 
    • Sweet!  I’ll update the list in the morning.
    • I’m in. My wife gave me the go ahead, and I’m committing before she changes her mind. 😛

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