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  1. PCC was the site of two US Opens in the early 20th Century, on a nine hole course that still exists. AW Tillinghast built their first 18 hole track in 1921, one of the finest layouts in the Philly region. I used to caddie there back in the 60's and 70's. They have built another great 18 hole track in the last 10 years, but the old course is still be better golf course IMO.The club is now spending a small fortune to reconstruct the old course, using 21st Century technology to upgrade the greens complexes and the overall turf conditions. You can keep up with their progress on the Greens Super's blog. http://philacricketgm.blogspot.com/ Time lapse photography of the updating of an almost 100 year old green complex (5th green). This green was tilting so badly that there were very few usable pin placements any more. Everything ran off to the right. An explanation of how the reconstruction will improve the green.
  2. It's research from Sasho MacKenzie and his student. The tweet below summarizes it. Here's the article
  3. I am of the opinion that one grip does not fit all golfers. It's what ever grip returns the club face to it's set up position. I don't believe all golfers hands react the same during the down swing into impact. I may be wrong, but it's still my belief. My grip is more neutral, with maybe a little, slight lean towards strong. The line between my thumbs, and first finger points just a little left my sternum at set up. (very little) I couldn't tell you where that line points at impact, but I assume it's close to my set position. I remember something I read decades ago about an "1/8 inch rule". How it worked was the golfer would set up to the ball. Once set up the golfer would make their swing, and note the ball flight. If the ball flight was acceptable, the golfer had a grip that matched their set up, and impact position. If it didn't, the golfer would continue using the same set up position, and down swing. The only thing the golfer would change was their grip position. They would turn their hands in 1/8" increments, one way or the other, until they found their grip that matched up with their set up, and down swing, impact position. Depending on the golfer, they might have weak, neutral, or strong grip. Maybe even something in between those 3 positions. Years later I read something similar where the golfer kept the same set up, grip, and down swing. The only thing they changed was to either open, or close the club face at address to match their grip, set up, and down swing. This seemed a simpler method to me. I still check myself using this method. fwiw....
  4. Going along with what you're saying here, I think that the ultimate goal with feel is to make it real, and we can absolutely do that with the right understanding of what reality is while at the same time being armed with the specific knowledge of what's wrong and how to fix it. Those who gets this concept wrong again and again are often people operating on a very remedial level of thinking. And that remedial level of thinking is all too often coupled with an inflated sense of one's knowledge of the game. Throw in a large dose of hubris and an inability to take constructive criticism, and you have one of the many reasons why this thread needs to exist. Certainly though most people when presented with this information come around quickly as to its truth. And when they see their swing on video for the first time, that's typically enough to be fully on board that in fact what they are feeling and what is actually happening are two entirely different things. But what do we do from there once we realize that feel isn't real? Well, we use it to our advantage of course! If we know that what we are feeling isn't what we are actually doing, then with video, Trackman, and a qualified instructor we can adjust or calibrate our feel into what we want, and thus (eventually) producing a better golf swing. The first time a slicer hits a draw for example is often a revelatory moment: "That's what a draw feels like??"
  5. Umm what? This thread is all about how feel ain't real and what you think may be happening probably isn't, and your response to @klineka's post about how he feels a movement that isn't actually happening on video is a story of your own unsubstantiated feels that you think affected your swing... Maybe your feel changed your swing or maybe you just got into a rhythm after a while and just started timing everything better, resulting in better shots. How would you know? Feel ain't real. I'll add my own example: all of my swings feel like arm swings. I rotate naturally without thinking about it. If I had to describe my swing, my hands go up along the target line, then they come down.
  6. Here are a few shots from July 2nd when I got to play my first Pro course, TPC Scottsdale Stadium.
  7. Here is my first attempt at a course vlog. It was just a local par 3 course by my house. Went out for some practice and decided to take my gopro with me. Missed the footage of my putts on one of the holes, and ended up filming 4 out of the 9 holes. I just had the gopro on a bendable tripod and just sat that on my driver/3 wood headcovers in my golf bag. Ended up shooting a 30 overall for a +3 on 9 holes. On the holes I filmed, in order I got birdie, par, bogey, birdie (this 2nd birdie was a pretty lengthy putt and even got a little fist pump from me) Hope you guys like it!
  8. iI'm going to my grave with this but golf is a game and therefor you play a game.You don't tennis you don't football you don't basketball- you PLAY these games you morons.These games became sports due to public demands but you don't tennis you don't baseball -you play these games.There is no argument to refute this and I challenge anyone to do so.You play a game like golf and anything other interpretation is invalid.Webster is wrong and they won't respond to me because they can't defend their moronic internal limits
  9. There is also an article at golfclubatlas.com written in 2007 from a member who was lobbying to get the intrusive trees removed. http://www.golfclubatlas.com/in-my-opinion/a-cry-for-the-golf-course-by-gib-carpenter/ He apparently won that argument because they removed almost every tree from the property a few years ago, even before they approved the restoration. The course is light years better without the trees, and I can't wait to play it after the restoration. Very exciting developments.
  10. Time lapse video of the restoration of a cross hazard area on a par 5 that was part of the original design but had been lost over the years.
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    • Thanks for the input @boogielicious.   I've seen, but not in detail, the COVID drills,  I'll take a closer look at them.  You also mentioned the "Towel Drill", is this what you are referring to? It was posted by @mvmac a few years back on TST.
    • No one started out being a "scratch" golfer...……  Be the kind of person you would want to play along with...... I prefer to play with people that are better than me - I find that tends to make me play better.
    • I’d love to see a picture of the MacGregor chipper, if you get a chance. The argument against chippers seems to have a couple of main themes. First, “It’s a single purpose club that takes up one of the 14 slots allowed by the Rules.” True, but we carry two other single purpose clubs and I don’t see a movement to start putting with a driver, even thought the lofts are similar. The other, “Real golfers don’t carry chippers!”, seems to imply some kind of group consensus of what a club set is supposed to consist of; but I gave up trying to run with the pack in my 50’s. 😊
    • No guesses as to whether it'll survive, but I would think whether it does or not, streaming is going to be more prevalent. Despite the problems with Peacock and the USO, maybe they're going to broadcast some tournaments via Peacock? I don't see the COVID situation changing drastically anytime soon and with the uptick in people golfing, you'd figure there would be a chance to capitalize on that but that's not happening AFAIK.

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