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  1. Wow - first post here since October. It's been a tough few months for golf - I just haven't had (or made!) any time to practice or play. I took a trip up to Erie today to work with Erik a bit and get some momentum back on my game. It felt good just to screw around at Golf Evolution for a few hours hitting balls and swinging a club. Based on the couple videos we took, my work on the "stab" piece has led to good results; my impact position was definitely improved. Since it will be another month before I have time to devote to focused practice, we just worked on a single backswing piece that I can practice at home for a few minutes each day. The goal is to bring my hands inside more on the takeaway, with a hinge "up" rather than "in". This results in an overall steeper backswing, with a shallowing move at the start of the downswing to keep the club working in-to-out.
  2. My thought is: does it matter? You do the best you can with what you’ve got. Enjoy the game and enjoy the learning process. You can even learn how to learn better as you go(which I think many miss out on). If I were to say, “gee, I’d have guessed you would be in 70s by now,” would you now set about learning golf differently? Or if I said you were fine, would you stop trying to figure out if you are learning effectively? I think you should constantly strive to improve in a smarter way, regardless of others’ opinions. And yes, by the way, your progress has been pretty solid!
  3. This is over a year old, but I thought this was pretty fun. Tiger club twirls compilation:
  4. Not a bad round. But I know what you mean.... we can do so many things right and there always seems to be something in a round that holds us back.
  5. Come on, man! Everyone said this guy was done. That he should retire and do something else. He just beat world no.1 Dustin Johnson by eight shots over four days! How am I grading on a curve?
  6. If its worth anything, you beat the snot out of me in the putting regard today. I choked out a 39-putt round. It was insane. For the first time in a month I hit my driver well. Hit some greens. Had GIRs and three-putt more times than I'd care to recall. Turned a low-80s round into a 92.
  7. BTW, this is what happens when you try to add "intent" and things to the rules. This is what happens when the "that's so unfair!" people get too much influence. This rule was modified slightly in the 2012 rules. http://www.ruleshistory.com/rules2008.html http://www.ruleshistory.com/rules2012.html Note that this is different in the 2019 proposed rules, too: Hideki definitely deliberately stepped there.
  8. Damn he's 4-under thru 8 right now with an eagle? Pretty cool. Looking forward to those highlights when they post them to Youtube. Rips it down the middle on the par-5 ninth. Sweet. Tiger looking at his swing on video tomorrow morning on the range:
  9. Yes and the good news John is that you practiced the earlier stuff well enough that you owned it. You didn’t revert to some previous and worse swing. It was pretty much where you left it. Great job.
  10. I was running through this thread and your statement caught my eye. I am of the belief that we need to manage the idea, pervasive among golfers, that "there is something wrong" (with me, my swing, my clubs, etc.). You are probably much better than you think. You might consider improving the mental aspects of the game, along with coaching, practice and play. Also sometimes the right words or pictures can open vistas. As an old guy returning to golf, I really like the book "Breaking 100, 90, 80" published by Golf Digest. I too am having to take an enforced break due to injury. That little book and some others have helped keep my golf imagination alive. Best wishes, -Marv
  11. I am much better , thanks RJN12 !! After a month off I am slowly returning to golf, just some putting and chipping practice, no full swings yet. Cheers on that fresh start in 2018 !
  12. The other thing people forget as they question the 10 seconds or so that it takes to get precise yardage information with a laser, is the consequence of not having that information. Even a relatively small misjudgment can result in extra strokes, which take significantly more time than what would have been spent getting the accurate info in the first place.
  13. For those who haven't seen the video: That is pretty bad. Not a huge fan of his "intent" getting him out of a penalty there.
  14. The need/desire to know your distance to the pin, the green, a cross hazard, or any number of other features has always been an important part of the game. Rangefinders speed that process up dramatically. As such, I believe that they also contribute to overall faster play. Slow play is caused by slow players...
  15. Hi @all I am in a very similar situation, started playing 3 months ago, almost always in the driving range and in a small pitch and putt course. My few attempts at a full 18 hole course were very disapponting, scoring between 144 and 153. I was having lessons , and practicing A LOT!!! I mean, going to the range 3 or 4 times a week , usually 150 balls each session... after a few weeks my back / ribs started to hurt, and instead of resting, I was taking ibuprofen and playing even more... At 39 years old, this didn’t come free...the result is two broken ribs, and at least two months away from golf. So my advice is...take it slow and enjoy yourself!
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