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  1. I picked Hideki. I used to ride a Hodaka, which sounds kind of similar, and have a lot of Japanese power tools.
  2. 2 points
    I use BAM (video delay) IOS app (for apple devices). I use this at home, I mount an ipad on a tripod and setup the video behind me. The app "films" you and then the actual video is delayed (I set it for 3-8 seconds depending on the club) so after you swing you can turn to the ipad (what I use) and see the swing you just took. This way I don't have to stop and press rewind and start it again. Very easy to use.
  3. Due to a Forum Leader flagging a member as a spammer, and thus temporarily (until I was able to rectify the situation) hiding all of that member's content and banning him from the site, I've removed the "Flag as Spammer" capabilities from all but the Moderator and Administrator groups. I'm assuming that, for now, it was an accident.
  4. Please, do. From what I've seen so far, you don't actually know them, and if you do, you're not actually sharing your ideas. You've studied his swings and come up with your own theories as to the things he does, but you've never met him or attended his clinics, correct? It seems as if you're just trying to pick other people's brains for information without providing much of your own.
  5. X2 Hot and AP2 irons are much different kind of clubs. AP2 is a player's cavity with some forgiveness while the X2 Hot is more of a game improvement iron. The X2 Hot will fly higher, longer and be more forgiving on off center hits than the AP2 710. @Riggins44, what's your handicap?
  6. Welcome to TST! What is the nature of your ball-striking problem? Is it an end of summer problem, or a multi-season problem? As far as comparisons go, the heads have similar ratings on the Maltby Playability Factor. AP2 MPF = 548 and X2Hot MPF = 589. Both fall into middle-of-road Game Improvement category for user-friendliness. Further, we would need info other than the clubheads in question: What score/how much over par do you shoot on average? Were you fitted for the AP2 710? How far do you hit your AP2 7i? What are the shafts and flexs for the AP2 and X2Hot irons. The X2Hots are not a good deal if they don't fit your swing. Some mix of swing review and iron fitting would be in order.
  7. Ok here is my attempt to ignore the BS and get the thread back on topic. Just discussing Mac's swing and his preferences. Thanks, yes I agree on your take. Per Mac the club is either on the hands for CP or slightly in for CF. Also the "closed stance" is only slightly closed, a couple inches. He likes about 100-110 at P3 caddy view. Be careful with that. He's about as "on plane" as you'll find. Shaft traces the baseline. Vintage Mac swing here. Low hands, club slightly inside the hands at 2 and then a slight shift out on the downswing. Mac liked the low hands because he felt it helped him not get too far in and under with the early set/fold to 2. Radius Lock Also @Yff Theos notice how the stance is square.
  8. @Yff Theos-I do not think you know very much about Mac, and you are only sticking around because deep down you know that people here know more than you and you can learn from them-But you are so stubborn that you can not get past that. What Mac did from P1 to P2 has almost no relevance on what happens through the rest of the golf swing. And if you are trying to use Mac as a means of teaching average players, then HA HA HA HA. That is a horrible idea-And you will not give many lessons after awhile because of it. It seems to me you are issued warnings for repeatedly saying off topic shit and continuing to talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Mac and his theories.-Like that post right there that I quoted. Put me in the-I bet you can not answer those points WITH EASE-camp. Uh, I saw the post, and I still see the post. It is off topic so it is not in this thread-but it is elsewhere on the site. Do you realize how many times TODAY you have been wrong about this stuff.
  9. Mac didn't win more because of two things and one was not ball striking. He was a horrific putter and he had no game management on how to score.
  10. This was covered years ago when this guy had just 2 days to learn
  11. The other point is "Who knows about Mac's current theories?" If you know, do what Iacas asks. Discuss them because no one seems to know his current contributions to the game.
  12. There's so much wrong with that comment that it's simply not worth the time - and I'm snowed in, currently, and looking for any excuse not to snowblow another 12" of snow from today alone - to respond as I usually do. I'll simply say: Mac is not the authority on what is or isn't good about instruction. That video doesn't exist, because, duh, why would it? I never claimed to be better than Mac, or put myself on a pedestal. I simply said I wear multiple hats, and have contributed more recently than Mac. I wrote that Mac hasn't contributed anything in decades. Has he? You can't/won't answer. He hasn't. You don't know squat about me, man. That's particularly evident if you think I have friends in S&T. That's comical for reasons you can't even begin to understand. You're still wrong about the knees. You've never shared your name. I do with every post. Man up. Who are you? If modern golf instruction is "ridiculous" in many ways, that'd be something to talk about! That's a great topic! Discuss that! Talk about that! But you don't. I'm close to permanently banning you. You're contributing nothing - you're just being an ass. You're not asking questions, you're not sharing or discussing theories. Not lately. You're not respectful of the work I've done, the information I've shared. You're not open minded to the experiences I've shared - and that many, many others have backed, so it's not like it's just me. You're an ass, and all because we didn't deify a dude who contributed some things to golf quite awhile ago and who had and has his flaws, too. So… why are you still here? Because if it's just to take shots at me, then go away. For the last time: get back on topic. Hint: this entire last few lines of conversation is NOT "getting back on topic."
  13. I am going to be an optimist and join the group with the hope of getting to 100 by year-end 2018. Started playing in July/August 2017, and although I played very often for 4 months only made marginal progress, partially due to a lot of injuries. After a particularly bad one in (ripped shoulder muscle), and a sprained thumb from skiing decided to take a break until all my injuries are healed. But my strategy for 2018: Play only short courses until May, obsessively practice shortgame and putting, and learn to hit my driver (I am a woman, so need the extra yards) and take breaks if in any pain. And relax and enjoy! Wishing everyone a great sub-100 2018.
  14. I see that you are pretty new @TTGolf77 so you might not know that we have discussed this only about 50 times. An instructors playing ability or swing quality (whatever that means) has no bearing on their capability to teach. Butch Harmon is a great teacher (determined mostly by Golf Digest or whatever) and his swing is fine but isn't that great compared to his star students. Foley, swings decently enough but not that great compared to Justin Rose. There's just no correlation. So this means the conversation needs to be about the information that is being discussed here. If you disagree with one of @iacas points, great point it out. Don't like something @mvmac pointed out regarding some of the great things Mac learned early on again have a go, but no conversations about their swings. There is tons of information already in this thread worth debating we don't need to debate someone's swing.
  15. I've been reading this thread and would just like to say this to iacas and mvmac: You both seem dismissive about mac's knowledge of the swing but I've seen both of your swings on here and youtube. You both aren't holding your lag nearly as well as mac does and you both wish you had his clubface control through impact. If you think you know more about the golf swing because you have 3D modeling, etc, you are severely mistaken. If you want to argue with me on this point post really clear high speed videos of your swings, you just aren't doing it right. If you had superior knowledge on the subject your swings wouldn't be so bad.
  16. I think when evaluating anything Mr. Pelz says, its important to remember that he's made his living teaching short game stuff. From what I've read, he started 30 or 40 years ago, before the age when proper statistics were available, and the prevailing wisdom DID put a huge emphasis on short game. He chose that as his specialty, and has probably done a lot of valuable research and experimentation in that field. But he has to market his work. Of course he's going to look for evidence that says the short game is hugely important. He's going to interpret whatever statistics he finds in a way that makes the short game seem important. He's selling his lessons, he's selling his books, he's selling online stuff. To a huge extent, he's a salesman. Don't be surprised when he says that HIS specialty is the most important specialty in golf, that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
  17. There were other force-users on the dark side that are not considered to be true Sith. The Sith have the Rule of Two, but even that is followed more in letter than in spirit, and bent as needed according to the whims of the master. For example, Asajj Ventress in The Clone Wars, the animated series which is considered to be canon, was a Dark Jedi but technically not Sith. She was trained by Darth Tyranus (Count Dooku) while the latter was an apprentice of Darth Sidious (Palpatine). She's not considered a Sith Apprentice, though, so the rule is "observed". The Sith and Jedi orders were just factions, too. There were light side users who weren't part of the Jedi Order and dark side users who didn't follow the Sith doctrine, for whatever reason. Not everybody likes having lots of rules . This stuff also gets really blurred as a lot of it is extended universe stuff that was described in the books but all deemed non-canon by Disney, so nobody really knows what is real or not anymore. It's entirely possible that Snoke was just a powerful Dark Jedi who found an opportunity in the power vacuum to swoop in and take over. Like I said earlier, he was a plot device whose sole purpose was to push and then be betrayed by Kylo Ren so that he could become Supreme Leader. Snoke was just a generic bad guy with superpowers; I don't really care what his backstory is. I agree with what Rian Johnson says here. Fans didn't know about Palpatine's backstory in the original trilogy, either. Inserting a scene about Snoke's would have killed the pace of the movie and would have generally been out of place. We don't see the scenes from his point of view at all - we have no insights into his thoughts and conflicts - so it would be odd to see a flashback about him. That would leave it to him to reveal his story, which would also be odd: ok I'm going to kill you now, Rey, but first here is my life's story... weird, right? Or does he reveal himself to Hux or Kylo Ren? Both would seem out of character for him to do. Part of his mystique is his secrecy, telling his subordinates his past would serve him no purpose and might possibly reveal exploitable weaknesses. He's an all-powerful being to the audience and that's exactly who he needs to be to the First Order. Plus, revealing him to be Darth Plageuis or whoever would just be cheesy fan service. Both the Jedi Order and the Sith are dead. Nobody in the galaxy by that point in time would know who Plageuis was and the name would have no significance to any of the characters.
  18. I would be concerned about the sub zero. It is a low spin head. If your spin is naturally low, on miss hits the spin could drop to an unacceptable level and the ball falls out of the sky. I experience it with a Ping LS driver. Low spin is not necessarily better.
  19. Lihu


    Of course you get upset. Anyone who doesn't treat a lady like a lady on a golf course is pretty much ignorant. It would bug me if someone uses coarse language around my wife or daughter. I suppose if they utter an expletive under their breath at a bad shot, I wouldn't have any objections, but to use it in normal conversation is just plain dumb. There are many husband wife groups on my home courses. Most people are respectful of each other as it is and don't use foul language in normal conversation. Most of the better golfers don't even use could language. For some odd reason, the members of the men's club in my home town's course go way out of their way to use coarse language. It's really awkward, but only at their meetings which turned me and @hacker101 off to joining them.
  20. Ping g


    True but I like to golf with her! Just got to deal with it!!
  21. I like a lot of the videos AMG puts out, kind of a "common sense" look at the golf swing using Gears and Swing Catalyst. If anyone is wondering what the impetus is for a lot of their current content, check this out. At 1:49, Granato says, "If we want the shaft to steepen late, we want to steepen the hand path early and vice versa, if we want to shallow the shaft early, we want to steepen the hand path early." I'm a little confused to what this means but as @iacas said, the hand path moving out will shallow the shaft because of how the COM reacts to the direction of force. Agree with @iacas that the golfer's elbow positions and shaft orientations are playing a big role with what we're seeing with transition hand path. I agree with what the video is showing. I think a big part of it is due to where the golfer is at the top and early transition. With a lot of good players the left arm will stay adducted into the early transition so it would make sense the hand path won't be moving "out" a whole lot. As the body rotation starts to kick in more and the left arm starts coming off the chest the hand path will move more out and the club will shallow. I personally think a lot of this shallowing trend is overdone, I know some of it is exaggerated to drive home the point at A5 you want the shaft either pointed at the ball or a little outside of it. Saw they just posted Part 2, they had some good observations. Makes sense that if you have more torso rotation it's going to effect the hand path into and post impact. Someone with less rotation is going to have a more "down-the-line" release. I like that they point out you can have a very functional golf swing without being super open on the downswing. Take a look at Jack Nicklaus at impact, he has very different torso alignments to say Dustin Johnson or Jordan Spieth. Golfers have options.
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    • I like to practice the top of my backswing to A5 to keep things more dynamic, yea. Helps with a couple of things I’m working on.
    • Day 14 - straighter right arm w/5W.  Slower swings today trying to make good solid contact
    • Sorry, I couldn't add more information on the first post because it is locked. I have attached the image at impact [from the video] which shows chicken wing and flipping.  I started playing 20 years ago [in 2020] right after college with friends and coworkers help me with my swing. I took 4 lessons in around 2008 but it didn't help because I was too grooved with my bad swing. I shot anywhere from 84 (best round) to 104 in the last 15 years. I stopped playing in 2015 and returned to playing 2 months ago. Last month I played a 9-hole course twice before returning to an 18 hole course and shot 101 and 98 with many fat and thin shots. After taking lessons for the last 3 weeks I went out and shot 14 over for 16 holes last week before it turned dark and I was hitting the ball much better. I always hit the ball too high which kills my distance. Under pressure I aslo top and hit fat shots. I thought I have fixed many of my faults with 3 weeks of lessons but I am really surprised I haven't changed much watching myself on videos. Although I feel I make better contact with the ball right now. My instructor is trying to have me turn my left shoulder and point to the ball, have a bowed left wrist at the top of the backswing and more steep backswing to quiet my lower body which moves too much. I have 3 more lessons but I may add another 8 lessons after that. Many thanks,
    • Yes. The Day 5 COVID drill is the last part of this. @billchao does the transition part a lot to get the feel down

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