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  1. I voted for Jack. He was on top one hell of a lot longer than tiger. He has 18 majors, more than tiger. There has been very little or no drama off the course on Jack. Jack is the man.
  2. Congrats on your first round and your birdie.
  3. Well I finally did it. After months of lessons and trips to the driving range I finally got up the nerve to go to a golf course. By chance I stumbled on a women's "new to golf group". Non-competitive and very supportive group. I had a great time and can't wait for the next outing. It was a par 3 course that I'm sure many of you would sneer at, but for a first round it was great. I even got a birdie!
  4. I carried a 60* for awhile and found I did not use it all that much. I can open up my 56* if I need a little more height. I have only 12 clubs in my bag after I took out the 60* and my 3 wood that I no longer could hit consistently. If it does not work I take it out and put it away. In my estimation if you have a 58* you really do not need a 60*.
  5. Yes. You can't change the loft of the driver (it's fixed to the clubhead) by adjusting the hosel. What it does is change the angle the shaft goes into the head, which causes your club to be open or closed, which you would then rotate to square, effectively changing the loft. This video is a bit lengthy, but it explains how it works.
  6. I love my 60 degree. It is my primary choice around the greens unless a very specific situation calls for something different. I am starting to get pretty proficient at using it for high pitches and even chips that run.
  7. Yes. Increasing loft will have the head closed and may not even increase it a full degree. Decreasing loft opens the face. I've found that adjustment does gives you a higher or lower flight, so it does what it's supposed to do. If you adjust the grip on a closed face, that's a good question. Seems as if you are opening it. I don't like to adjust a driver more than 1 degree either way.
  8. Hey thanks! Yes, dreaming of getting back to the 3.5, but also wanting, perhaps the dreamer in me, to one day get to scratch. Silly hopes, tried to do it for 15 years when young and strong and couldn't. If it weren't for foolish hope, though, who would ever play this crazy game anyway?
  9. For accurate proper advice on your swing, I'd recommend posting a swing video with a ball.
  10. JonMA1

    Why the hurry?

    Not that this topic is anything new, but these are a couple of observations I've made in the last couple years. 1. Skill has less to do with it - other than the obvious... more strokes, lost balls. (When on a busy course, we don't spend much time looking for balls in the woods.) 2. Different folks have different definitions of ready golf or reasonable pace of play, but I suspect there are few on this forum who would purposely lallygag the way some folks do. 3. The duration of my solo rounds vary greatly for whatever reasons. But I can always increase my pace when I need to. My playing partner for most of 2017 is at least as poor a golfer as I am, but he plays fast. As a twosome, we regularly play 3 hr rounds (I walk, he rides), about the same as when I play solo. We "push" one another and two sets of eyes can actually speed things up. When I play with my son, our rounds tend to take a little longer than 3 hrs. When I've played in foursomes, those rounds are rarely under 4 hours. I don't know why... just more opportunities arise to slow the group down. But I can't worry about or control others, only myself. I have taken almost 4 hours for a solo round on an empty course, but have also walked 36 holes in 5 hours on an equally empty course. I can play fast when there is a need or desire to, but as long as I'm not holding others up, those two things aren't always present. Slower golf doesn't piss me off, people purposely screwing off does. There's a difference and you can tell when slow golfers are at least making an effort to play at a good pace. It doesn't matter that some foursomes regularly play 18 holes in 3 hrs. While that's impressive and takes not only desire, but coordination and skill with the entire group, it's not a standard that everyone has to - or will ever - conform to. On the other hand, holding up an entire busy course by playing slowly because you wan't to stop and smell the roses, or play grab-ass, or because it's your prerogative, is inconsiderate (not saying anyone here does that, but I have been behind those guys). Especially when there is no effort to let others play through. Seems like there should be a reasonable standard deviation between fast and slow, though I don't think it would solve much.
  11. I walked into Golf Galaxy today and explained what I've written here to an older gentleman. I brought my Maxfli 7 iron and 5 wood. After watching a couple hits with my Maxli's he told me my irons were too short and handed me a Callaway Steelhead 7 iron with 1" extended shaft. My 7 iron swing speed was 90mph so he recommended stiff shafts. Maxfli 7 iron reg flex: 180 avg carry, pretty unpredictable fade/draw. Callaway 7 iron steelhead stiff flex: 205 avg carry, consistent 5 yard draw. I was ecstatic but when I wanted to compare the Callaways to other irons I was told they didn't carry any other irons with 1" extended shaft. Everything else I hit felt like crap without that extension, and I know it was the extension that made the difference because he put a Ping head on a .5 extended shaft for me and I hit it just as well as the Callaways. I told him I'd search for extended 1" stiff irons online. We then moved on to a few woods. I hit a couple before finding a Taylor Made R15 5-Wood stiff shaft they had on clearance. Average carry distance was 255 and straight as an arrow and it just felt perfect. After less than 10 swings with it I walked up to the register and paid. So now I know I am in the market for 1" extended stiff shaft irons and I couldn't be happier. Any additional suggestions are appreciated!
  12. I've explained how it's done. Continue in your bubble that we must be running, not conversing, frantic and only focused on ourselves.
  13. While I don't see the need to rush out and buy a new driver every few years, I definitely think that you would greatly benefit for a more "modern" driver. The used section of your local golf shop or rockbottomgolf.com as @NM Golf suggested are great places to start. You can get something with A LOT more forgiveness for not that much money.
  14. You can find previous generation models or used drivers within your budget and they'll still be an upgrade over your Great Big Bertha. Technology has improved a lot in the last 25 years or so. There are a few articles out there of people comparing old drivers to modern ones, here's one: https://mygolfspy.com/callaway-epic-vs-biggest-big-bertha/
  15. I started playing again 4 or 5 years ago after an 8 year hiatus. Like you, I showed up with a GBB. The first club I replaced was the driver, and I have no regrets for that. I'm onto my second driver now and I can't tell you the last time I popped a ball up with my Ping G30, just doesn't happen. In addition, off center hits just don't punish you as bad. I'd seriously consider getting some of the newer technology if I were you ... imho.
  16. Well I played the GBB just like everyone else did about 18 years ago. I've been through about 9 drivers since then (plus 3 houses, 4 cars, and 1 wife). I think you will find the technological advances in drivers in the past two decades to be tremendous. Forgiveness alone between what you are hitting and a modern driver will be night and day. Not to mention if you fight a slice, the technology in modern drivers made to help straighten ball flight will be a huge help to your game. In short, yes you should switch to a driver produced in the past 5 years. There are many good ones out there that can be found in your price range. Look on rockbottomgolf.com, they have great deals on new and used drivers. Hope that helps
  17. His reviews will be late, though. No. As someone with my fair share of free stuff… it takes a LOT of work to write a solid review. A lot. It disrupts your normal game as you have to swap out your "gamer" for this club or clubs, you have to test it on launch monitors, you have to play with it in different conditions, take photos/film video, and then you have to compile all of that into several thousand words of writing (or a lengthy video). If you value your time at minimum wage, it's often cheaper to just buy the clubs you want.
  18. 2 thoughts. 1. TM doesn't do themselves any favors by refusing to provide Crossfield with product to review. 2. By "signing" with Titleist, Crossfield damages the perception of his impartiality in the reviews he conducts.
  19. Crap blizzard tomorrow...then brutal cold with 50 mph winds...wind chills around -20. First person in my group next year bitch that it's hot out gets a punch in the face...I dont care if they are over 80 either.
  20. I tried something similar once. She was a well seasoned bikini babe working on her tan out by her pool. I hit a really good ball. Just didn't see where it went. Later after a cup of coffee.......never mind.
  21. Jack also wasn't exactly known for his short game.
  22. I think a lot of people, myself included, with disagree with the idea that it's an "entirely emotional hypothesis". It's not an easy discussion, certainly, not does either side lack evidence for their point of view, but exclusively emotional it certainly is not.
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    • Like many, I think the PGA Tour's policy ties to the Olympic and WADA (?) policy.
    • Yesterday’s session. Didn’t have much time. Wanted to keep my feels/monitor where I’m at. Will have a proper session today. Goals 1. Post up into front leg. More up, less left through impact. 2. Monitor things for potential problem areas. 3. Hit good drives IRON SWING Got a little steep in transition. Will work extra hard on this all week. TWO DRIVER SWINGS I hit the driver a tad better focusing on goal number 1. (Posting up-less around) still not good enough. NOTES 1. Maybe my shoulder turn is getting a little flat in backswing? Might fiddle with it. 2. Work on more depth in transition. Will work slower in the next sessions. 3. Will continue driver work by hitting 4 or 5 7-irons in a row, then 1 or 2 drivers. This should help ingrain my swing fundamentals into the longer club. (That’s the plan anyways)
    • When you’re caught intentionally violating the rules by using a prohibited substance, how can you be “overly apologetic”? Maybe appropriately apologetic...
    • To be clear, I expect to be paired with someone else when I show up as a single, especially on the weekends.  I have no desire to play as a single behind loads of foursomes. But as someone who is new to the area, I just don't have regular playing partners to play with (I did before I moved so I am not a total loner/loser). So at one of these courses (the preferred one of course), which with good weather is generally totally booked from opening to at least 2 p.m., my choice is either to not play or to book as a twosome.  If you book a twosome, they have no problem booking another twosome at the same time. Why is pairing a single with a twosome or threesome so problematic. To also be clear, this is a city course.  My house is way above average value for the city, so I am paying much more than average taxes to support this course.  Yet I'm being denied access to public facilities for being a single.   And if you're a public course denying access to singles, you are missing out on business. Force pair them up (sometimes you meet people to play with next time) and if they book as 4 but are really 2, charge them for it (or maybe be better to tell them NEXT TIME you will have to charge them for it). 
    • I hit them for a night to see what they were like.  I really liked the feel of them.  Would probably go in my bag if I hadn't bought 765's in 2017.  Sending you a PM as well. Pulled a grip off the 5 iron and finally saw the etching on the 4.  These are a KBS Tour stiff shaft.

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