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  1. For a righty, upright will tend to start the ball more left. The opposite is true for flatter. Think about sidehill lies, with the ball above or below your feet. Same concept.
  2. I don't know - with the Epic, it is 10.5. I lower loft to -1 and put it in D setting to adjust lie. Seems to work fine. I don't pay attention to the opening or closing. Line it up and hit it. Golf is soooooo much in the head. Hit it and go. If you think it will go high, guess what - it will probably go higher. But whatever I do, it seems to have some effect on trajectory. I mean, I have maybe a 90-94 swing speed with a high launch, low spin shaft set the loft at 10.5 at -1 and D setting, and ball goes high. I pound that front foot into the ground, jump off it, and get the belt buckle into the sky to launch that sucker. And it does. Don't overthink it. I'd work more on technique than worry about a degree. Hit ball, see what ball does, adjust loft, hit ball, adjust, then hit ball, adjust lie if needed. Callaway has a video on its site about making adjustments if you have one of their drivers.
  3. I've golfed with flags doing that same dance. A 3 club wind is pretty much my limit. Even then, I am scratching my head thinking "why"? Just have to keep the ball low, and forget about putting well. Distance will be what it is. Rounds will take longer than normal. Sometimes knowing how to intentionally slice, and/or hook the ball actually comes in handy.
  4. Wow! The thing that strikes me the most is how tired I feel after a windy round.
  5. Posted the details in the wrong topic by accident... but here are the details on the new MTB balls. Fans of yellow will be happy!
  6. I think I'll stay home in those conditions..
  7. I think +1 on lie angle means it will draw more -- which is why Callaway has a "D" setting for draw.
  8. @cutchemist42 Exactly what @billchao said, the upright setting promotes more of a fade (left to right). This was not addressed when I was fitted. However, since I play my irons 2* up, I have on my own adjusted my hybrids and drivers to the upright position (I believe the upright position is 1* up for TaylorMade). If you push/lose shots to the right, it's worth experimenting with the upright setting. I haven't gained any distance from doing this by the way.
  9. I looked at your swing posted on January 1, and aside from that head bobbing up and down like those plastic birds they used to have back in our day that would "drink" from the glass, that's a pretty fair swing. Not a bad position at impact. It looks like if you can keep that head more quiet at the top of your backswing, you'd probably start making pretty clean contact and play much better than 22, assuming the short game is OK.
  10. My understanding is this: If you square the clubface after taking your grip, you are changing the trajectory (loft). If you take your grip and do not square the clubface (open or closed face at address) that is not changing the loft - that is only changing the shot shape. So as others have said here, you have to square the club face when you take your grip to change the loft. FWIW I don't mess w/ the lofts because I like to ground the club normally. I just want to eliminate as many variables to screwing up as I can. I do play it in the upright setting however, which does not change the loft, only the lie. BTW I also have an M2. Excellent choice.
  11. Rotate the grip to open and close the face as needed, same way you do with a wedge.
  12. I think you should not focus on the settings. For as far as I know Titleist is the only brand that can change lie and loft separately. When I was fitted for my 917 D3 I had 3 sessions. so before I bought I was on trackman 3 times and not on the same day. We could see my almost standard miss is a hook / snap hook. so we worked on that. my setting is D4 so some extra loft and a slightly open setting. Indeed you can see that the club face is just slightly open, but for me this makes me more confident that I will not miss left. I can change a weight sleeve in the back also, this is put in a fade setting also. This is what I was fitted for and I will not change the settings. To make things clear, this doesn't mean I can only hit fades of the tee, I'm still able to work the ball with a draws and fades. I needed to work very hard for that with my old woods. specially the fade was not easy. hope this helps
  13. mcanadiens

    NFL 2017-2018

    Never would have dreamed Jacksonville would manage that much offense against Pittsburgh after that Buffalo game. Best of luck against New England. Know that most of the country will be rooting for your side.
  14. Just take your normal grip, see what happens, and adjust if needed.
  15. Well i have to agree with you as we brits aren't the most exciting people around, however, when F1 was just Grand Prix racing around brooklands,,,,those were the days, the smell of leaded petrol, the sound of screeching tires and the constant fear of going through the pearly gates backwards in a flaming Bentley. Thanks to little old Bernie it was ruined. Now the Dakar thats a proper sport!
  16. You're just entering different categories. The question is "Greatest golfer of all time". You're stating: Greatest round of golf, greatest shot, greatest 'feats' if you will. Totally different topic. Tiger is, to this day, the greatest golfer that ever played. Period. Jack's 18 majors is a phenomenal accomplishment. But in Jack's early days his majors were much, much easier to attain compared to the fields Tiger faced from the very beginning of his career. In many of Jack's early wins, there might have been 5-10 players who really had any chance to win a major. The international field was next to nothing as well.
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    • Had an interesting round today. I've thought I've been struggling lately, but today, it all came around for an even round of 72. Easy to describe - birdied the first hold, pars on the next 16 holes, and bogeyed the last hole. 14 GIR's. Played it smart today, put it in the fairway, forget the pin position, just put it in the middle of the green, and putt smart. I hope I can keep that thought process.  
    • There are more things with numbers than tractors, ships, and Porsches…
    • I'm going with what the USADA and WADA think over what you think on this one. Sorry. It's a PED.
    • I'm generally not terribly interested in this, because I've learned over the years that people will read whatever tone they want into things, despite nearly every effort being made to not have any negative tone at all. This feeling of "negative tone" or "how" is increased (by the reader of the comments) when: the commentary uses a larger vocabulary. the commentary disagrees with the reader. the commentary (or commentator) has a confidence about it. Some posts hit the trifecta. I'm interested in the actual stuff being talked about, NOT about how various people can mis-read or insert their own tone, because, whether you like it or not, there's NO WAY to add tone to plain old text. Tone is almost entirely the reader's invention. And, this is the last we'll talk about "tone" or "how" or any of that here, because it's off topic and does nothing to help anyone actually get better at playing golf. Here's the thing… or things: You'd probably be better off with some palmar flexion, and a different/improved grip. Your definition of "successful" likely isn't at a high level. Your own "Member Swing" topic indicates you've been playing for a little over a year. Your version of "success" is quite different than the success a better player is looking to achieve. In other words, actively trying to roll the wrists is often a "band-aid" type thing for higher handicappers. I prefer that they learn the "better" and "longer-lasting" sort of way to square the face.

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