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  1. I'm not convinced Patrick Reed is not a bird.
  2. I tried a sleeve of these for the first time today. I liked them. I like a softer ball, and these have great feel off all clubs when struck well. Distance is good, and response is great around the green, considering I am a bogey golfer. I like the way they feel off the putter as well. I think I will try a dozen and report again.
  3. It really is true. In the iconic 1975 victory it was a 3 way shootout between Jack, Miller and Weiskopf. Miller and Weiskopf ended up with 3 majors between them. Compare that to the 2002 Masters where the 6 guys behind Tiger were ALL eventual MULTIPLE major winners, with an eventual total of 19 majors between them.
  4. I’ve got worse marks on my face than that. Not my club’s face...MY face.
  5. Yea my trunck does not get very warm up here. Hell we only get over ninety a few days a year.
  6. It's ugly for sure, but I don't think it will affect the club. I wouldn't try to fix it.
  7. That is amazing how still he keeps his head.
  8. check out edel putters. it’s pretty common for people to struggle with controlling distance with a putter. one of the first tests they do is have you stop a ball on a line and they adjust the weight and stuff until you’re on it or damn near it.
  9. Why would Tiger play any of the tournaments he doesn't win? I mean, if he's ready to go, he should skip any tournaments he's not going to win and he'll have a 100% winning percentage instead of the suck ass 25% he currently holds. GTFO.
  10. Just watch how still patrick reeds head is... That’s impressive.
  11. In the car first sign of spring and out once snow hits. You never know when a golfing opportunity might come along, so have to be prepared at all times.
  12. Happy it helped, just passing along good information 👍
  13. From this month's Golf Digest. WITB with Austin Cook, good example of how club pros were common in Jack's day.
  14. Some really bad examples this week: Dottie Pepper noticed, though:
  15. Thank you. To others, give this a try. Yes, it will feel awkward at first… but the benefits, the things you get "for free," are worth a little temporary "weird" feeling.
  16. So I've been struggling a little bit over the last couple of weeks with the game (HC is trending up, haven't been this high in a while). Just wasn't striking the ball very well. I was still scoring OK, but having to rely a lot on the short game from missing fairways and greens, but all scores were 78-82 range. Went out yesterday on the course trying to figure out what i was doing. Got behind our ladies Nine and Dine group, very slow, but allowed me to play around a little bit. Finally after a few holes of hitting it poorly, I was standing on our fourth tee and it dawned on me after a couple of shots. I looked at my stance and my feet were almost pointing in and then I remembered the foot flare from a TST thread and bingo, with the feet flared I started hitting the ball better immediately. Next 5 holes I flared the feet and what a remarkable difference. Number 6 our 195 yard par 3, I hit 4 balls and all were on the green, not sure I've hit that green 4 times in a row ever. Continued playing several balls on the rest of the holes and it was really quite remarkable how well I hit the ball. Played the second 9 with a buddy of mine and shot 36 with a lip out birdie from 8 feet and a three-putt. Thank you @mvmacand @iacas for all of the great tips!
  17. Ok...so I got all of he fringe pinned down...this is preliminary not final....ill be going back and pinning what I think needs more work. I have to say..with the fringe done i think it looks even better than when i initially finished the green. I also need more time to make the holes perfect but im happy so far and with the panels as the subbase i get consistent rolls. I also got an authentic sand trap rake..(since this is the sandtrap) ;)
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