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    • Clemson number one?  😱 They’re better than Oklahoma, but that’s all...
    • They should have thought of that when they decided to schedule Wofford, Citadel, and Charlotte for some of their nonconference games. Also I have a really hard time believing that a team that only put up 21 points and squeaked out a victory against UNC should be #1 over both LSU and OSU. Why do you think Clemson should be #1?
    • Who would you rather play...Clemson or Oklahoma...Clemson should be No. 1 but schedule prevents that. 
    • Today i did some wedge training 😄 it went realy good. if u guys got any tips feel free to post them 🙂      
    • initially, I had a huge problem with my slice...then I realized I wasn't hitting the ball straight on so I concentrated on getting the face around...it seemed to work...sometimes, i'll toe it, though :/...I do need to get more range time as opposed to playing.  100% agree on driver confidence...when I was hitting well, it made the rest of the game much more enjoyable (as less than stellar as it is 😉  ) but i'm new and still have a lot to learn.  i'll be taking some lessons soon...

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