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    • I’ve read that a 25% tariff on single malt Scotch and Irish whiskies goes into effect in a few days (October 18). Anyone going to buy a few bottles ahead? If so, which? Or switch over to blends or American alternatives?  
    • Course handicap. Not handicap index.
    • I have started keeping a handicap on my own with a spreadsheet that I created in open office. I just finished my 10th recorded round today which popped my cap up to 19.7 from the 16.0 that it was from my best round. The question I have is about what my ESC should be as the USGA doesn't specify on their site when it comes to tenths. As I am in between the 10-19 and 20-29 categories that they list, which do I use? Do I round up my 19.7 to a 20, or is it considered a 19 by that system? Thanks for any answers given. Cheers
    • IIRC you were playing 4-5 nine hole rounds a week with little improvement. Was that you? If so, glad to see that you are implementing the practice more. I myself have gone the other way. With pool league starting up, I pretty much have only been playing. Hopefully I can get a couple of range sessions in this week, as it's something that I have missed these last 3 weeks or so.
    • Day 471 The practicing yesterday, which was the overall best in months, so I was ready for today. Had time to play 9. Mainly Par 4, with 2 Par 5 and only one Par 3.   My drives are where I noticed a solid from the last time.  I gained ~ 7  yard improvement on my drives with good loft and sold direction.  I was often well in position to go for a par of birdie. It was primarily with my 4h and 7i were, that I saw the most improvement in direction. I hit my only penalty of the day into water with when I pitched with my 56º, hit a cart path causing the ball to roll right into water’s edge. Final score was 40. Solid round; best round in fact for me at this course. Plans are for an round of 18 this week and a round of 9.

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