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    • I keep coming back to this whenever I think about this topic. What an odd exclamation for him to say, out all the possibilities. 
    • Maybe 30 courses.  WA, OR, Kauai, AZ, CA, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. Bend Oregon and Sedona Arizona have some great golf.  
    • They are about making money, but reputation is also worth a lot of money. If your supply chain involves human rights issues, bribery, exploitation, etc., and your customers find out, you can lose a lot more money than you saved with lower cost raw materials or manufacturing sites. And I mean a lot more.  The company I retired from spends considerable resources to determine if the supply chain meets the company’s core values. I was part of those teams. PR is hugely important. Keeping customers is absolutely vital. Premium products can cost more because those supply chain have been vetted. The company’s reputation depends on it.  A hypothetical concern was raised about RL in the thread above with no data support that accusation. For all we know, RL has fully vetted their supply chain and that is why they are so ready to protect their brand. I hope JT learns from that.
    • 100% Agreed - I don’t think I could’ve recalled that word from the 80’s-90’s if you paid me. It’s so obsolete. If he pulled that out of thin air at a moment of frustration, clearly it’s not that obsolete from his vocabulary.    Having said that, when someone does something they regret, I try not to judge them in their worst moments as I wouldn’t want to be judge in mine.  But don’t give me that “it’s not me” line. Let’s be honest.
    • Did a superspeed workout today after 4 hours of putting up drywall on the ceiling of my kids' room. Sticks weren't moving fast at all. Hopefully I'll have a little more pep on Wednesday.
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