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    • I think that is exactly what happened. Unreal....
    • Played 9 https://bnc.lt/yzOb/Scrf8YDZJ8 Kinda better with the golf swing. Short game and putting are on point. 
    • Really solid start from Bryson.   Wait...did he just like lean on his driver to pick up his tee and snap the head off of the shaft?
    • My last round my driver was all over the place. The round before it was dead on.  Next round I'm going to play only with irons. I just want to see how I score. See if I can break 90 again. Longest par 4 is a 5i + 6i. Most are 6i + 7i. Par 5? 5i + 6i + PW. Longest par 3, 7i. Maybe this is the way I should play the course? 
    • OK, here we go.  First videos in (apparently, about 3 years).  Took these a couple weeks ago: These are from a couple of weeks ago and I got some good feedback from Mike on these.  I need to eliminate the excess knee bend and the arms hanging inward at setup, which like everything, is easier said than done.  In the swing, the goal for now is to try and turn the shoulders "back" towards the back leg rather than sort of extend the right side up and forwards (not sure if I explained it right, but I understood it when Mike explained it :))  Anyways, below are from today - my first time out trying these: Mainly it's just nice to back out and playing more!

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