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    • No doubt people are right that I could increase my swing speed & it is not out of my radar. For me my swing is I feel a simple free flowing one that will see my body into the future.  But I still think that a more realistic aim for myself (& possibly others) to consistently break 90 could be to aim as a minimum to reach the green in regulation + 1. This does not eliminate reaching some in regulation &/ or having a single putt to achieve a Par.  I do play with some people who find it hard to realise that golf is a handicap game and try to bomb every shot because they think their goal is always to achieve the par for each hole that is given on the scorecard of the course rather than what their handicap/level of play would suggest is the par for a particular hole for their current skill level. 
    • I'm afraid you are about 10 months off the pace. 😲    
    • Let me just make sure we’re on the same page as I’m not sure I know exactly what you want me to change.    If I number your pictures 1,2,3,4. From the first to second picture I want the clubface to be more back, pointing towards the camera. And the toe pointing upwards.  And then from the second to the third I need to get the shaft vertical while getting my hands to somewhere where they are in picture 4?  
    • Day 165.  Ten minutes of putting after work;  3, 6, 10 feet.  On a real green, but post-dark (lights though). 
    • I lost my sister in law and a cousin to drunk drivers and know quite a few others who have lost family. Drunk driving is stupid. The question is if we all should pay for that stupidity or not? We live with quite a few laws already because stupid people did stupid things like drunk driving, I’m not sure another law would hurt? OTOH, drunk driving isn’t the only problem. What I think would make more sense is mandatory automatic braking systems and enforced speed limits through GPS. The first step towards self driving cars. Something like that, but thought through thoroughly before deployment. I answered to add vehicle safety, but I can understand the arguments against.

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