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    • I’m currently at the range working on this and feel #2 seems like a much better feel for me compared to what I was doing earlier. It’s just much less technical and seems like a feel that will transfer much more easily when I take it to the course.
    • Exactly. A response to that post was ... “A golfer who struggles to break 90 isn't going to have a club they can consistently hit 160 and keep out of trouble. They likely struggle with solid contact and at times are prone to thin, fat, or topped shots.” My point is why don’t you have a club you can consistently hit? It’s because you can’t make solid contact, compressing the ball and flying the correct distance, direction and trajectory. So work on that before you try to master all 14 clubs. We don’t agree. No problem. Do I support 65/25/10 practice? Yes. Do I allocate time to various shots as outlined in LSW? Yes. Did I start there? No. I used 5, 7, 9 irons until I could hit 60% of my targets before adding woods. That’s me. Others do it differently and that’s fine.
    • If you want to take it one step further, wrap the whole set up above in banana leaves. It adds just a hint of that flavor making it closer to Kalua Pork. I did this for my 60th birthday in March. It was the bomb.
    • Day 136 - Played 8 2/3 today before the lightning and rain shut us down. Played ok and did the secondary axis set up. Most shots went more right than I intended. Need to go to the range and work on this some more.

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