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    • Hello iacas, I tried to work on the takeaway - based on your video. It feels a bit weird to me, but maybe it's better. I was at a driving range after a week and hit a some hooks - don't know why 😕 Never happened before. Here is the video of one of the better shots... I can't record it from the better angle and distance, because there is a cubicle on the range and it's really small 😕      
    • Plus scholarships are only for 1 year now.  A Coach can and many do pull a scholarship.  My favorite piece of crap move is when they "Medically Retire" and athlete to free up the scholorship.
    • #5 is a big one, especially in Basketball.  Let them enter the draft and if they go undrafted or not singed as a Free Agent with 5 days they can go back to their team - AS LONG AS they do not sign with an Agent.  Lot of players are on the fringe with Pro Basketball/G League/Euro.  This gives them the chance to find out if they can make it at year 2 or year 3 and if not go back to college and work on their game.  It is also good for the college team and recruiting. Only Football and Men's Basketball get total free rides.  Not sure about Women's Basketball.  The rest only get a stipend or a partial. Plus it is so nauseating to see how the NCAA can market a college athlete's likeness and image without compensation, yet if you do anything else in the world and someone takes your likeness and image to market a product they have to compensate you. Plus each Big Ten Team gets $85 Million in revenue off of JUST TV contracts. Little Johnny blows his knee out his 3rd year and was slated to be a 1st round draft choice and now he is done.  Oh yea Little Johnny with parents have the medical bills as well, Division 1 Athletes put in 40 plus hours per week just for their sport and then attend classes as well.  It is no longer 1950.  This is a big business, the NCAA and the multibillion dollar enterprise it is can kick in pay.  It is time. Either that are strip the NCAA of it's non profit status and fire that worthless piece of total crap Mark Emmert
    • But it'll be disadvantageous to the teams from Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and Utah.  And it stands to be unfair to the weekly polls.  A California team will be #1.  So much for Ohio State ever being #1 again.  Speaking of Ohio State... I have two families on my street who are Buckeye alumni.  In one case the husband and wife both have red cars.  A silver house.  And they run the Ohio State flag up the flagpost every Saturday in the Autumn.
    • Not if the other 4 power conferences just don’t play football with them.  

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