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    • #5 is a big one, especially in Basketball.  Let them enter the draft and if they go undrafted or not singed as a Free Agent with 5 days they can go back to their team - AS LONG AS they do not sign with an Agent.  Lot of players are on the fringe with Pro Basketball/G League/Euro.  This gives them the chance to find out if they can make it at year 2 or year 3 and if not go back to college and work on their game.  It is also good for the college team and recruiting.
    • But it'll be disadvantageous to the teams from Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and Utah.  And it stands to be unfair to the weekly polls.  A California team will be #1.  So much for Ohio State ever being #1 again.  Speaking of Ohio State... I have two families on my street who are Buckeye alumni.  In one case the husband and wife both have red cars.  A silver house.  And they run the Ohio State flag up the flagpost every Saturday in the Autumn.
    • Not if the other 4 power conferences just don’t play football with them.  
    • Thanks for the clarification on that.  College football is not my area of expertise... so I was kinda winging it.  Though by 2023 things could change.  On that note, won't California schools have a huge advantage?  So much for the Huskies winning the Pac 12 Conference in 2023...
    • The even worse driver problem is the terrible pivot heel hit. First video, this is the swing I regress to when I try to swing hard, too much arms/hands, no turn, give up on the shot towards the end. Second video is the correction, exaggeration, awkward follow through, no extension at the end. The following swings get better and then the last swing, no sticks. I think after the correction swing, I regress, rotate less and less with each swing. But going back to using the sticks, I think it has helped the pivot in terms of getting around better, full turn, without falling to the right (ball side) at the end of the swing. Last swing in real time. Just a tad towards the heel. I can think of a lot of things I'd like to do better, head is moving around like crazy, can get butt more on the wall going down, in general can do more "eat the ball", can be more rotated at 6 and 7, more extension post impact, and all that at a faster speed, but I get this is going to be a marathon. All the above swings are at a very controlled speed, not slow enough to make the swing contrived, not fast enough so that things go pear shaped. Mid irons more manageable than driver. 6 iron after making 5 swings using the sticks.  

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