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    • Capitalism should not play on the weekness of the working man! and I am a working man so I know! i got most of my clubs a the thrift store the club I bought new was a 30 dollar putter! im not a cupcake like most pros who hang out all summer at daddy’s or grand daddy’s country club!  I give credit and honor where credit and honor is due! If they good there good! But talent is not thier doing, it’s a gift! I don’t troll! I’m not looking for anyone to respond! that’s just my opinions and experiences!  
    • Yeah my bad, I should have been more clear! I meant I still have some roll-over of my right wrist slightly after impact I think (maybe I'm wrong).    The angle of my club head is a bit more vertical than it should be, correct? Definitely not huge roll-over but something I wanted to make note of
    • We are half informed because they only give the rules! They don’t tell you the whys! i have the usga rules of golf but there is never and explanation for the rules!
    • It sounds like you don’t understand capitalism. By reading your other posts, it sounds like you’re a troll who just comes to a forum to ask a bunch of excited rhetorical questions to rile people up. It’s not gonna work here.    and yes, as you put it, I’m entitled to my opinion
    • Yes, there is a reasoning behind it. Your HCP is not an indicator of your average, but of your potential. 

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