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    • Day 9 - I already started doing this drill after watching a video on @iacas’s My Swing thread. Great drill. I did this one time through then filmed the second time. I will make it part of my core workout too.   
    • We don't even know those numbers, because some number of COVID-19 deaths are caused by other things, but being chalked up as COVID-19. And some other deaths which may be COVID-19 are probably marked as something else, or were in January and February here in the U.S. before it became more widely understood. Again, the positives from that are that the virus may have already hit a larger percentage of the population than was previously thought, which means we're closer to a herd immunity state, closer to allowing those people to return to work, and that the mortality rate is perhaps significantly lower than we thought. If the mortality rate in the U.S. is  2%, but that's only among known COVID-19 cases, and there are actually 5x as many COVID-19 cases as tested… then the mortality rate may be 0.4% or less.
    • My brother and I spend entirely too much time at the Submarine House in Troy, so we'll be hoping to see our old people once stuff opens back up. Then, of course, there is the Fairway Inn at Kittyhawk.   
    • That’s usually the way most instructors go with juniors. Distance then control. Alina (my 6-year-old) actually plays with clubs that are made for a 54” tall junior and she’s around 50” tall. She drives it around 125 yards and regularly shoots in the low 50s for 9 holes. (You should see her hit her hybrid, she’s more consistent with that, than I am with my 58° wedge!)
    • Welcome back! Great to hear you’re going to get back out on the green pastures of insanity! Did you see there’s a video series for the LSW material? It’s really good from what I’ve watched. Great discount for TST members as well!  

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