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  1. I played in an Elite Sports Amateur Golf Tournament this past Saturday. Shot a No Sixes even par 72. 3 birdies and 3 bogies. Came in first place in the Senior Flight. Hit 13/18 GIR, 12/14 FW and 3/5 scrambling. I believe this is my first no sixes round since the challenge began. The best round of the year for me so far. The course and greens were in pretty good shape. Other than the long grass and soggy fairways. We did play LCP.
  2. I guess its a good thing this subject came up again, lots of folks learning that music is against the Rules of Golf.
  3. I like almost all of the podcasts that they do. I generally don't listen to the travel podcasts, though. If you're looking to go back, here are some podcasts that I would recommend listening to, even now: All of the podcasts with Rory. Rory is great. Jim Furyk's podcast from last November was really good. Bones' podcasts are also really good. If you're at all interested in the LPGA, Mike Whan's podcast was great. Those are the best past ones off the top of my head.
  4. So I got to sneak in 18 today. It was last second so I went solo. Got put with an older couple and a 77 year old man. I just thought well hopefully he doesn't slow us down too much. 1st tee he crushes it about 270ish Talked to him and found out he played on the tour for thirty years, and was starting up his own club company. Cool thing was when he talked about playing with Palmer and Gary Player. Even gave me a few pointers and talked about a kid in England named Hawk who he said had the best swing he has ever seen. Pat Simmons is now the most famous person I have played golf with.
  5. This. I just received LSW this week. I want to practice (1) completing my swing facing the target and (2) some specific approach shots I can execute while dealing with injured hand/rotator cuff issues. I read Separation Values first, then the chapter "Small Successes" that begins practice methodologies. (Totally out of order, but I have been called into a 2-day tournament despite my difficulties.) My thoughts in practice today were "Simple, Specific, Slow and Short, Small Successes". I wasn't trying for perfection as usual; just "Small Successes." And they were there. So, onward, upward. Best, -Marv
  6. I'm resuming my 50 state capital road trip on June 10, 2018. I'm planning to play in 25 capitals plus Washington DC. The list has the courses I plan to play and the order, weather permitting.
  7. +1 Time and patience. If you are anywhere near like me and most people I watch, it will take a long, long time to get your left hand competent with the right hand. It's taken two years of practice three to five days a week for me to get my left wrist strengthened enough to start hitting the ball well. But when you get it right, there is no finer competition available, all ages welcome. Welcome to the insanity.
  8. Coming from a brand old hack, I’d say your making good progress and should just enjoy the process of improvement. 😊
  9. Welcome Golf to me when compared to other sports that involve a ball is the most challenging of the bunch. I say this after playing most of them. So, you have picked a good, life long game As for your actual game, 215 yards is not a bad thing. Knowing you can hit the ball farther, you could play the 215 drive, while the longer drives develope. Quite a few amateurs don't hit the ball much further than 220-230 as it is from what I see. Another option is to continue to play those longer swings, while gaining more control of the ball flight as you progress through your golf journey. How long it takes for that control to happen will depend on you, and your instruction. Of course with a wilder long game, you will be more dependent on your short game for better scores. Maybe, instead of using your driver, perhaps you will have better results using a 3W, or even a 5W, for those longer tee shots? What ever you do, never ever let your last shot, good, bad, or really ugly have any impact on your next swing. That last shot is over, and done with.
  10. If you’re good using video lessons then I think the program here Evolvr would be excellent for you. Some really good instructors. You can post your swing on the ‘My Swing’ thread and get free advice but if you want to jump in and get some more one on one instruction Evolvr is the way to go.
  11. Question is about the 'worth' of a recreational toy? That's so subjective as to be impossible to answer. Not for me - and with that, I answered for the only person I'm qualified to answer for. I do hear the fitting process is very extensive. that might be fun and educational just for the experience and get fit. Depends on how good it is vs if it's just a sales gimmick.
  12. I must admit that I don't understand this viewpoint at all. Just because you can't hit a driver 250, or you can't get to the green in two does not mean it's the wrong play. If you can hit your driver 180-220 but straight, that will get you closest as you can without getting into trouble. You then still want to be as close to the green as possible after your second shot as long as you don't go into a hazard. In a hypothetical extremely tight 500 yard par 5, if I could hit my driver perfectly straight 200, and my 3wood 185, I'm never not hitting driver/3wood. Even if we change the numbers to be driver at 240, 3wood at 220 with the same accuracy, I'm still always hitting driver/3wood as I'd rather be 40 yards out than 80 yards out, or 120 yards out. So immediately dismissing a club choice because you can't reach in 2 seems arbitrary and wrong in my head.
  13. Here's a list of who made it through sectionals.
  14. In 1992 my golf buddy and I took a trip to Myrtle Beach. Our package price for 7 days/6 nights of golf and oceanfront hotel was $383. There was a hurricane sitting about 50 miles off the coast spinning rain bands over us and we were soaked for almost the whole week. (The smell in the back of my friends truck at the end of that week would have made you believe there was a rotting corpse in there :-D) We played Caledonia, Parkland, Lions Paw, Blackmoor, Deer Track (ughh!) and a couple others I can't remember. In spite of the rain we had so much fun we've gone back every year but one since. This will be our 26th year this fall.
  15. Absolutely. Chem E is all physics and math. So I guess by your standards I get to call myself an economist because I took Micro and Macro Economics senior year. I am also a Historian because I minored in history. I got a free round of golf a few times, which is technically being paid, so I am a professional golfer. Time to boost the resume! Don't insult real physicists by calling him one. To be a physicist, you at least need a masters and worked in the field for real. With a BS, you are just a technician sadly. He is becoming a very good PGA golfer. Let's just leave it at that.
  16. Wow! It seems like you had a great time with your son. I read your whole story, this is the first time I have ever read such long content it seems like very interesting. thanks for sharing such a wonderful journey.
  17. I have to agree, particularly when comparing this argument to the "who was the greatest NBA player ever" argument. Lots of folks argue for Jordan who won 6 NBA titles. But, if that's you're only consideration, then "Big Shot" Bob Horry is better than Jordan since he has 7 rings! And let's not forget Bill Russell! It's hard to compare different eras of any sport. Particularly golf! Just consider how much the equipment has changed, In basketball the court is still 94' long and the rim is still 10' high! The football field is still the same size, and the ball is much the same. In baseball the talk last year was how low the seams were, and how it was leading to so many home runs. This year, people are striking out at a record rate! Have they changed the ball again? In golf there is some measure of freedom in that there are so many manufacturers of equipment. True, the USGA has performance rules,but I have to believe any number of outfits are cheating. It's not like the clubs have to pee into a cup before every round!
  18. Music on the course? I say no. We all like different kinds of music, and if you can't talk when someone is hitting their shot why is okay to have music on that its so loud you can hear it a mile away.
  19. It's one thing to look at it from the perspective of the golfer and another the industry. As a golfer, I like to listen to the surrounds/nature/etc. and enjoy my round. That being said, I am fine with music because I treat it like any other random noise on the course, something I will block out when I am over the ball. If it's overbearingly loud, I'd ask them to turn it down, but it's rare that it's that loud. From the industry, we have to be more open minded regarding golfers, at least those of us outside major cities who may need more players. Most golf cart companies are adding optional speakers installed in the carts or at least usb ports for plugging them in. I am fine with players having music so long as it does not disturb other groups. As an industry, we need to appeal to the younger generations and that means incorporating technology, for the most part. It could simply be a GPS unit with a sportscenter ticker/pandora music/analog tv channels. I don't know, I haven't thought too hard on it. But, we want to appeal to both traditional and non-traditional golfers.
  20. I did. Played against him a bunch-What is your point? The fields Tiger faced are multiple times stronger than the fields Jack faced-I should know cuz I was in them. I would get my ass handed to me by a Web.com Tour player but I played in dozens of PGA Tour events.-Even made the cut in almost half.
  21. Met my Uncle at the driving range a few days ago. He video taped my swing (not slow mo). Hips are better. Swing is shorter. I was wondering, has my grip gotten to strong?
  22. 1 point
    It’s a nice simple method. My hosels are covered with sharpie marks.
  23. This is probably the best post I've ever read on here. Absolutely nailed it.
  24. The "even a stopped clock tells the correct time twice a day" adage works here. The poor golfer's great shots are anomalies, not the way they should hit it all the time. In effect, when they make great contact it is an error because it deviates from the norm. The way I look at it these days is to think about how my 42 points or nett 66 compares to the +4 teenager 's average round - the one who would be upset at shooing my best score of the year. People think that when they cheat and get 78 with gimmes and mulligans they are only a few shots away from being close to a pro, because they see that a pro had 75 the other day. Then they bring up nonsense like "Ian Poulter was a 4 when he turned pro" as if it's proof that they are probably good enough to turn pro (with more practice time) because they once had 79 (with 10 asterisks) from the front tees which is close (in their mind) to playing to 4. It's a stupid cycle and one best to avoid. There is every likelihood that if you play off 10 there are a thousand better players than you within a 20 mile radius. BUT.... every round you hit a shot that Tiger would be thrilled with. Not a 300 yard stinger with a 2 iron, but a wedge that lips out or a holed bunker shot or a holed (but skulled) chip shot. Or maybe just an 8 iron that ends up three feet from the hole. It's easy to be deluded.
  25. I just realized that my US Open qualifier was a no 6's round. Kind of cool to get it on that stage!
  26. Ugh. If only people who want to hear the music can hear the music, do what makes you happy. If someone who doesn't want to hear the music can, it's discourteous.
  27. I'll say this. Back in the day we had a golf buddy who lived in a house where the basement was tall enough for him to take full swings with any club he chose. He set up a practice station with a mat, of some sort, and an Army surplus parachute for a net. He didn't have mirrors, or any fancy gizmos. The next Spring, when he emerged from his basement it was like a butterfly emerging from it's Chrysalis! He hit everything dead solid! No glancing blows, no fatties, no topsies! There's something to be said for being able to swing the clubs year 'round!
  28. Broke Par, Got a hole in one, also got a double eagle if that'll be an award. ;)
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