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  1. Lots and there is a metric shit-tonne of security there. And every stadium I've gone to, they have a phone number that you can text to report problematic/drunk people. There's no reason that the PGA Tour and/or host club can't do the same thing. No one disagrees with that. The question is, should we allow fan A to have all the "fun" he wants when it's ruining the "fun" for other fans? How much should the Tour and tournament hosts indulge a minority of fans? Even I know that it's bad business to lose 5 ticket-buyers because of 1 drunk idiot.
  2. 2 points
    There's a reason @david_wedzik and I trademarked the phrase "Golf is Hard"®. https://thesandtrap.com/b/the_numbers_game/angles_of_error Here's a par three that is often a 7- or 8-iron (but can be a 6-iron). A driver on a par five. And another par three that plays from 190-220 yards. In all three cases, you have about +/- 2 or 3° in which to hit your shot, or else we deem the shot "a failure." Set your expectations properly, and give yourselves the credit you deserve when you DO hit a fairway or a green. It's phenomenally difficult!
  3. After hitting an okay drive that you should be able to find but you can't, the 5 (2) minute search period as well as going back to the tee box if there's anybody there is the longest time for me. Second goes to after getting a new club, the wait time to actually use it on the course. Third would be times between hitting a good shot. I hit one once two years ago, haven't hit another since.....
  4. Watching others dither on the green when you're in the middle of the fairway?
  5. For me its always the time between the last putt drops and the next time I get to tee it up!
  6. Travelers Championship (Greater Hartford Open) ... June 20-23 2018 TPC River Highlands ... Par-70, 6844-yds ... Cromwell CT Purse: $ 7,000,000 / 1st Prize: $ 1,260,000 The Field ... Inside The Field ... Monday Qualifiers Top names in field .. Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, Si Woo Kim, Webb Simpson, Patrick Reed, Bubba Watson, Zach Johnson, Xander Schauffele, Russell Knox, Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Cantlay, Daniel Berger, Patton Kizzire, Chesson Hadley Current OWGR Field Strength Rating (SoF) : 446 -- could change if certain players withdraw prior to start of play To compare the Traveler's SoF of 446 with other events, go to the OWGR's Events Page and toggle "SoF" until the listing shows this order -- U.S. Open (855) as highest ranked event; Players Championship (854) as 2nd highest; Masters Tournament (794) as 3rd highest; and so on.
  7. Another idea...On the practice range, lay down a towel about 4" behind the ball.
  8. When you get into the "ultra-premium" segment of any market, you will always end up paying more for incremental improvements in performance or experience. Why pay $1,000 for a front row seat to a concert, when you can sit a few rows back for $350? Or fly 1st class for 4 times the cost of an economy ticket? If you believe that PXG's claims of superiority are simply a marketing ploy, and that their clubs are no different from the other top end manufacturers out there, then I suppose you can take opposition to their pricing and question those who choose to buy them. But if their stuff is even 1-2% better (however you choose to define that) then the competition, then it should be no surprise that people are willing to pay 2-3x the cost. There are a select few people out there for whom money is no object. They want the best and they will pay what it takes to get that.
  9. To me, fees are an issue, but the main issue is eBay's onerous return policy. The person can return for just about any reason and you have to pay for shipping. I am fine with a return policy where the buyer pays the return shipping but they force you to take the return for whatever reason the person feels like, even they are lying, and you have to pay the posting fee, and the shipping charges. Basically I didn't make any money on the sale of my last set after having it returned. I am definitely interested in seeing if there are other better ways to sell clubs.
  10. No, just their approach in general. In my case, I would buy the lower range I mentioned since I would miss the extra 2 grand I would spend. My wife would make sure of it. So what's your value price? $100, $80, $60? If so, why would you pay anything over $5 for a lump of metal on end of a stick? How are you justifying that?
  11. My opinion: In this case, Phil could actually have replayed the shot under stroke and distance, ensuring that the second time he didn't hit the ball as hard, thus escaping with just a one stroke penalty. Since he incurred 2 strokes for playing a stroke at a ball in motion, he was actually being punished more harshly, thus DQ is unwarranted. It's something of a judgement call, but the rule does not require DQ. Just because it was intentional, that doesn't automatically make it a serious breach, in my opinion. If that was the case, the rule would be more definite on it. It allows the committee some leeway for using their judgement. Armchair umpires can make all the noise they want, no matter what their past experiences are, but it's still up to the committee.
  12. I'm playing some decent golf to start off my season.
  13. At the US Open, the course absolutely should be set up on the edge. Weather may help to tip it over the edge. That does not mean it was set up wrong or unfair. They will never be able to have it play exactly the way they want it to play. To many outside factors come in to play. But, for one tournament a year, they surely can error on the side of too difficult. And the players can accept it for what it is. The USGA didn't come out unprovoked and say it was too difficult. They responded to unprofessional players whining and demanding an apology. The was not a tournament that was tilted towards fate and fortune. The players that played the best golf absolutely rose to the top here. There may be room for discussion, but it absolutely should not be in the form of players blaming the USGA and demanding an apology. The media is free to commentate. Maybe the USGA could reflect a couple weeks later and say "we loved the way the course played all weekend, but Saturday got a bit tougher than we wished" Maybe the players can say something behind closed doors to the USGA. But, the players running to the media to have a public cry-fest about it is unprofessional. and the USGA caving to the players through the media is unprofessional.
  14. "Losing the course" is an asinine phrase in this context. It's basically saying that the competition has been reduced to a crapshoot. The course (+ conditions) are so extreme that they are unable to provide a meaningful test of golf and what remains of the competition is, in essence, a lottery. Only that didn't happen, did it? Koepka didn't win through blind luck. Fleetwood didn't shoot a 63 through blind luck. It's a bit dismal, all this whining. Not every tournament needs a winning score of -18 to vindicate the talent of its field.
  15. Nope. The only mistake the USGA made was apologizing. The point of a difficult course is to weed out those that aren't mentally strong enough and skilled enough to handle difficult shot after difficult shot all day long. If the course is as intended above, the cream of the crop should naturally rise to the top. if it is so difficult that it is "unfair", then everyone will eventually blow up and it will come down to luck. Koepka, Fleetwood, DJ, Reed, Finau, Berger, Hatton, Stenson, Schauffle, Rose - which of the above choices does this leader-board suggest was the answer?
  16. I do agree that we are hardwired to put on weight easier than we are to lose it. Yet, it's not as hard as you make it out to be. The issue isn't genetics in that we put on weight easier. The problem is, humans have not adapted to the modern lifestyle. They don't know how to handle readily available food. They don't know how to handle a culture that is designed to promote a sedimentary lifestyle (TV, cellphones, 8-14 hour work days). It's more of a cultural shift versus fighting genetics. If people want to lose weight, Sleep better, and not just 8 hours, but when you sleep. Sleep has become more important the more it has been studied. Eat better Be more active. If it's just taking a walk for 30-60 minutes a day, that can add up over the long haul. Simple. No need for complex work outs or diets needed. There are benefits to things like intermittent fasting, but in general, these three things are the basics really.
  17. Are you assuming they’ll miss the cut lol
  18. What isn't clear enough here?
  19. That’s called sandbagging in the US hcp system. I only have time to play 3-4 tournament rounds in a season due to work/small children. I do try to move my work a bit during the week so I can shoot a quick 9 holes or a full round here and there without loosing family time. Most of these rounds are me walking as a single. And I do practice whenever I have the time - much easier to take 30-45mins than 4-5 hrs I’d gladly report it but I can’t. I mean last time out I shot a 42 (unofficial) and I played like crap...
  20. I voted no because, as people have noted in this thread and in the other, the Rules seem to already allow for him to be DQ'd.
  21. Q: Longest unit of time in golf? A: Waiting for next weekend's round to get here! Or Watching Cantaly 's pre-shot routine! Both are an excessively LONG TIME!!!
  22. I voted no for two reasons. Rule 33-7 already says "If a Committee considers that a player is guilty of a serious breach of etiquette, it may impose a penalty of disqualification under this Rule." so the rules already support DQ'ing. In my opinion, the USGA didn't DQ Phil because he's a fan favorite and knew they'd get worse press for the DQ than if they just said "nope, 14-5 applies here." The powers-that-be need to stop quickly adding/changing rules in the aftermath of a controversial/high-profile events.
  23. I'd have a lot more respect for Phil if he had just DQ'ed himself on the spot, then came into the press tent and vented whatever frustrations he had. As far as the USGA, I think they come off at least as bad as Phil here. My beef with Phil is his stubborn refusal to admit his actions were wrong, and that he lost his composure. The USGA came off as being afraid to discipline a star player, probably thinking a DQ would bring even more attention to their ridiculous hole setups on Saturday. I have to admit though, I enjoy watching them screwup their flagship event, and the annual Mike Davis mea culpa tour. They lost me with the "putter anchoring" decision. I never used a long putter, but the ban seemed unnecessary and petty to me, and I haven't renewed membership since.
  24. Agree. We pay a lot to view sporting events. It is up to the venue to police unruly fans.
  25. Nothing comes to mind, but all the par 3's were fun. They all required long irons and on one, I had to use a 5w because of the wind coming off the lake. They had those nasty bunkers and heather grass to carry so there wasn't any room for a duff or an offline shot. There were a lot of elevation changes to consider as well. I really enjoyed that and thought I did well on all but one par 3.
  26. Who cares? I mean, I like this forum but if somebody who didn't know anything about golf asked why Group A hates golf while Group B loves it, I'd just point them to this thread right here. I thought Mickelson's actions were hilarious. The USGA can go f*** themselves. As far as I can tell Mickelson should have been disqualified. Again, who cares? Disqualify him. Don't disqualify him. Doesn't matter. It's not as if he was in contention. If some poor privileged white guy can't upgrade his SUV next year to the Asian Hand Job Nanny version, what do I care. DO NOT LOSE CONTROL OF YOUR COURSE IN SEARCH OF A NUMBER. And, Phil, just own what you did. It's fine to own what you did. A big old f*** you to the USGA is an appropriate response.
  27. Yes, I think so. I think they can just add to Rule 14-5 that a serious breach will result in disqualification, like there is in Rule 20-7. Pretty simple fix.
  28. The course was beautiful. Nice scenery, well-maintained. But boy, it was painfully slow. I'm just not used to 5 plus hour rounds, waiting for a group who are waiting on a group while the folks behind are waiting on us. My partner and I were paired up with a father and son who were both single-digits. While it was cool to watch that level of skill, it couldn't have been much fun for them to play with us. Anyway, they were playing from almost 6400 yards so we decided to play from there as well. The extra distance didn't hurt but the greens were by far the most difficult I've ever played - which was exactly what I was hoping for. @Wally Fairway you were 100% right when you said the course was playable. I agree the fairways are plenty wide enough. (Even so, I still lost a couple of balls today off the tee, but that's just my game.) The bunkers were tough. I landed in one of them and it took a couple strokes to get out. But really, the greens were the story. While they held every shot I landed onto them, the ball would roll so much. Even uphill putts could get away from you. It was awesome! Overall, the experience was just ok. The staff couldn't have been any nicer. They were caddies. valets, cart girls, marshals, and employees who's job is was to let you know when the blind fairway was clear. They even had some guy out there dressed in a kilt playing bagpipes. Every one of the employees I encountered treated me like royalty. I took pictures @dennyjones but they don't do the course justice. As beautiful as it was, after a few holes all I really wanted to think about was hitting good shots. After five hours, all I wanted to think about was getting home. I suppose all that peripheral stuff may not be my cup of tee. I play golf for the challenge and in that way, this course definitely lived up to expectations.
  29. Regarding fan behavior... the answer is fairly simple. Put up notices that abusive behavior will get you expelled and your ticket forfeited. The cameras are rolling... if/when the USGA develops a backbone... place people in the crowd to spot the worst offenders, the abusive ones spouting on about wives, booing, yelling derogatory comments... . Once spotted, have the police visit with the person and escort him/her off the course while confiscating the ticket. Make sure the cameras are rolling. You want it blatantly displayed. Do that several times and the problem will decline.
  30. Number 27. Indianapolis Indiana 06/16/2018. This was a long day and short night. I went to Chicago to see my niece and nephew, and had a nice visit with them. It was evening when I left Chicago and I arrived in Indianapolis at almost 11 pm. My nephew owns a barber shop, and any of you that have seen the movie Barber Shop by Ice Cube, my nephew buts that movie to shame comedy wise. The characters that came through were a riot. There is my nephew shouting out at every one that passed by the door. The local drunk came in sober buying a cigarette for 50 cents, 30 minutes later he retuned drunk asking for another cigarette because he couldn't find the one behind his ear. An executive from a big firm came in, because were he lives the barbers can't cut his hair. Another businessman came in talking about how the his two brothers were trying to sue him for money left to him by their mother. All the while my nephew is cutting hair, transacting other business with customers and helping people with personal matters on the phone. I told him he needs a reality show. I usually get a room at Motel 6 close to the course, but it was full, so I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, very nice room, the best so far, for $172 for about 2 hours sleep and I was up ready to play another round. I played Coffin Golf Club, which was more interesting and challenging than I initially thought. The fairways were narrow, the rough was penal, and the water hazards were in play. The greens were slow, but I adjusted on the back and made some par and boogey saves. I didn't hit my driver consistent enough, but I did hit my seven wood well. I played from the white tees, 6028 yards, slope 69.6/119, 43 front, 46 back, holes 17 and 18 got me. I started playing alone, but caught up with a father, David, and his adult son, Hank. They both had good games, hank was long and David had a good chipping game. I always enjoy playing with someone and we had a pretty good time.
  31. If someone handed me a phone with the app, and ask me try it out, I would give it thorough test, and honest opinion. I wouldn't acquire the app for my own use..
  32. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/us-open-2018-phil-mickelsons-actionsand-wordsat-shinnecock-will-be-his-cross-to-bear Votes on the poll (https://poll.pollcode.com/84985847_result?v) are 78% "Yes" and only 22% "No" for "Should the USGA have disqualified Phil Mickelson for a serious breach of etiquette?" That's not even 1-2 talk; that's 33-7 talk. More here: https://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2018/6/17/phil-mickelson-roundup-and-poll-to-dq-or-not-to-dq.
  33. This is based on the course rating, not par. A golfer beats their handicap differential only 20% of the time. http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/handicapping/handicap-manual.html#!rule-14410
  34. Bringing it from the range to the course. Sucks buttering clubs 3 feet from the flags at the range and then shanking a Par3 iron i was just hitting really well at the range.
  35. Some time back I joined the local seniors mens golf club. Due to a trip up north, and a shoulder, nerve problem I was never able to play in any 2018 tournaments. There was some discussion about my 15 handicap, since I had no actual proof. The cure was to play nine holes with one of the club officers to establish an initial handicap. Well, today we finally were able to play that 9 holes. I shot a 2 over par 38. Best 9 hole round I have shot in many, many moons. (Years?) Even had a par 3 Birdy. Made some really nice putts. So basically I shot myself in the foot as far as a handicap goes. The odds of me shooting below 40 consistently are slim and none. Luckily at a later date my handicap will self adjust as I report more scores. I will get a call later, and he will tell me what number they came up with. Turns out the guy I golfed with was the course instructor. At one point he told he was not going to make any money off of me for lessons. I laughed it off, while trying to sound legit, while saying I was just having a great day with the sticks. Needless to say I felt pretty good personally with the low score, just a little embsrassed is all. On another note, per my last post in this thread, my Granddaughter recieved her first lesson from me today. I gave her a copy of the USGA rules book. She is to read it and get a playing understanding of the game. Her reply was a classic after she saw it. "Why so many rules for such a simple game?" I was hard pressed for an answer........
  36. If you want a quality ball that feels good, and not hollow like some of the above suggestions, then get the: Snell GETSUM ball - excellent 2 piece ball and inexpensive. 6 dz/$85 - no taxes or shipping Distance - yes; a good combo of spin and rollout around greens (but more roll). I've played it. https://www.snellgolf.com/products/get-sum-value-pack-6-dozen?variant=27596103432
  37. Biggest self-cons for me are: 1) That I ever truly intend to practice with purpose. Unfortunately, I still waste a lot of time bashing balls. I know it’s bad for my game, but I just love doing it. One day I may finally decide that I love getting better more than hitting ball, after ball, after ball.... 2) The common one mentioned here that my best shots are representative of my current skill level. I know the truth is that I hit way too many horrid shots every single round, and until I improve my swing enough, I will continue to.
  38. I have and continue to con myself into believing that I will get to be a scratch golfer without professional instruction. Why? Because of the occasional round when I break or shoot par. Been relying on natural ability my whole golfing career without taking lessons. I feel like I might be at my current potential without help. However, I am simply too lazy and reticent to take the time to get golf instruction. I would much rather play then spend the time at a driving range...in addition, I simply don't practice. If I have the time, i go play a round and consider that my "practice"
  39. You'll always have some knuckleheads at any tournament. Not sure how you would limit the alcohol at the events. There is far too much ground between all of the places that serve food and beer. As long as they don't yell in the pro's backswing, grow a set Rory. I wish they could oust the people that yell baba booey after every drive or some other nonsense that they yell out.
  40. To a certain point. I believe after 45 degrees of dynamic loft the spin rate will decrease because the strike becomes to glancing. True Also strike on the face matters. A slightly thinned shot will have more spin than a well struck shot because of gear effect. I've hit a few ones really clean that take one big hop and spin to a stop while a normal strike will take a hop and roll out a small bit. It's tough to say, try to control spin, because you still need to produce a shot that will get the ball to the green. So a certain amount of club head speed is required. I think trajectory, and understanding the green is more important.
  41. well i have a couple of those spin doctor wedges.... I hit one and it spun from 4 yards off the green, tore a path thru the rough, and settled about 3 yards from the pin. The total distance it spun back was like 18 or so yards. My friend thought that i was using my normal wedge (vokey), and he was like "damn, im gonna have to get me some of those!!!!". So the next time i see him he has brand new wedges and cant spin it back for crap, so i told him what i was really using.... He was PISSED OFF!!! lol...thats the funniest ting that i have ever seen or done on a golf course... ~Chris
  42. You will have lots of golfers say, "why use a chipper when you already have that club in your bag, it is called a 7-iron". Or they will say, "chippers are for old men". Or, "just practice chipping with different clubs and learn how to chip with what you have in your bag". Or, "I can't remove X club out of my bag to make room for a chipper". I have seen and heard them all. If the chipper works for you, go ahead and use it, simple as that. I have carried one off and on for years in my bag, more on than off...to be honest I have holed or lipped more chips off the fringe or the open front of a green with a chipper than I have all of the other clubs in my bag combined ( I usually use my GW, PW or 7 iron to pitch if I don't use the chipper). Too many golfers eschew something due to machismo. I have seen guys deadly with their chippers, using a putting stroke with a putter like club when chipping seems to have its merits. All you will need is one tour pro to use the new Odyssey chipper and then it will be a hot club. Not sure I'd buy a $100+ chipper, when a $15 chipper does the job, but then again...
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    • Funny instance playing 9 last night - I noticed on one of the early holes that the pool noodle was not very far down in the cup.  I thought it was strange because the previous time I had played there the noodles were well below the ground.  Well after making my putt I realized that due to an afternoon rain storm there was water in the bottom of the cup. And of course pool noodles are made to float.
    • I've updated my responses to the poll.  My club still has pool noodles in the holes, reasonably well done so VERY few putts have been rejected.  We have no ball washers, no water coolers, and no rakes.  Carts are still single user unless you live in the same household.  Our back deck is open for dining, with tables further apart than previously, and reservations required.  We'll be resuming some tournament operations, starting with events that lend themselves to tee times, nothing where a shotgun would be appropriate.  So far, the impact on my golf has been minimal, lets hope things continue to improve.  
    • Our State golf association has been using abnormal ground condition for lie only.  If a player thinks their ball lies in a churned up area, they can take relief from the lie, one club length, no nearer the hole, drop in the bunker.  In some ways, the use of dropping versus placing makes sense.  Most players will only take relief if the lie is truly churned up, to avoid dropping.  Prevents people from using the Local Rule to get preferred lies in the bunker.
    • I never slice! I mean choke.
    • Thank you both for your input! The 60* would be mostly for tight lies near the green or on the fringe, thats why I opted for such low bounce. In regards to my swing- it’s fairly steep, miss hits are going to be fat, I almost never hit it thin or blade it. However, as I move closer to the green I try to come in more shallow. @Vinsk thank you for your warm welcome! @Adam C the 60 would be more of a fun club for me where I can try more specialized shots, you know we all try to mickelson it every once in a while 😉

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