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  1. I don't even believe it's a PGA Tour issue, I think the venues themselves need to step up their game to control crowds. That's why you don't see the same behavior at the Masters, the people who run the venue simply don't allow it.
  2. I think you forgot at least one: 7. Emphatically mash down a "spike mark" after missing a short putt so everybody knows it wasn't your fault. ;)
  3. What's with the endless parade of critics decrying "stupid " and/or "poorly written" Rules? Yet, they never offer up a solution. Back up the big talk. Go read Tufts and then put pen to paper.
  4. Wow, if that's what it takes to be considered "whiny and spoiled", I'd hate to see you react to real whiny and spoiled attitudes are.
  5. I disagree with almost all of this. Jordan saying “c’mon wind” because it doesn’t move the ball where he thought it would doesn’t make him a whiny baby. Its not like he goes on a 5 minute tangent about it. He talks to his ball, how is that whining? I also rarely see a player not at least acknowledge the gallery clapping for them after finishing a hole. I mean almost everything you’re saying makes someone a whiny baby is something... probably 90% or more of golfers do. Can’t remember the last time I had a fried egg in a bunker that put a smile of joy on my face
  6. I live in Fürstenfeld ( styria) between two nice Golf courses that are 10 min away.
  7. 1 point
    Keep swinging and you will get there. Every golfer was a hacker at some point !!
  8. Good stuff. What he said. I don't like lead tape or hot melt so I like the Titleist 917D2/D3 heads because they have a weight port that can add heavier weights.
  9. Any time you shorten a club, you lighten it's swingweight. If it gets too light for you, you won't be able to swing it properly. I've shortened a few Drivers in my day. I would take the club to a golf shop that I knew had a swingweight scale and ask to use it. I learned what the swingweight of the stock club was. After shortening it, I would take it back and weigh it again, to see what the new swingweight was. I have a book, The Search For the Perfect Golf Club, by Tom Wishon, noted club designer and fitter. In it he describes how to correct swingweight with lead tape. I would apply the tape and take the club back to the shop again to see if I had corrected the swingweight properly.
  10. You said "That's why there isn't a DQ and just 2 strokes because they already have the unplayable rule in place which should keep anyone from doing what Phil did" and that's not accurate. It didn't stop PHIL from doing it. And if your ball is in a position from which you're absolutely toast (for example there was no way for Phil to have putted and kept the ball from going into the water unless it hits the back of the hole and pops up), there's still an incentive to just putt it near the hole and then go down and try to tap it in when it's near the hole. There are other situations where taking the two strokes might be an advantage. There should never be an incentive to breach the rules to gain an actual advantage.
  11. I still play the original Rifle shafts myself, and I know a little bit about other shafts as well, so I'll throw in my 2 cents for what it's worth... My first thought is eliminate the Project X as a consideration. It's drastically different than the old Rifles...a completely different animal. They are different in both feel and performance. Because of the way they taper, they feel stiffer, and launch the ball lower with less spin. Based on the information you provided about your game, I don't think this is the shaft you're looking for. This shaft chart is from a number of years ago, so it doesn't include the original Rifles or the KBS Flighted, but the Rifles would be somewhere in the middle. Look at where the Project X is: I don't have any first-hand experience with the KBS Flighted, but I have no doubt it would be a better choice than the Project X, and it would be worth considering as a 2nd option. In my opinion, this is a pretty easy decision...pull the shafts from your old Macs and use those. You know exactly what to expect, and it's a much less expensive option. I have done this several times over the years since they discontinued the Rifle shafts. When I get a new set of irons I pull the Rifles out of the old heads and install them in the new ones. Since you are soft-stepping them, you'll need to cut them down which will require new grips, but if you bought a new set of shafts you would have this expense also, so it's really a wash. If you are uncertain about soft-stepping once or twice, I would build 2 clubs (like the 6 iron and 9 iron for example) soft-stepped once. Don't pull all of the shafts from your old set...just pull the 5 iron shaft and 8 iron shaft and install them in the new 6 ir and 9 ir heads. You'll need to trim them 1/2" and grip them, but then you can compare your original 6 and 9 irons to the new, soft-stepped 6 and 9 irons. You'll literally be able to compare apples-to-apples...same shafts, same heads, just a slightly softer flex. Take them to the range and hit some shots and note the difference in feel, trajectory and distance. I think it will be enough to notice a difference without it being drastic, but on the outside chance that you feel like it's not enough and soft-stepping them one more time would get you the results you're looking for, you still have the option to do it. You'll have to re-do the new 6 and 9, but that's not a big deal. Soft-stepping once will soften the shaft by about 1/3 of a flex...about 3 or 4 CPMs. It should turn your 5.0 into a 4.7, or very close to it. If you are still considering the Project X or KBS and want to figure out the appropriate flex for your needs, here is a chart that might help. It's a few years old and doesn't show the KBS Flighted, but the Tour or one of the other models should work as a starting point: Ok...I've rambled on long enough! I hope this information helps. Let us know which way you decide to go...
  12. You can use an old graphite shaft to make an extension. It can be a pull-out, or even a broken shaft since you won't need the bottom half of it. Cut the tip end so it inserts snugly into the driver shaft about 2". Use a heavy grit sandpaper or belt grinder and remove most of the paint on the 2" section, just like tip-prepping a shaft before installing it, then use a 2-part epoxy to secure your graphite extension into the driver shaft. Don't use glue. When it has cured, cut the extension to the desired overall length. I don't recommend extending a club more than 2-2.5". If that won't make it long enough, then I suggest replacing the whole shaft. After the extension has been cut to length, use masking tape to build-up the outside diameter of the extension to match the driver shaft. Use a razor blade to trim any excess that overhangs. That's it...you're ready to throw a grip on it. I've literally extended thousands of clubs this way (I use old steel shafts when extending steel shafts, graphite when extending graphite) and would never use a store-bought, pre-made plastic extension. Using old shafts makes the extension stronger, and it's custom fit to each club. Not all graphite shafts taper the same in the butt end, and because steel shafts have different step patterns, the generic extensions don't always have a snug fit. So although I've never used the store-bought plastic ones, I've had to re-do many clubs when someone used them and either they broke or came loose, so I do have some experience with them. If you don't have an extra graphite shaft laying around, go to a local golf shop that does repairs and ask if they have any broken ones...chances are they have a barrel full in the back. Hope this helps.
  13. ?????Sorry they already said he could've declared unplayable and reputted with stroke penalty therefore not having to stop ball in first place from rolling off green.Also even if it would have rolled off and headed to OB beside green then he would still be able to repute from last position.The water hazard is where he couldn't cause he would have to drop it from where it went in I believe with stroke.
  14. There have probably been several, but the one I remember most clearly was named Tiger. And thanks for the PERFECT example of properly using the rules to your advantage. Before moving the boulder, Tiger had a tour official verify that it was not embedded, and therefore was a loose impediment. The rule and decision Tiger used were written specifically for the situation he was in, and had been in force for decades before he was born. It explicitly said that the size of the object was irrelevant, and that any number of people could assist, as long as it didn't cause an undue delay. THAT is how you intelligently use the rules. Any golfer who took an unplayable or chipped out in that situation would be a victim of his own ignorance. It would be as dumb as not re-teeing your ball if it fell off the tee as you addressed it. Tiger used the rule in exactly the way it was meant to be used. Phil didn't. Nobody expected that a golfer would run after his ball and hit it back toward the hole when they wrote the rule he broke. That's why he should have been DQd for a major breach, and that's why the rule itself should be rewritten to automatically DQ a player who deliberately hits a moving ball.
  15. I would need to fill the tub with ice water and immerse myself in for an hour if I did this!
  16. It's a combination of lose till I lose or multiple rounds. If I'd done 2 full rounds with a ball and not lost it - unlikely though that is - then I'd probably be thinking of retiring it to the garden unless it was still in perfect condition. Kept the same ball in play for my 18 holes yesterday, and will have no problem teeing off with it again tomorrow.
  17. I think ‘intentionally’ needs to be there. If another player gets hit by a moving ball he is clearly the cause of the deflection but certainly doesn’t warrant DQ. Basically I’m trying to exclude moments of clutziness that may not occur on the tour but happens on munis. I hope I didn’t complicate this. I do think that if a player intentionally breaks a rule with the hopes of gaining advantage..DQ.
  18. Yeah, age, injuries, old bones have cost me distance, though I am good about keeping it in the fairway.. So I work on driver, long second shots (have 3,4,5 DIR hybrids) and approach shots with irons. Chipping and putting are pretty good. LSW helps me develop an effective practice routine using what I have. Good topic. Thanks, -Marv
  19. Distance, pure and simple. I ain't got it anymore to shoot near par.
  20. The short answer is yes, for us higher handicappers hybrids work well, (at least for me). So much so that I recently replaced all my irons with the Cleveland HB irons which are all of a hybrid design. I have the 4 through the gap and they work great. I had always had trouble with longer irons and used hybrids, now my entire set are hybrids. Granted they are not for everyone, most don't like the look, but they work for me. I'm 66 and have had three back operations so I need all the help I can get and the Clevelands do that for me.
  21. This is the most exciting announcement in a decade and will be the most highly anticipated event in years. She moves the needle like no other golfer in history (except, perhaps, Tiger). She has had several results in the top 50 this year, so anticipation is high. I am excited, as should be every sports lover. She also has a chance to move into the top 30 in the Rolex rankings, so......exciting times.
  22. @Jakester23 and I played a great course in the Dells today called Wild Rock.
  23. This clearly doesn't belong in the Golf Forum, but it's an interesting discussion so I hope it will be moved rather than closed. Studying, discussing, and understanding "symbols of abject hatred" is not only interesting, but important. Like it or not (and I hope "not"), it is a part of human history, and we are better served to understand it than to hope it will be forgotten. "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it," and all that. The piece described here is certainly interesting. Asking "who" created it, "when," and "why?" are all interesting questions. The answer given here demonstrates how interesting-- if the answer given above is correct, it turns out to have nothing to do with hate. The "Baltic" connection is a historical red herring. I don't see how to describe that as not interesting. Does collecting symbols of dark periods in human history indicate a "dark fascination with racism and hatred?" It may. "At the very least?" I don't think so. It depends on what else is being collected and what is being done with it. Hanging the items on your wall to look cool is very, very different from studying them and learning the "who," "when," and "why" about each. That is what the OP did here. There's nothing dark about it. When we write history, we need to include everything, not just the things we're proud of as a species.
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    • @boogieliciousfor liking my comedic posts. Nothing gets by that guy! 
    • A.  It’s ridiculous to consider a drawn line on the ball to be an “object” as meant in the rules.  So no, it shouldn’t be illegal. B.  Draw anything you like, just don’t slow down pace of play with your alignment routine.  Hell, I know knuckleheads who spend time aligning their ball on the freaking tee! C.  However you do it, at least mark your ball for identification.  Too many still don’t do that... 
    • As we both know, feel ain't real, and descriptions can be tough.  I bet we play the shot from the rough pretty similarly, open face, plenty of speed, relatively steep attack.  It sounds like maybe our bunker techniques are a bit different.  
    • I played golf (sort of... mostly I knocked it sideways) with @Slice of Life and @Divot Master at the Erie event this past weekend and have to say it was an absolute pleasure. @Slice of Life brought a friend along who was a great guy as well. Not sure if he has a screen name or not.  A special thanks to @Divot Master for continually finding my ball even when I hit in places where I was planning on just leaving it there.  If anyone gets a chance to do one of the forum events I strongly encourage it. With any luck you may even get to hear one of the most anti-climactic stories about a half-eaten bagel in the history or stories about half eaten bagels. I heard it told by @GolfLug with an assist from @saevel25 and I will never forgot the absolute sense of indifference that filled my heart as the story limped to a prosaic conclusion. ... Just kidding. It's a great story.
    • It is more common type of shot on this course.  The course is 101 years old, greens tilt back to front with a lot of undulation.  They hold extremely nice but the only way you are on the green is if you hit them.  If you are short you are short.  The approach and fringe gobble up shots.  No bounce and roll on. This shot is terrifying when the pin is at the back of the green and you are just long. If the pin is on either side of the green and you are just above it at and angle it can be a steep downhill run.   The rough is like this throughout the course.  Runs along side the fairways and continues around the greens.  Sand traps are your friends here.  I would much rather end up in the sand trap then this rough. Add in the fact that this is not a flat course.  Lots of terrain change, uneven lies.  It is a fun and tough course

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