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  1. On the contrary, most people on here have been measured in what they have said, while I think you've gone over the top in criticising Dahmen. You've called him a jerk and a rat ( a particularity odd pejorative, given it implies that a willingness to be give witness to potential wrongdoing is somehow a bad thing). You've also made exaggerated statements, like saying that he was attempting to ruin Kang's career (you don't know that was his intention any more than we know whether Kang intended to cheat) , or equating him responding to a single twitter conversation to 'blabbing all over the internet'. And, I realise you're not quoting anybody verbatim here, but nobody has suggested he is anything like a 'foreign-cheating devil'. I understand and respect the concern you have here, and I have longstanding concerns myself with the 'trial by twitter' trend, but at the end of the day I think most people on this thread have just tried to understand what has happened and how the rules of golf apply. Most of us have tried to be objective about this, and bear in mind that it's difficult to evaluate Dahman's behaviour without considering the event that took place which he is referring to. So no, I don't think the posts here are off topic, or that they equate to bashing.
  2. If we want to bring up stats like that, can you tell me how many times Jack Nicklaus missed the cut playing against club pros? You also might not like the end result that comes from mentioning that stat, because it actually doesn't favor Jack at all. Jack Nicklaus missed 79 cuts against fields we all agree were much weaker. Tiger Woods has missed only 18 cuts. Jack played in 576 tournaments, and Tiger has played in 336. Tiger has a missed cut percentage of only 5.36%, compared to Jack's 13.72%. Jack had 47 top 3's in majors in 164 attempts, and Tiger has had 23 top 3's in only 77 starts. Jack has a top 3 percentage of 28.66% compared to Tiger's 29.87% Jack is actually WORSE at placing in top 3's in the majors than Tiger, even playing against his weaker fields, while Tiger is less than half as likely to miss a cut compared to Jack (again, Tiger playing stronger fields than Jack ever did).
  3. Graphite shafts aren't just for the oldies. They are great for people who have injuries such as carpal tunnel, recurring tendonitis or golfers elbow as not only are the shafts lighter the material absorbs more of the vibrations from hitting the ball/ground/tree root etc. that would otherwise transfer to the hands and arms when compared to standard steel (you can get inserts to dampen vibration). No shame in rocking graphite if it helps save the joints and enables a golfer to play longer.
  4. This is exactly what I figured he was doing as well, but the question still remains; what's he gaining here? He learns that the slopes around the pin are 3.45% instead of 3.5%? That seems likely more precise than even the day to day conditions of the green might even be. I still have a hard time believing that it's not just for show. One thing we can probably be assured of at this point with DeChambeau: He's close to done being disappointed in this ruling and he's now off to find the next "quirky" or "random" thing he can work into his game and make headlines with.
  5. Elections apparently take a few days… even though everything should be pretty automatic. I meet all of the requirements, so I should be in with about ten seconds of double-checking. But it took a few days. My election date is officially July 2, 2018. Yippee! I'm now a Class A member of the PGA of America (A-6 classification). Now I just have to figure out how to get a specialty second level of membership/status (in coaching or something), and then figure out my MSR credit stuff. Typical PGA, but… they haven't sent me an email or anything. If I hadn't been refreshing my membership status page every four hours for the past several days, I wouldn't even know I had been elected to membership.
  6. @Fidelio, I notice you are conveniently forgetting about the injury Tiger had during that stretch of time. Specifically an injury that would be considered by most to be a career ender. That said, from the way Tiger has played recently his career appears to now be far from over.
  7. I know it's an old joke, but it's actually really true, "dry heat" is really not that bad at all. I don't blame you for passing at 115 but in general I don't find the California desert heat (Nevada and Arizona are the same) to be that unbearable. Shade at every opportunity, hopefully a little breeze here and there, one or two extra gloves, and a shitload of water, all combined with deserted courses can make it downright pleasant. (Notably, yesterday I just bought an underpar.com coupon to play Silver Rock in La Quinta with @tristanhilton85 sometime this summer for $35 - less than a dollar a hole!)
  8. I had no problem recording Golf Channel or CBS PGA events when I had YouTube TV. Just add "PGA TOUR" to your recorded show library. Records all Golf Channel rounds as well as the weekend CBS broadcast. And you can re-arrange the program guide to put Golf Channel on top. No need to scroll through the guide. No service is perfect, but $40 per month makes more sense than $80 (or more) per month from the cable tv thieves. YouTube TV made some bad deals with the local networks that may block plenty of your DVR recordings. It is the single reason I switched to PlayStation Vue. My advice is to "free trial" them all to see what works for you.
  9. From what I've seen, pin sheets usually just indicate a distance from the front edge, and a distance from the nearest side of the green. The guy who sets the pins may have walked the correct distances from the correct points, but he may not have always walked in exactly the right direction each time. I've tried myself to turn a right angle in field layout situations, its hard to get it right. If you know two reference points, and the dimension from the pin to each, you can use the compass to draw arcs to locate the correct spot, even if those two dimensions aren't along perpendicular axes. I'd assume that BD has one of the detailed green slope books, and he's doing just as I outlined, in order to exactly position the pin on the green chart. Here's an example, the two location methods (linear pacing v. drawing arcs with a compass) show a pin locations about 4 feet apart
  10. I agree with your last sentence ... but I don’t really agree that this has become a Kang bashing thread. To be honest, I’ve been kind of looking out for exactly that, but I think people have been pretty fair. 🙂
  11. This thread was supposed to be getting our opinions if Dahman should have said exactly the words he did, and it seems to have become a Kang bashing one instead. I don’t think there’s enough evidence saying Dahman’s an angel and Kang is that foreign cheating devil. Just saying...
  12. Have to admit, I’m surprised. Is he/are they now prohibited from measuring the same distances with, say his pencil, or finger? Equally annoying, the USGA still insists on calling it a protractor.
  13. Anyone who thinks graphite shafts are only for older players hasn't been paying attention to the shaft market. Recent graphite iron shafts are nothing like their older "whippy" relatives. These days graphite can be made to respond essentially identically to steel, perhaps better. Graphite shafts can be as stiff as boards while still being as light as feathers or as heavy as premium "tour weight" steel shafts. They can also still be made to hit a ball straight up with a 4-iron (I'm exaggerating, but you get the point). Use what fits your game best, whether that's steel, graphite, hickory, or bamboo.
  14. Until this spring, my set has been as follows for more than two decades: Titleist PT.....13, 17, 20, 23º Titleist DCI 962.....#s 2-9, PW Cleveland 588.....53º Cleveland 691.....58º Tad Moore Chicopee.....putter Now I've gone all new: Ping G400....13º Callaway Steelhead XR.....20.5º Titleist 718 CB.....#s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Titleist 718 CB.....#8, 1º weak Titleist 718 CB.....#9, 2º weak Titleist SM7.....50-08, 56-08, 62-08 Dandy Tour Blade.....putter The Dandy has helped my putting marginally. Other than that, there's no difference in my game at all. Nothing wrong with DCI 962s.
  15. As re you 100% sure your your I3s are non confirming? Is it the grooves that might be a problem? I would contact a Ping rep and ask to find out for sure. If you are not playing in a sanctioned events, or for a handicap, I probably wouldn't worry about it. Myself, when playing, I never worry about the equipment the other person is playing. This includes balls too. I just don't care.
  16. In the old set I had an i15 W, and then whatever their old equivalent of the Glides were in 52 and 58, and I hit the 52 a lot around the greens. If I go U wedge in the G700s it's purely a full shot club IMO - those are too big and unwieldy for finesses shots around the green. So while the lofts would suggest adding the U and then moving to 54 and 60 wedges, a 54 around the greens is a different kind of club for me and less versatile on tight lies. Which would suggest U, 52 and 58. I guess.
  17. A "marker" is one who is appointed by the Committee to record a competitor's score in stroke play. He may be a fellow-competitor. He is not a referee. He cannot make decisions or rulings. He may refuse to sign a card however.
  18. @Jack Watson @sheepdog @GrandStranded -Is it harder to win on the LPGA Tour in 2018 than it was in 1978?-Yes. Why?-"Because of the Koreans" you say? But Korean people are not physically superior golfers because they are Korean.-They are just humans. It is much tougher to win on the LPGA Tour now than in 1978 because there are a lot more women playing golf now than in 1978.-A lot of them are Korean. But there are 150 people on the PGA Tour or LPGA or whatever who even have a chance to play in and win tournaments when in 1978 they would take anyone who could break 80 and on the PGA Tour they were still filling out fields with club pros like me. Nowadays the top 150 have trained their entire life and beat out a hundred thousand other pros just to make the Web.com Tour. The best 20 club pros can not even make the cut in a major regularly let alone winning them like Harmon did in the 30s. I have no idea how this topic stays open.-The sheer stupidity of those who think that Jacks competition was remotely as good as Tigers astounds me. @iacas-you should close the topic.
  19. I took the plunge and signed up for the YouTube TV trial last week. Really liking it, so I called today to cancel my Comcast TV and phone and keep the internet. They decided to cancel everything, so I just spent an hour on the phone trying to get back up and running. Got lucky that the work order had only partially go through so they could salvage my account. I'm back up and running until Thursday when I'll take my cable box down to the Comcast store. I figure worst case I can always switch back. YouTube TV has a much better DVR than Comcast. Comcast stopped allowing you to set DVR recordings when not on your home network, which really annoyed me. I think I'll end up saving a little money, but not a ton, and I'll lose a few channels than I seldom watch. The biggest downside is probably that everything's a little less seamless. We'll see.
  20. I'd lost the feels so I went back to exaggerate. These aren't even exaggerations, but they're good. Not worried at all about the downswing on these, and I'm under-turning, too. I grouped the balls into piles of three (this is in the middle of about 90 minutes practicing today), and would take small breaks after each pile of three balls to stay fresh. I was listening to music but it was quiet so I could hear the sound of impact. Good to take some divots again (good sized ones), and good to feel the exaggerated backswing again. Very pleased with my work today.
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