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  1. Three suggestions: Change the technique. Change the method. Change the focus. Change the technique: change what you're trying to do entirely with the shot. If you're playing the ball back, trying to hit it with a descending blow, etc., try the "quickie pitching" technique elsewhere here on TST. Change the method: chip with only your left hand. Or only your right hand. Or cross-handed. Or do something else that completely changes the means by which you hit the shot you're trying to hit. Change the focus: instead of focusing on the ball, think only about where you want the ball to land. Or brushing the ground. Or what your left shoulder is doing. Or something else - change what you're focused on (mentally and/or visually) during the shot.
  2. I have some arthritis in both hands. I use Bionic as my main glove of choice. I feel it best allows be to get a good grip on the clubs without feeling I need to hold on as hard as I can. Came to this choice with trial and error only to find out that it was my doctor's choice as well. I also wear a glove on both hands, with left the bionic and a lighter glove on the right. You may also be helped with a different grip on your clubs.
  3. Here's an article which may help. http://golf-atlantic.com/best-golf-grips-for-arthritic-hands-joint-pain/
  4. Not really sure how effective the gloves with copper infusion would help, but using soft over-size grips would be the first line of defense for your condition.
  5. Its hard to achieve good dispersion on the course without being able to achieve it on the range first. I'm not suggesting that hitting 30 shots in a row with a single club is the most effective way to practice, but its a good thing to work towards consistent results on the range.
  6. Strength of filed be damned, IMO, anyone who goes by 18 >14 really needs to go back and look at Hagen (and other players from earlier eras). Sure Hagen "only" won 11 major titles. First you need to add 3 or 4 to his total in consideration of WWI cancelling 9 majors during the prime of his career; so that makes his total 15, and then you need to add 1/3 in recognition that the Masters didn't exists until after he'd won his last major. So that makes his total 20 "equivalent" majors to compare to the modern totals of 18 and 14. But in all honesty anyone standing solely on the 18 > 14 argument is really wanting to hang on to their image of Jack or to not wanting to recognize Tiger for his greatness and all that he has accomplished.
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    While it's always a great idea to spend some time with a qualified fitter, there are a couple things you can do on your own to see if your irons are properly fit for you. Recent feedback I've gotten from several fitting experts is that the technique of drawing a sharpie line on the back of a ball is better for dynamic lie fitting than using a lie board. The sharpie test is simple and allows you to hit balls off grass. The lie board with tape on the sole is obviously a popular method but the board is raised off the ground and the surface is different than grass. These differences can influence the club at impact and your swing. The lie board can encourage some players to sweep the ball while some players have a tendency to hit more down than normal, so it can be tough to get accurate and clean readings. Big reason why I like and wanted to share info on the sharpie test, I think it's best if you can accurately represent what will happen on the golf course. Here's how to go about performing the sharpie test. Draw a heavy vertical line on one side of the golf ball with sharpie and place it facing the club head. After impact, the line should be transferred onto the club face. If the line is perfectly vertical your lie angle is good to go (right pic). If the line is tilted out towards the toe of the club (left pic), your club is too upright and the lie angle needs to be flatter to get the line to vertical. Vice versa , if the sharpie line is tilted towards the heel your club, the lie angle is too flat and you would need to bend the club more upright. The test won't tell you exactly how much you need to adjust the clubs but it's a good start. For a static test, use a business card. Since it's static the test doesn't account for the fact that players are usually higher with the handle at impact, along with some shaft droop but it's something I recommend you do in combination with the sharpie test and getting your height/wrist-to-floor measurements. For this lie angle check, take your address position on a hard surface with the handle at a proper height; butt of the club pointing at or somewhere between the belly button and top of your zipper. Have someone slide a business card under the sole of the club. If the lie angle is correct, it should stop the where the one end of the card is at the center of the club (pic below). If the business card reaches the heel, the club might be too upright, too flat if the card doesn't slide to the middle of the face.
  8. I played just my second ever 9-holes this morning, the first I was able to finish (a work thing came up last time) I picked up some clubs and started with the range and a couple of lessons late last fall, but haven’t forced myself out onto the course until recently. I hit 44 on a little par 32 9 hole course. I guess if my math is correct, that’s about 100 on a full par-72. Now, this little course is very forgiving and has no real sand or water, except a river that runs along one fairway, but it’s well OB. I putted pretty well (no threes, just 17 for the 9 holes). I even got my first par on a 140yard par 3, where I pulled my 7 iron a couple yards left of the green, but chipped to within 4 and one-putted. It felt pretty good, I’m not gonna lie. I think I’m going to like this game of golf...
  9. Yea, I actually hit a good 4 iron, but aimed way right because I was to lazy to look for the green.. the course is good. I like hilly courses like that one.
  10. Plenty of food opportunities in the area. Kiva Dunes is a very nice course, not easy. Good amount of sand and water, and you will likely see an alligator or two or three.... Pricing is not bad and you will find it challenging. There are a couple of other courses not far away that are nice and are reasonably priced. Check out The Peninsula Golf and Racket Club. It is open to the public, or at least it was a few years ago....
  11. That's not a slip. This is a slip:
  12. Exactly what everyone has said. I have RA in both hands and wrists, where Bionic gloves on both hands and will probably move to soft Winn midsize grips soon. Keep letting us know what you do that helps you, and we will do the same. Best regards,-Marv
  13. For food, I strongly recommend making the drive up to Foley and visiting Lambert's Cafe (https://throwedrolls.com/). Some of the best food you will ever eat. We went 3 nights in a row last time I visited. The chicken fried steak will make you slap your momma. Make sure you bring cash and they do not accept credit cards. But not many restaurants where you can have rolls thrown at your head from across the restaurant. I didn't play Kiva Dunes, but did play GlenLakes in Foley (http://www.glenlakesgolf.com/courses/). It was a very fun course. They have 27 holes and the back 9 was links style. Great pace of play since it is away from the beach. This was a couple years ago so hoping the course is still in the shape it was when I played. Golf Advisor's recent reviews all are pretty positive though - https://www.golfadvisor.com/courses/15401-glenlakes-golf-club-lakes-course//. Have fun!
  14. I would not say that taking a break is a form of practice. If you are like me and have taken long breaks of many years, it is certainly the opposite of practice. But I do think taking breaks can be helpful in not burning yourself out, waiting until you really want to play again, and long term keeping the love of golf alive. So not 'practice', but beneficial to some degree.
  15. When the swing feels effortless and the impact is crisp and mostly frictionless. Slight compression in the sound, letting you know you made square contact.
  16. V was only making a comparison, not a routine. His remark was a question - "but can you rattle off 30 consecutive 7-irons with very little variation to that distance"
  17. I play handicap 2 when i don´t practice at all. Just play 18 holes once or twice a week without warm up. Last year i took it a little more serious and i started to practice once or twice a week and warmup short game before the rounds on weekend. I lowered my handicap to +1. I quit practice sessions on 2018 and now i´m almost in 2 handicap again. Hope it help!
  18. Don't joke, a number of TSTers played at my course with snow falling.
  19. In the snow, with no shoes? Don't forget about having to whittle your own shafts....
  20. Awesome! I have been doing the workouts (in week 3 currently) as I felt like I wasn't making any gains, even though I go to the gym 5 days a week. With this program, it gives me a plan, and I have already seen gains. I think I am going to pair this with the SuperSpeed program and see what happens. Its worth a shot anyways.
  21. I agree that a rolling ball has a better chance of being an ace, but disagree that a high handicap player has a better shot than a low one. Not all par 3s are played with clubs that will hop and stop. Everybody's shot likely rolls at some point and better players put their shots closer to the pin when they are able to. There's a reason Tiger has so many aces.
  22. I played a par 3 course last week and did it! 😛 Barely!
  23. Better equipment made it more difficult for Tiger to win and out-perform his peers, who were already significantly better than Jack's peers. Oh my goodness. You think that you've given "evidence"? How about the evidence that supports the idea that maybe 50 of Tiger's wins were more difficult and against stiffer competition than all 18 of Jack's majors? How about evidence that would show that? You cite a horrible article based on a bad PDF regarding "luck" as evidence. An article someone with a basic understanding of math and sports can dismantle, and ignore everything else. Oh brother. Tiger had the better career, too. He won more tournaments against stiffer competition. The way you talk, a guy who wins 10 majors over a 30-year span is better than a guy who wins 10 in a four-year span. The only reason I think you cite "the career" is because it kinda favors Jack in the perverse way in which you're looking at it. Tiger's career: Had more PGA Tour wins. Had more PGA Tour POY awards. Had more PGA Tour Vardon trophies. Had more dominating wins than Jack. Had more European Tour wins. Spent more time as OWGR #1 (even if it had existed in Jack's heyday). Had more WGC victories. Had 14 major titles against significantly stiffer competition than Jack's 18 (14x > 18y). Tiger has had a better career than Jack, too. He just accomplished more in a shorter period of time. And you're penalizing him, because you want to, for doing it in a shorter period of time. Yep. That's @Fidelio in a nutshell, all while he condescendingly tells us our American understanding of math is what is failing us, and if we were smarter, we'd see. I understand math just fine. Math goes beyond comparing 18 and 14, and trying to say that an outlier performance is "luck." Tiger's last PGA Tour victory may have been a more difficult win than any of Jack's majors. The citing of luck at least made me laugh, @Fidelio. What a joke.
  24. To be clear, btw, this is a tiny electric golf cart that kicks some butt:
  25. A non-golfing friend once asked me if I really needed "all those clubs". I replied "No...not every round...but a particular shot might be a 6 iron, one day, and an 8 iron the next...depending on the wind and the lie". My friend was skeptical. If you only need one tennis racket, or one hockey stick, why do you need 14 golf clubs? This from a guy who has half a dozen Ping-Pong paddles.
  26. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt....
  27. My wife thinks very highly of him because of a conversation they had many years ago. He took the time to speak with her at tourney we attended.
  28. I have to go with my latest round, played this past Sunday. Long par 5, dead straight, wide open. I said to my partner "I'm gonna get every bit of this next one." and promptly topped it for a grand total of 40 yards.
  29. I would honestly just say look at my signature, however that wouldn't explain the why. Driver: Exotics EX10 Driver fitted with a Project X HZDRUS Yellow 65 6.0 shaft set at Neutral with a 10 degree head playing at 44". Now most of you who have seen me post know that I'm 6'5" so if you go by static fitting I actually would need a 45.5" driver. However, I have a reason for going shorter. I have enough distance, I'm looking for consistency. If I nut it with a 44" driver, I might lose a couple yards to nutting it with a 45.5" driver. However, I am going to catch it solid more often... So their are more benefits going with the old standard length. Don't worry, I had weight added to the head to retain the swingweight (it's a little low around D1-D2). 4-wood: Exotics CBX with the same shaft as the driver, except it plays at 42". The winner on the PGA Tour Champions Chubb Classic, played this exact model, Just in a 3-wood loft... I like the look, I like the trajectory, and damn it I hit it well, when I was fit. Hybrid: Exotics CBX 20 degree (I'd do the degree sign, but alt + 248 refreshes the page). Fitted with a Project X Black 85 in 5.5. Yes, you read that correctly, regular flex... Why does a guy with a lot of leverage swing a regular flex hybrid? I average around 104 clubhead speed, If I step on it, I can get 110, but I just don't want to. I actually swing my driver more at 100 than I do at 110, but I hit it plenty far enough. I've lost some flexibility and I have a bad back, that's why the 5.5 vs 6.0 Irons (3-PW): CBX Blades with True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT in R300. Okay, I'm a 6.7 handicap, I can handle a blade, I'm an Exotics guy and they finally made a blade... so that's why... I will say this the blade length on my CBX's vs EXi's the EXI looks huge in comparison... I mean it isn't close... though I knew this coming in... I have a set of Tour Edge V-Blades that are 18 years old... and the profile is very similar. Though the V-Blade Forged isn't necessarily a "blade". So I do know what to expect as far as blade length... These clubs are not very forgiving... However if you're pretty close on strike, your not punished so badly as the clubs from say the 1950s Wedges (52, 56, 60) CBX Blade with True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex shafts. Why? Same weight as my PW shaft. These set up a little better than their predecessor the CB Pro S. Let me tell you, why. I seemed that for what ever reason most of the bounce was toward the heel in the Pro S... where in the CBX Blade wedge, you can use more parts of the bounce... (I actually can hit somewhat full shots with these). I hit some shots around the "green" with Craig when he fitted them.... I like the action, I like the check, and you can feel a good shot... Putter: Exotics David Glod Series v2.3 35" standard grip.... I have a 1.3 now with a SuperStroke... I use a variation of the claw grip to help me hole putts, and I hate the SuperStroke for the claw. It's too damn big. I'm sticking with the standard grip and going from their. The putter is currently 35", I haven't gotten yet, but we're going to add an inch to it when it comes probably putt a normal oversize grip on it... something like a Winn Pistol or something.. I have Lamkin Black UTX standard grips on my irons and driver with 8 wraps of tape. My wedges, hybrid, and 4-wood have Lamkin Z5 standard black grips with 8 wraps of tape, so basically I'm +1/8" oversize on grips. My driver like I said is 44", 4-wood 42", hybrid I think is 40", my irons are +3/4" so my 5-iron is 38.50", My lie angles in my irons and wedges are 2 degrees upright from the standard so my 5-iron lie angle is 63 degrees my pitching wedge is 65 degrees but my 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges are all 66 degree lie angles. @iacas, could you please figure out why Alt + 248 doesn't work for the degree symbol on a computer? Unless their is a shortcut for .html that I don't know about. Shane
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