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  1. Evidently, I went to Ireland this last week. While there I played one hole of golf and got a hole in one (which would be my first) using my hybrid on a 7946 yard hole.🤣 I must have been quite impressed and so overwhelmed that I didn't finish the round. Yeah, I suppose if it really happened, I might not ever pick up a club again. (Actually, a round was dropped while uploading a couple weeks ago. They're working to recover it, and this showed up in my account somehow. Don't tell my wife. She would have wanted to come with.)
  2. Update (9-19-18): https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=153511775654 <---- Visit that URL and complete the survey, please! http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/advancing-the-game/distance-insights.html Many of you have shared their feedback here (the topic below), but the USGA is courting it at the URL above: Have at it! The USGA and The R&A Launch Golf's Global Distance Insights Project LIBERTY CORNER, N.J. USA AND ST ANDREWS, SCOTLAND (May 15, 2018) - The United States Golf Association (USGA) and The R&A have launched a comprehensive project to analyze distance in golf and gather perspectives from the worldwide golf community. The Distance Insights project will examine distance through a multi-pronged approach that includes global stakeholder engagement, third-party data review and primary research. Focus groups and discussion forums will play an important role in the project, to secure a broad range of perspectives throughout golf. Beginning today, anyone interested in the topic can provide feedback by visiting usga.org/distanceinsights or randa.org/distanceinsights or by emailing either association directly. “The topic of increased distance and its effects on the game have been discussed for well over a century. We believe that now is the time to examine this topic through a very wide and long lens, knowing it is critical to the future of the game,” said Mike Davis, CEO of the USGA. “We look forward to delving deeply into this topic and learning more, led by doing right by golf, first and foremost.” Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A, said, “Distance in golf is a complex issue which is widely debated at all levels of the sport. It is important that we collate all of the relevant data and hear the many different perspectives on this issue that exist in the international golf community. We intend to conduct this process openly, comprehensively and promptly and will work with all of the key stakeholders to ensure we have a fully rounded view of distance and its implications.” Stakeholder groups invited to participate in the project include amateur and professional golfers, worldwide professional golf tours, golf course owners and operators, golf equipment manufacturers, golf course architects, golf course superintendents and others. Among the many topics to be explored, the organizations will seek distance-related data on pace of play, golf course construction and maintenance practices, the evolution of equipment, golf course design and player enjoyment and participation. The USGA and The R&A will engage various golf industry stakeholders through 2018, with plans to deliver a report in 2019.
  3. Latest work. Focusing on keeping arms straighter through impact per my Evolvr lesson. Clubface is open and stance is open. Worked pretty well my last round where I shot an 81. I also worked on pitching. Here is am focusing on the pivot driving the pitch. I’m using my 58 degree lob wedge.
  4. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/JonMa1/round/2386734 https://www.gamegolf.com/player/JonMa1/round/2386961 Played perhaps as well as I can the first time through the course and shot a 41. Probably the most balanced the game has ever been. Even though I 3-putted on 2 GIRs, my putting was pretty solid along with everything else. Not sure what happened on the second time through, but it wasn't pretty. There was some frustration (which I felt was justified), but easy to put in perspective afterwards. While I have broken 90 a few times now, that's not going to be my game every week until I improve.
  5. It amazes me that pros hit th amount of shots that they do before a round. If I hit that many I’m done before I make the turn. I guess that is what separates them from players like us. They are conditioned to repeat their swing over and over and over. Much like you I do find myself hitting some really ugly golf shots if I don’t do something to get loose before I play!
  6. Agree with a lot of what @Patch has said. Although of late I've been getting by with just my 54, where I do like the lob wedge is for shots that are fairly tight/hard lies, and with little room to work with - in these scenarios I'd tend to open up my 54, but it's a more difficult shot than if I had a 60+ degree wedge with less bounce that I could hit with a squarer face. It depends a lot on course too - I have a lot of those types of shots on my home course, whereas at other courses with softer ground it isn't an issue.
  7. Day 100. I think. I missed yesterday, but I am fairly certain I still have 26 of the last 28 (but I missed 3 of the last 35 or so, so it's close; I'll check before too long and renounce my award if that's the case). There's some small chance this is really day 1 of my new run. Anyway, today was a dozen full swings, indoors, mat, real balls, into a net. Working on stance and setup. I wish I had practiced more this week because I'm playing tomorrow with someone I have never played well in front of, and who is good at golf.
  8. You don't know where your house is? Golf ball preservation isn't your biggest problem.
  9. Kinda, but that's not really what people are talking about.
  10. Isn't the ability to stay focussed and work hard part of talent?
  11. Some time I get warm up time, often I do not. No matter what, I do have a 5 minute stretch routine I never leave out. It focuses on hip rotation, loosening up the arms and the legs. Then, even if I only get a few practice swings in, I am physically ready to play. My first drive may not be optimal but by the time I finish the first hole, I am fully ready to play with no excuses.
  12. The point there was that I almost never teach chipping and pitching (never mind the fact that I don't like to use the word "pitching" to mean "a swing shorter than a full swing but longer than a chipping motion at all). Heck, even the setup, grip, and motions for chipping are different than for a full swing. So that's my point there - that I hate it when golf instructors start with a "chipping" motion as if it's basically just a shorter full swing motion. It's not.
  13. As some context for how I learned that #1 included #2, I was in your position before @SPJr. I was struggling along on the high school team with a handicap of about 20, fighting chunked shots, bladed shots, and everything in between. I had a good short game and my scrambling percentage was about 50% since I had spent a lot of time practicing on the chipping green since it was free (good for a kid without a job) and it was what everyone said was the key to low scores. Then I realized that I wasn't really getting near the green in regulation all that often. If I could ensure I had a nGIR (near-GIR) every hole I would've dropped my scores down by quite a bit. But instead I was slicing it OB, coming up short in water hazards, taking 3 to get to a par 4 green because I topped my approach, etc. I started to spend more time on the driving range and would hit balls until the skin on my hands started to tear but I still didn't see a whole lot of improvement even though I was trying really hard to hit everything solid. When I started taking more regular lessons I noticed things getting worse, in terms of hitting stuff solidly, and was initially discouraged. I was fighting the changes because they made me worse from my perspective of trying to hit better shots. It was only once I finally figured I had tried about everything besides actually committing to the swing changes that I started to see real improvement in my ballstriking. As I became more of a stupid monkey and less of a dig it out of the dirt kind of golfer I noticed better and better results until I managed to get to my peak of about +2 at the end of high school before college started. I've since slid backwards due to a lack of practice (I'd estimate I'm probably about a 2 or a 3 right now), but the building blocks have stuck with me. If I were to really go out and play multiple times a week again I'm fairly confident I could return to my peak form in a year or two, it would just be a challenge to find the time needed for that. As it stands now I play well enough to continue having fun whenever I go out and I can make what I consider reasonably solid contact on almost every swing even though I wouldn't consider all my swings to be hitting the sweet spot of the club. It just might be a couple grooves high or low on the face, or a bit off the toe or heel.
  14. Sure, but does it really matter how I plan to play a hole if I can't execute because I don't have the fundamentals I mentioned earlier?
  15. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years back, she and my father were inducted into the New Mexico Athletic Hall of Fame the same year. She was a very nice lady.
  16. I just finished reading LSW, and loved it. Can’t wait to practice and play using the concepts. Thank you for writing it! I do have one question out of pure curiosity, however. I may have simply missed it, and it seems clear that common sense dictates this, but: By which specific data measure(s) is GamePlanning a SV4 skill? I ask because I recall all other skills having a SCOR value, and specific data points associated with them, which clearly illustrated and in effect proved thier relative SV ratings. I didn’t notice this with GamePlanning. Is that simply because no data yet exists relating specifically to GamePlanning, since you guys invented it only a few years ago? Or perhaps because GamePlanning is a nebulous thing to measure? I mean, it’s obvious that spending a third of the book on it, and assigning that level of value to it, that it’s arguably or certainly the most critical piece of the book. And I believe fully that you wouldn’t just decide that arbitrarily. Common sense tells us that your scores will drop if you GamePlan properly. I guess I’m just curious about roughly or exactly how much you think (or know) one could expect to lower scores using GamePlanning alone, as compared to the other skills. I hope that makes sense, and please don’t take it as a criticism. I do have faith that it’s that important. I know you guys never put out junk. I’m just curious about what your feeling is or what data says about how much one may improve via GamePlanning specifically.
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    • Day 285 Filmed some swings to see how I’m progressing with my current priority piece. Didn’t hit the ball particularly well though. 
    • Here is a list of links to a lot of the numbers that pretty clearly establish that Tiger has far exceeded Jack in every relevant metric with the sole exception of what, back then was 18>14, and is now 18>15.   https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/2203-jack-vs-tiger-whos-the-greatest-golfer/?do=findComment&comment=1366814   The people who are in the worst position are the ones that dismiss strength of field arguments, because the only defense of Jack as #2 over Hogan at #3 beyond pure longevity is that Jack's fields were tougher than Ben's. BTW, it is nice to have someone enter the thread in good faith with an open mind.  That hasn't been all that typical in this thread.
    • Just now loaded my first two videos!  Thanks again for the help!
    • Day 95.  I wanted to practice putting, but that green was closed at both courses I checked.  I ended up going home and working on both the wall drill (like yesterday) and live swings (indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls when a ball was involved) with a 6-iron. 
    • Plus what @Vinsk linked to.

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