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  1. Look in 2019 Committee Procedures, Model Local Rules.
  2. Cool, this will save me some golf balls next year and maybe the occasional stroke.
  3. Shot 85 today at Heron Lakes (63/107). Very short course (5k) but extremely tight (one hole has about 25yards between out of bounds left and right) and lots of hazards. Actually hit the ball really well. Lost 2+ strokes to scratch off the tee and 7+ on shots approaching the green. Pretty good for me. 3 “blow up” holes otherwise I would have been close to going sub 80 which I have only done at that course once.
  4. I'd be more than satisfied if he won the Tour Championship. The cup would be a bonus.
  5. @iacas, this weekend I had probably the best ball striking round I have had in over a year. The difference was consciously feeling keeping hands lower (but not closer to body) at address and and almost fully rolling palm open to get to A2 much (which is much earlier than I ever have) before it got to waist level. Hands felt 'deeper'. By the time I got to A3, the club was almost falling off the back in pizza tray (again, just a feeling, but I think the right one). From here I was just able to freewheel my arms straight to the top without worrying. It seems to allow me to keep my arms in front of me and lay off the club at the top much more easily. Towards the end of the round I even went after the driver as hard as I could but did not lose the ball to the right or smother hook it, both symptoms of an overly inside out path AFAIK, depending on what my club-face does. The impact sensation was decidedly much more float-loady. I sorta discovered it previous weekend playing with @Golfingdad with his slightly over-sized grip driver (Drew graciously lent me his extra club set since I didn't travel with mine) which exaggerated the fault for the first 8 holes. I think it was harder to hinge and roll open my hand with it compared to my regular driver. I discovered that I had to slightly weaken my right hand to hinge+ roll it open without lifting/overusing my arms to take the club back to A2. I do need to develop a more consistent right hand position on the grip so that it's not too week or too strong, which might be the one glaring uncertainty I have in my swing for clubface control.
  6. Come on, how can you not love commercials like this? It's comedy gold is what it is! I also just realized he's also using a brush tee in the commercial! It's like a two for one special right there!
  7. Yeah, anybody can come and kill it every now and then. But how likely/frequent is that type of mix on the same card? Not very, IMO. If it is frequent enough, they would have an accordingly higher quota. In the long run, it's still an equitable system. I'm not sure that's a given. Unlike HCP where only the top 50% of the last 20 rounds count, every score counts in your running Stableford quota. Right now my Sunday league Stableford quota is 3 strokes/points worse cuz all my scores are counted towards the running average of the last 5 rounds. I actually like that it is a more current (in my league, last 5 rounds only) representation of the state of one's game. But based on yesterday's round it will jump a couple for the next round. Obviously my HCP's won't change as much that quickly.
  8. Use what works for you. I don't know why your SW is more reliable than your LW. Could be the sole, your technique, or a combination of the two. My technique is the same with all my wedges but the LW has the best sole for me because it's the only one I purchased with turf interaction in mind. My point is the LW isn't some mythical beast only high level golfers can tame.
  9. I think that there is something to this. I think it is so important to visualize the target in the minds eye and then work the swing towards this point to get the ball to go where you intend. For so many years I just swung the club trying to hit the ball. It wasn't until I had a short game lesson 20 some years after I started golf that I made what I believe to be an important connection in getting my concentration focused on what seemed to be tiny results. If you cannot pitch a ball 30 yards consistently to a target, how can you ever hope to hit a ball to a target 120 yards out? I have noticed that if I momentarily lose focus of the target during my swing it is a crap shoot with regard to where the ball might go. It can be the difference between the fairway and rough or the green and a green side bunker. If I keep my mind focused on a target through impact I usually have a decent result. This all came from hours spent chipping/pitching and this is when I went from a bogey golfer to something better. To the excellent golfer, this may seem ridiculously obvious, but to the weekend hacker...
  10. @ Vinson. ThanThanks for the heads up 😊 @Vinskthink I got it correct thiis time. Thanks for the heads up 😉
  11. It’s best to mention someone by using the “@“ then start typing the name and choices will appear to which you can select your intended member. @Wilbersmith
  12. I was at the Atlanta workshop this week - if you scroll to the bottom of the download and go to 'settings' you can select 'expert' mode to get the Interpretations too.
  13. While strike doesn't rule all, I'm old enough to remember playing with old guys tearing up courses back in the 70's with well used equipment that no one here would want to play with. Before all the data there were a lot of golfers who could just play... like a stupid monkey, and not try to analyze everything little bit of data (there wasn't any to mess up their mind). Geez, just hit the thing. They did possessed 2 qualities that made them score so well... ball strike and course management. The latter was just as important if not more. What I take away from this is there are those who are obsessed with buying the latest or constantly upgrading their equipment to improve their game. But... if everyone had really good ball striking skills, there would never be another Teeless Driver or GX-7 commercial. That in itself is a plus. John
  14. Evidently, I went to Ireland this last week. While there I played one hole of golf and got a hole in one (which would be my first) using my hybrid on a 7946 yard hole.🤣 I must have been quite impressed and so overwhelmed that I didn't finish the round. Yeah, I suppose if it really happened, I might not ever pick up a club again. (Actually, a round was dropped while uploading a couple weeks ago. They're working to recover it, and this showed up in my account somehow. Don't tell my wife. She would have wanted to come with.)
  15. No, that’s dumb. The explanation or exception would be longer than the reason. You’re trying too hard to be offended.
  16. Walmart has a 2 piece ball for $5.00 a dozen. I believe they are called "Nitro". I have played them, and they are not that bad of a ball. I am not sure if they are approved, but if you lose quite a few, who cares. If you are near a Walmart, or similar store, you might check them out.
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    • You should really look at: Rule 14, which tells you of a couple of ways you can mark your ball, including placing a club next to the ball. Definition of Ball Marker, which talks about a number of different things with which you can mark the ball (including "an object made to be a ball marker") The section in the Equipment Rules that @Missouri Swede quoted, which talks about when an object manufactured to be a ball marker becomes an alignment device.  The 2-inch limit applies only to objects intended to be a ball marker. The definition of "ball marker" allows you to use a "small piece of equipment".  A tee may not be longer than 4 inches, so that's about the maximum size that would classify as a "small piece of equipment" in my interpretation.  
    • That has no relevance. #35 advises something you can do and this example fits that situation. #31 advises something you cannot do and this example does not fit that situation.
    • Day 19 Full swings into a net with a driver, 3w, 9i and PW. I hit a wood and then followed up with an iron. I was making good contact on most swings. 
    • My interpretation is that it's similar to cracking a whip. With pros, their hips start the transition/downswing with a rapid acceleration followed by a rapid deceleration. So the speed or "work" you're putting into the club is the results of the torso, arms, legs accelerating and decelerating. There is kind of a chain reaction from one body segment to the other, so you need the deceleration to provide the sequential transfer of energy. Basically I "brake" or stabilize very well and will never be able to override it. I need more juice on the acceleration side. Honestly, I most likely should have started playing lefty, it's my faster side and I throw lefty. This also makes sense for because I hit it the straightest when I feel like I'm swinging hard/fast. I get in trouble when I try to guide shots and then I can hit it all over the place. 
    • Day 46 - My new priority piece is a “faster” pivot, getting my shoulders/hips to turn a bit more by A3. Also working on a “straight” right elbow in my takeaway. Incorporating these two changes into my Helicopter Drill, version 4 at this point?

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