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  1. It’s all nonsense really, this hindsight analyzing. It’s golf and we just never really know how someone will play. Sergio was a gamble pick...and look. Reed is captain America...and look. We can all say Furyk this....Furyk that...but what it really comes down to is the Euros have played better golf than us. Period.
  2. Because he's looking to be 0-3 for the RC after today. I've been listening to the UK broadcast and it's really enjoyable. Nice relaxed crew, praising good play on both sides, a few witty ones here and there, but not trying to force anything. Like a bunch of guys just watching golf and chatting.
  3. We have 2 Ryder Cups a year at my course (spring and fall). Both are 27 holes and we've played best ball, alternate shot, and scramble as The team portion. Always end with singles match play. I look forward to those events more than any other event at the course.
  4. Yeah, the name thing is friggin weird but God knows what they are doing...they went from g30 to g400...Wtf is that all about? Name aside they are nice heads..they used 431 stainless steel for the first time in the "I" series and have continued with the I200 and 210...(God knows why it's not I300). Anything before that like the I25 was 17-4 just like the g series and every other iron dating back into the 1970's when I got my Karsten1 irons. The ie1 irons feel soft, lofts are fine, I hit them the distance I expected to hit them. Nothing special. I didn't like the color of the face being darker than the toe and heel but a scotchbrite fixed that...actually being 431 stainless I used a scotxhbrite to buff them up and they look Satiny and like new...a good thing. I have the modus 105 stiff in them. Love the shaft but I think it's a bit too light for me and does launch high. The Mizuno optimzer a while back spit out the project x 6.0 for me and whenever I hit that shaft it's good.. might be a better fit. I'm tossing a few ideas in my head for next year. I also have a set of i25 irons, might sell both sets and look into the I500 power spec with Project x.
  5. https://www.rydercup.com/news-media/usa/ryder-cup-2018-scores-live-updates-france pairings are out. Wooda vs rahm will be interesting. Rahm had been hot for a while, so if he can get going. Itll be a hot match if woods shows up. I also like rickie and garcia. Both kind of underdogs but can be explosive.
  6. Correct either way it’s going to be tough but the only chance you have is to pick up points early. It’s the same thing as Medinah with reverse roles. The only chance is to ratchet up the pressure and hope you pull it off. The euros need 4.5 to win, the only chance is to make them earn it at the end when the pressure is on.
  7. Furyk's captain picks laying an egg right now. Tiger-DeChambeau-Phil-FInau not having a stellar Ryder Cup thus far.
  8. Because US has longer hitters, but worse ballstrikers.
  9. I think that this is a real thing. Like Boogie I suggest getting a large bucket at a range with grass tees and work on tiny short swings and making sure you have a good feel for the club/turf interaction. Take a lot of little back and forth practice swings and get a good feel for where the grass ends and the dirt starts, then hit a ball with a little swing. A big bucket doesn't have to wear you out if you don't take all full swings. Work your way into some bigger swings and then back down again. I was having trouble in June with a similar issue and about 2 hours at the range on grass got me over my issue.
  10. Mats can be more forgiving than real grass. I would recommend going to an outdoor range with grass tees if you have one available. Many courses have practice tees like this. It is actually better for your wrists too. The Golf Tec lessons are helpful. If you take another lesson, mention this to the instructor.
  11. Pairings have been out DJ/Koepka, Simpson/bubba, Tiger/Bryson, spieth/Thomas. I would have swapped finau/fowler for one of the middle two
  12. It’s really not difficult to see why guys don’t exactly flourish when playing with him. His grumpiness must be exhausting.
  13. I keep my shoulders on an even keel, and my sternum the same distance from the ground through out the swing. With that, my head movement, if any, is not an issue.
  14. It's still an advantage. Not really, for two reasons: Players who sit until Sunday have a horrible singles record. It's often better to get your weaker or not-playing-well players into foursomes. The logic there has been explained a few times, but basically, like you saw with Rory this morning, players playing poorly don't make a lot of birdies, and fourball is a birdie-fest. Foursomes, however, you can win a lot of holes with par, so if your poorer/more "off" players are playing well enough to at least make some pars, they can hold their own in foursomes. The latter is contrary to what you might think but there's some logic to it. Unfortunately, Bryson/Phil were playing SO poorly, that they couldn't even manage to make many pars. They're two points down, and aren't likely to get swept again even if you put the same groupings out tomorrow. I feel like you're over-reacting to a small sample size here, in a sport where #64 can beat #1 (especially if they're named Nick O'Hern and Tiger Woods) pretty often. I feel like you're over-stating diminished advantage. They're not playing a course with nine par threes, and even in your goofy example they retained 70% of the advantage.
  15. I'd do it just to tell the story and piss off certain types. Plus, I hear the courses are the best and are "judged to be the greatest golf courses built, by many people. The greatest courses of the world. Very, very successful."
  16. When I am doing it, I find that I have too long of a back swing and it pulls my head back causing me to hit it fat.
  17. dorian


    Poland here:) Golf here started just 20 years ago. We have around 6k registered golfers.
  18. Good question. Jack Nicklaus- He is still considered the best to ever play by many people, still has the most majors, he has to be on there. Arnold Palmer- He was the first superstar golfer, and still one of the most enduring personalities even after his death. He was the first person to make golf cool. The first two are easy, now it gets tougher... Bobby Jones- He still has a presence on Tour with The Masters, he is still considered the greatest amateur of all time. I have to put him on there. Tiger Woods- I realize he is a bit young to be immortalized, but he is the most famous golfer of all time. I may not have chosen him had I not witnessed that scene unfold on the 72nd hole of the TOUR Championship. There is not a golfer in the world that garners that much excitement. Heck there may not be another athlete in the world that garners that much excitement.
  19. No, that’s dumb. The explanation or exception would be longer than the reason. You’re trying too hard to be offended.
  20. Generally play the tees that are from 5700 to 6000 yards....I am not ashamed to play the forward tees, but not fighting playing the next set back when playing with other folks...
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    • Struggled all day with the swing. Lots of low straight hooks (ball goes about 15 yards high or lower) or big push hooks (right side of fairway to left rough.) I tried to hit a cut and couldn’t get it to help straighten out the shot. My swing though was just turn with a soft left arm.  My irons were also hit or miss. They tended to be much lower than normal. Or, low push cuts. It feels like the club is really behind me (shallow) at A6.  Overall, the downswing felt very fast and like I was tipping back. 
    • Shot an 86 (70.7/123) Three Birdies, Six Pars, Three Bogies, Three Doubles, Three Others Putted super well.
    • Ive heard theres some validity to that. My brother in law is one of those strongest man contest guys and he uses a CPAP machine when he sleeps even though he doesnt have sleep apnea. Sleep and oxyengation is apparently  a important part of building muscle mass.  I always figured rumors around Beefcake Byrson and steroids was going to be a thing eventually. Just took him winning a major to bring it out of the closest more. If Bryson were any other athlete in another sport the suspicions would be through the roof after putting on much mass as he has - as quickly as he did. But It seems like he's largely avoided any critical quesitons about it to this point. 
    • Looks like i replied to this topic about a month ago. Was having issues with the game and decided it was time to take a little break. Since then I've played 26 rounds with a high score of 88 and a low score of 73. The index has gone from a 6.5 to a 9.2. Actually, in the last 2 weeks the index has gone up to a 10.2. but has slowly been coming back down to a 9.2. Anyway, Mondays round was a 73, and todays round was a 82. Just no consistency.
    • I want to work on my slice off the tee and try to increase by carry distance. Also improve my flexibility by doing more stretching and resistance training.

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