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  1. Shot a 91 at my home course today, 4 strokes below my average. No blow up holes or penalties. Six pars, seven doubles, five bogeys and no triples or birdies. I didn't record the round through GameGolf, but I hit a lot of GIR or nGIR even with shots that were not well-struck. The round included some of the worst putting I've had since before I bought my current putter. Aerated greens with a bunch of sand applied helped lead tol 3-putts and even a couple of 4-putts. My ball striking was piss-poor as well. The upside is that I was able to keep my focus to some extent by disregarding the
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  2. Senior flex - typically, it's tough for those with senior flex to get enough height/carry with a 3 wd unless it's use is as a second driver. I'd look at a 5 wd, forget the 4i, get a high launching 4H. BUT start playing and see how the bag works - if the 4 and 5i are not getting enough height and consistency, consider hybrids or even a 7 or 9 wd. As to the LW, depends on your short game, wedge fitting and technique. Most ams play too little bounce in their wedges - get fit after more work on the swing. Good luck!
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  3. I call them "flaws" in the course design that destroy my great round!
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  4. No. And the entire point is that five hours should not be the norm. The norm should be closer to four. That extra 25% matters.
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  5. There is no Doug Sands listed in PGA members directory, maybe he was referring to the Potato Growers of America school??
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  6. A couple of thoughts: Film it. You don't need to post it. Feel is not real, and you might feel like you're making a huge change but not actually changing much in the picture. It can be frustrating, yes. But it's much more frustrating to spin your wheels because you're not actually changing anything. Imagine if you don't film yourself for two months and then when you do, it's the same as before. That's much worse than being frustrated that you don't have an instant fix. Slow it down. Make sure you are actually doing what you are trying to do. Use a mirror. Use a camera. Whatever. M
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  7. #6 seems very questionable to me... Sure, if you're in a competition I suppose. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE I've ever played with talks to my ball in a positive manner. "Go, go, go" - "BITE" and everything else. I think it's good manners. It means they are paying attention and pulling for me. I always try to reciprocate it back to them. Just seems friendly to me.
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  8. Yes. I do it all the time. It's a great method that very few golfers are aware of. Occasionally, someone will argue that it isn't legal. When that happens, I'll place my club head close to their shin and then kick the club head to cause it to strike their shin. As he's hoppin' around on one foot holding his leg, I'll turn to the others in the group and ask "anyone else think this isn't legal?".
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  9. Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par 4 4 4 3 5 4 5 3 4 36 4 3 5 3 4 4 5 4 4 36 72 Me 4 4 3 2 5 3 6 2 4 33 4 3 5 4 4 4 4 3 4 35 68 6 birdies, 10 pars, 2 bogeys I'm a happy golfer!!!
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    • I thought you said he was hitting a wedge???? Funny story, Carl.  So, 20-25 years ago, there was guy in my work golf league who always said he was a scratch player... at least that's what he told us. He also used to say he hit driver 300 yards (this was back when 300 yards was far.) We called the guy "half wedge", because every approach shot he'd say "This is a half-wedge for me". Every time I ever played with him, he'd say "Man, I don't think I've ever played this badly." The other thing he'd tell us is that he'd "Cave in the face" of his driver a couple times per year. So, he was always getting a new driver.  Sure enough, one time I was playing with him and it did seem as though he "caved in the face" of his driver.  Come to find out. Somebody supposedly caught him on the course after he'd raced ahead of everyone. He was thinking he was alone, midway through and was using a big rock to hammer a ball into the face of his driver so that it would be "caved in" before he'd tee off. So, he was destroying the driver face, just to give the appearance that he "caved it in" on his next swing. I guess when he was caught he tried to play it off as he had "caved in" the face of his driver on the previous hole, and was using the rock and the ball "trying to fix it" so that he could use it the rest of the round. 🤣 Here's the kicker. He actually would take his driver back to the shop where he bought it and they would replace it for him. Now that takes some balls. And I don't mean Titleist's. 
    • I have been asked by the Committee of a local club and the underlying question is as you suggest. Are the scores to be returned as Competition (in WHS terminology) scores or General Play? If the former, should each round be set up as one competition for all players (preferred I think) or a series of two man field competitions?  Each game will be strokeplay and the lower scorer of the two players in that game goes into the next round
    • Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nobody pays me for anything I do. They pay me for what I used to do.
    • Welcome to TST. Many of us have gone through a similar journey as you. I enjoyed all the lows and all the highs. Have fun!
    • Alice Cooper got some demons under control by playing a lot of golf, maybe it will work for Manziel?  I don't think he'll make the PGA Tour.  Best he can hope for is a DQ from a KFC Tour event, thus following in Jerry Rice's footsteps. 
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