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  1. Simply put, yes. At least in my opinion. You can certainly swing the club quickly with only your upper body, but I believe that lower body movement and rotation amplifies everything your upper body does. Personally, I feel like proper lower body movement makes it easier to hit the ball solidly with less apparent effort.
  2. when you practice, what's your priority piece? Try to play 6 3 hole rounds forgetting the issues of the previous round. Purchase LSW, it's a game changer.
  3. Buy the book...your practice shouldn't be all over the place. Find your priority weakness and focus on that until you have improved that before moving on to another weakness.
  4. I've played them in the past and really like the Q Star Tour.
  5. I would like to change my position on this. I think I am brand snob(ish). If you find my dead body near a 'Power Built' 7i is because some tasteless person has used it to take me down and forgot to get rid of the evidence. Yeah, and don't even get me started on RAM wedges with holes on the face instead of grooves. I completely expect to get run over by the stick that shows up with gun metal PXGs but can you imagine the shame if you get hosed by some one wielding a Top Flite chipper or dinking around Tommy Armor balls?? I wouldn't get out of bed for days.
  6. I get those silly LinkedIn "news" emails and have seen separate articles about what industries my generation (millennials) are killing and saving. Golf has shown up on both...interesting what statistical interpretation can do. My experience seems to be otherwise. My company has a rotation program and with every new group of 4-5 22-24 year olds that come in each year, at least 1 plays golf regularly. When I started a few years ago, there was the one team of "young guys" playing in the company charity tournament. Now there are multiple. And one of those teams has won the tournament 4 out of the past 5 years. I play the cheaper courses and I regularly see not only younger people, but also teenagers. Makes sense since, surprise surprise, they tend to be on a budget. Maybe it depends on the type of course, maybe it depends on the area, I don't have the answers...but I plan on playing golf until I am dead.
  7. I agree..only 40 balls and the wear and scuffs are awful. Near the heel and sole in that area look awful. I'm not a fan of any black clubs for that reason.
  8. I stand by my comment. The original picture seems to show an extreme amount of wear and use for just one range session. Curious to see what the new club looks like after one range session
  9. HI. I'm new here and this is a very long thread so if these points have been made before, I apologise in advance. It seemed to me that there were two big issues in the Ryder Cup. The first was the course set-up, and the second was the apparent difference in attitude between the teams. Le Golf National is a tight course. Let the rough grow deep like it was here and accuracy is going to be at a premium. Length helps everywhere, but with rough like that and water everywhere that course really has to be played from the fairways: you can't drive the ball like Mickelson habitually does and expect to have a shot to the green. Mickelson's comments afterwards about not wanting to play these sort of courses anymore were revealing. I didn't take them as just the moaning of a sore loser, they are more indicative of a completely different approach to the game. On the PGA tour very few courses are set up to really penalise the long but wayward drive, it's routine to hit it off-line and still have a wedge into the green. And the organisers, and the crowds, as well as most of the players, like it that way. Boom-boom off the tee, lots of close approaches, lots of birdies for the TV people. In Europe, and especially the UK and Ireland, the mindset is a bit different. Most of the old-established courses aren't that long, but they're tight or they're hard and fast or they're exposed to the wind (or all three) and simply blasting it 320 yards off the tee is very often a poor strategy. The game is more about choosing the right shot to adapt to the terrain than about setting up courses to favour the big bombers. It's less spectacular but calls for more imagination and judicious shot selection. That was what was required in Paris and most of the Americans failed to adapt. Why was that? Partly it was that the demands made were unfamiliar. But in addition (and this is where the attitudes of the teams comes in) most of them simply didn't look to be up for the fight. Woods mooched round looking as miserable as sin. Johnson at times looked almost indifferent. Apart from the close buddies, like Speith and Thomas, who were clearly playing for one another, it didn't look like a team. Contrast that with the Europeans, for whom the competition was clearly a very big deal and who were giving everything not merely to play as well as they could but to support and encourage their teammates. If you didn't know better you'd think Europe was a nation and the USA just a loose confederation of guys who happen to play quite well - for themselves.
  10. So ok. Poulter is a bit of an ass. Then again, wouldn't the world be a more boring place with out a few asses. The only thing pro sports is good for is entertainment and the entertainment is much better with the proverbial black hat.
  11. Which other Rules do you ignore?
  12. From rest of the post, it sounds like he won't be for too long.. 😊
  13. Given that I think golf as an outdoor sport will be non-existent in 30-40 years, I think smaller courses are temporarily inevitable. Not sure that means it is better.
  14. I'm a very old man. I've learned that most women can whup me at golf. I've also learned to let go of the anxiety of others watching me. Most are not even interested in me...They're just wondering how they look in their new golf sweater. Just stick with it; each of us started by hitting the first ball. So did everyone else. Best, -Marv
  15. Welcome to TST. We're glad you've decided to join. The obsession is real. The best golf book is Lowest Score Wins. LSW. There are plenty of great videos on the site Check out this Instructional Content There is also a Member Swings area where you can get some expert advise for free on your swing without anybody be judgmental. The Golftec videos are pretty good too. Don't hesitate to play, even with the old men. Most will be welcoming and encouraging. Where are you guys located? Enjoy the site and post often
  16. Had an interesting thing happen yesterday during my round. A buddy and I were playing together as a twosome, and the course was really backed up. Marshall let a twosome who had caught the foursome behind us play though and catch us as we were waiting to drive up to the 7th tee (it was still taken by the group ahead of us). The guys drove up and we talked for a bit, and ended up playing the rest of the round with them as instructed and had a good time. But at the time they first got paired with us we stated "hey guys just want to let you know we are playing the whites (6100 yards)". They said "ok thats fine, we are playing the blues (6500 yards)". We told them no worries we didn't mind playing from different tees, and the drove off first and headed to the tee as we followed. The thing is they drove right past the blues and parked at the whites! One of the guys climbed out and said "we talked it over and decided to play the whites with you guys...we just needed an excuse to do it". It was a little funny, and over the course of the round I could see why the "whites" were the CORRECT choice for their game. Most of my drives fell between 230-250 with my dinkers usually being 200-220....and I was CLEARLY the long hitter of the group. Its amazing how many long irons the guys had to hit into greens when I had mid irons...I just couldn't help but think what they would have into par 4s if they had played from the blues!! Hitting a bunch of 3 woods into par 4s sounds like miserable golf... I share this because this thread (like others on the same topic) probably has at least some people like these guys. Don't get caught up in "tee markers" as the "right" choice for what you should play. If you are unsure what tees to play, or you want to enjoy the game a little more don't be afraid to take a realistic evaluation of your game and adjust accordingly....golf just may be fun again.
  17. That’s inaccurate. You can play a provisional so long as it is played from behind where the original ball is likely to be. Look at these two rulings.
  18. MGA Super Bowl shamble this morning. Had a great time with some guys I’ve never played with before and we played pretty well. After picking the best tee ball, I was able to make 5 birdies on my own ball. Still working on my tee game, but it’s starting to click.
  19. For me, I can finally start swinging the clubs again. I haven't been able to play since last August. Since then, two surgeries and a few injections and therapy. But I finally feel well enough to start practicing again. I should be able to hit balls in the next week. You don't realize how much you miss golf until you can't play it.
  20. @iacas, Hard to even think about actually playing golf when it's February. I got my handicap index down to 6.7 at the end of the year. So that's a good thing. I finally decided at this level, the only way I'm going to get better at this game is to take two steps back and do two things. 1) Get rid of my over the top move (success) 2) Get lessons. In 21 years playing this game, I'd had zero actual lessons. Pros have given me quick tips here and there, but not once had I taken a lesson. I received a gift cerificate to a year round indoor golf center, that has GC2 and a simulator. (They are one of the very few Exotics fitters around here). So I was looking around in there, and there was a sign for a pro giving lessons over the winter/spring for $75 for an hour lesson. So I asked the man up at the counter, if I could speak with him. I asked all the questions that are in LSW... He seemed to know his stuff. So I'm using my gift certificate for lessons and $75 a month once a month is in my price range (even though I'm a cook). In the three lessons I've had, we've changed my swing path, the weak push is gone, now my miss is a slight pull (if I get too quick). I think I am on my way to being a better golfer. I need to work on my short game a little, but this long game work will make my short game, well shorter.
  21. The thing I'm the most proud of right now is how much progress I've made with my swing and overall game in the 5 months since August when I did my first Sand Trap outing. I know Erik can attest to just how all over the place I was with the ball striking and also my body throughout the swing. I think I had 2 pars the entire round that day. Bought my copy of LSW from Erik that day, signed up for Evolvr that same week, started filming my swing and made an effort to change the picture and fix one priority piece at a time. Fast forward through dozens of range sessions, hundreds of dry swings at home and within a few months I was able to break 80 a few times on my good days and have a completely renewed confidence in my game. Pretty excited to see what happens with my game this year!
  22. Okay. Last time out I birdied what has been a nemesis hole. Nothing spectacular: fairway, green, 6ft putt. Now I have a movie to watch that ends well.
  23. 1 point
    I would say that is a bathroom for men, women, and superheroes who wear capes. I have no issue with this. Most of this crap is just overblown politicizing of a non issue.
  24. No. I think that's a slippery slope. The caddie is acknowledged as the equivalent of the player in too many aspects of the rules. I see no reason to break out that one particular aspect of the team....
  25. The player should have to to the playing, including the aiming.
  26. I voted yes. Aiming your body for your shots is part of the game and players should do that themselves.
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    • I lived at PGA Village for 8 years. They have a myriad of membership types. It's a half hour from area noted. The Fox Club is actively seeking members in Palm City. Go play it see if it fits. There are many decent public courses in the general area. A great deal for the summer is the SFPGA membership. Most of the private courses members exit the area and they allow play for nominal fees. 
    • I liked Eagle Creek when I lived there. I thought Twin Rivers was pretty good too. I wanted to play Bay Hill, and Mission Inn, but didn’t get to it. Dubsdread was also on my todo list, and I hear they have an awesome cheeseburger. Finally, Winter Park (Nine Hole) is on Golf Week’s Top Courses you can play.
    • Thanks guys.    This is exactly the feedback I was hoping for.   Our trip is at the end of August, so we have plenty of time.   I'll take a closer look at Mission Inn and maybe change out Championsgate for them.   This is very exciting for us, as this is our 16th straight year of doing this, and this is the first time we have gone east of Utah.   (We are all from Oregon).    
    • The club shouldn't be soled completely at address to account for shaft droop at impact.

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