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  1. If you want a more accurate average then you should just take outliers. Take you top and bottom 10% of your drives and throw them out. The average of your middle 80% will be much more useful to your gameplanning and tee selection....or just get a gamegolf device and it does the work for you 🙂
  2. Everyone: Dick's has Top Flite D2 soft 15-ball packs on sale. Great deal if you get 5 or more....$9.99/15 ball pack. They are a good ball and I play them all the time in my regular groups as well as in competitions. For really good golfers, with high swing speeds and consistent ball striking, the top tier brands do make a difference, but I see little or no difference in my handicap (8) whether I play this or a more expensive "name" ball. These balls have a very nice feel....they aren't like the Top Flite "rocks" of old. At this price, they're a steal. I play a course with a lot of water along the fairways and around the greens, along with lots of woods. Losing balls is just part of the experience. While I HATE losing a ball, losing one of these at less and $1/ball, is not as painful as losing one that costs $4. I highly recommend them if you're looking for a good everyday ball. Check your ego at the first tee and give these a try.
  3. The course was mostly empty yesterday morning and since my playing partner didn't show up, I decided to record the first 9 holes. I debated uploading the video because, let's face it, while it's interesting for us crappy golfers to watch good players, nobody want's to lose 14 minutes of their life watching me play shitty golf. But the round was fairly typical and when I watched it became clearer just how costly some of my weaknesses are. The full swing is what it is and while I'm still not getting any weight forward, it wasn't as bad yesterday as it's been at times in the past. Yesterday, the short game and putting cost more strokes than the full swing. Of course, that isn't always the case. And it could be argued that had I hit more greens, I wouldn't have to depend on my chipping and pitching. I simply have to improve everything if I want to get to bogey golf. Still, this wasn't a bad way to spend an October Sunday morning in Northern Michigan.
  4. I used to use a strong 3 as my driver. The idea was that I would be more familiar with it the more often I used it. I eventually went back to a driver/5 wood pairing as I rarely needed the 3 wood for a second. It isn't a bad idea...but driver/5 wood suits me better. The strong 3 was too long for the dog-leg holes and not as reliable as the 5. If I played from farther back I might have a different opinion...but I don't.
  5. Easy answer. It's the toughest thing I ever did, and where I continued to have fun doing it. That, and some personal, positive health reasons.
  6. It used to be getting away from the phone and enjoying the peace and quiet outdoors. Sadly those days seem to be more and more often going away as people can't turn their electronics off on the course. Have many friends that I rarely play golf with anymore because they spend more time texting, talking and tweeting than golfing. My favorite thing about golf is being outside away from the daily grind, enjoying the challenge of playing a game that can't ever really be perfected.
  7. Favorite Thing About Golf: The complexity of its simplicity. The anguish of its peacefulness. The relaxation of its exhaustion. The echo of its silence. The duration of its brevity. The golf shot.
  8. So I'm assuming that under CONGU your handicap is a single number, not an "adjustable" thing like the USGA Handicap Index. In a match, you get the difference between your handicap and your opponent's. If you're playing a scratch player, you're right, a stroke on holes 11-18, and two strokes on #1 to #10. The same would apply if you're in a Stableford competition. But if you're playing a match against a 20 handicapper, you only get 8, and he gets none, and your strokes fall on holes with handicap numbers 1 to 8. And if you're in a straight stroke-play competition, you subtract 28 at the end of the day, it doesn't matter where the strokes fall.
  9. So many responses that resonate with me , but the one about finding yourself alone on the course during twilight is a big one for me, it's just a wonderful peaceful feeling. Another great thing though is that you can always have the joy of competing - whether against friends, in a formal comp, or just against yourself.
  10. TaylorMade Project A is a good 3 piece ball, right at your $35 limit.
  11. The Snell are very good. I also like the Srixon Q-Star Tour and the E6.
  12. Good by me. And I didn't mind and actually kinda liked Johnny Miller. I think he gets a bad rap by sheep. 🙂
  13. Well I will say yesterday was a bad golf day but today was amazing !!!!
  14. A member swing thread involves posting pictures or a video of you swing, which you can take with a decent phone camera. The angles you take the video make a big difference. Please read this thread and follow instructions: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing Oh, and just so you know, nobody here cares about how you look, just how you swing a club. 🙂
  15. A tale of 2 rounds this weekend. Saturday, I probably played about as bad as I could play. Couldn't hit my driver in play, had 4 penalty strokes, putted horribly, it was down-right ugly. 40-44-84 1 birdie, 5 pars, 6 sixes, ugh! Sunday went the other direction 36-38-74 2 birdies, 12 pars and 1 double. A 10 stroke swing over two rounds, On a separate note, heading to Streamsong on Wednesday afternoon.
  16. The lower body is very much involved in the downswing. Whether that's something the golfer needs to feel or be conscious of depends on the player and their tendencies. In some instances golfers can improve the dynamics of their downswing by making changes to the backswing. An efficient pivot on the backswing won't guarantee a perfect downswing but for a lot of players, the issues they see at impact/downswing originate well before it.
  17. 67 today with no bogeys. -11 for the weekend 💪
  18. I pointed out above the 5.6 MPH difference in clubhead speed. I'd also point out the 4166 RPM of spin that the player had - I missed that in the first glance. 4166 RPM down to 2200 or so - cutting the number almost in half by shaving off about 1700 to 2000 RPM of spin - adds 25 yards. Moving the clubhead speed up 5.6 MPH adds almost 15 yards. 25 + 15 = 40; 234.4 + 40 = 274.4. But you'd also get more roll. The "new driver new balls" with the better trajectory and spin (and ball speed) roll out 17.9 yards, while the "old/old" roll out less than 10 yards. So, add in 8 more yards and you're up to 282.4 - farther than he hit the new ball, new driver. Never mind that the "old balls" were not exactly new. Did you see them? This was posted on another site: I replied something like this: What would be more "fun" about watching someone hit it to 35 feet instead of hitting it to 20 feet? If on TV the announcers just subtracted four from the club they told you the players were hitting - if they said "hitting a 4-iron" instead of an "8-iron" - that would make watching golf "more fun"? I fail to see how - you just see a ball being hit, and a ball flying through the air, and a ball landing on a green. The club you're told the player hit doesn't matter. I know it matters to the difficulty of the shot, and that changes the appreciation for the skill (or luck) that it took to get the ball as close as it got, but "more fun"? I think players making birdies is "more fun." I've never understood this line of thinking. Yes, the golfers who know stuff would be more impressed by a player's ability to hit a 4-iron to 10 feet than if he hits a wedge to 10 feet, but those times would also become far, far less common. Birdies would go down. GIRs would go down. Everything would go down, and the PGA Tour would then shorten the courses and begin playing them from 6700 yards so that we could see pros hitting shots close and making birdies again, and thus they'd be back to hitting their 8-irons and wedges instead of their 4-irons once again. What small gains you might make up for hitting a longer club into a green would be more than lost in players not hitting the ball as close to the hole anywhere near as often. Not really, no. Part of this is because the new balls didn't break any rules or anything - the solid-core, urethane covered balls met the ODS (overall distance standard). And amateurs had been playing Pinnacles, etc. for a long time. About the only thing that golf's ruling bodies could have done was mandate a ball speed/spin range or something that would have meant that if you wanted higher spin short iron shots, you'd be stuck with higher spin driver shots, and if you wanted lower spin driver shots you'd have lower spin short iron shots. But that would be very difficult to get right, and probably would have had loopholes anyway. I think that far, far, far too much attention is given to the professional game. P.S. I didn't remember in doing the "math" stuff above that the distances were in meters instead of yards, but it's only about a 10% difference, and so since we're talking about 40 meters, about a 4-yard change to my math overall. Almost negligible.
  19. I'm just thankful that nobody among the various guys with whom I play feels it necessary to have music. I really dislike it on the course. It's against the rules and it just doesn't belong on a golf course. There's something wrong it you can't be away from your music for a few hours to play a round of golf. The odds are also very good that we won't both have the same taste in music. Regardless, I don't even want to hear the music that I like while I'm playing.
  20. Nah, he plays with Dalai Lama and Neil Armstrong on the hollow metallic moon... 🤪 Then the Cannabis wears off and he realizes that he punched a bunch of holes in his living room... 😂
  21. Wait, it's not on free TV, or even TGC? Well, that changes things. I've been a Tiger fan since his first US Am win, but I'm not paying to see him play a one-round exhibition, two months after I've seen him play 20 competitive rounds in six weeks. Let alone in the middle of football season. I'll catch the highlights on Youtube.
  22. Also, as I mentioned, but your roid-rage or whatever failed to read: I hit enough shitty shots (OB, tops, sky-balls) to drop my true average quite a bit. Probably more like the 220 or even less that you mentioned. This (among other things) would help account for the atrocious HC index I hold. Think of it like this: I “SMASH” a down-hiller 290-300 (fairly easy swing for me, FWIW), then on the next hole, hook one into Narnia OB. Guess what? My driving average is now 140-150. But on any given swing, with possibly 50% accuracy, I can very likely hit it as far, or further than you. No sweat. It’s not ‘male ego’ or lying. It’s just real life. I’m down for screen golf! You in Japan? I live in Yokosuka.
  23. It's a matter of what would improve my score (and decrease my handicap) the best, long-term. Chipping just isn't that important in the grand scheme of things: I would bet that you rarely chip O.B., and if you have a basic competent chipping motion, you're probably at least advancing your ball and not costing yourself a full stroke lost (or worse) with most of your shots inside 40 yards. By contrast, improving your full swing motion can make a big improvement in your scores. Check out this thread. As a warning, it's a lot to read, but I encourage you to read at least the main points made by Erik in the first post and his responses. It may be aggravating because there are plenty of responses in there that clearly didn't read the post and are responding to a hallucination. That's just trying new things, I wouldn't view that as a consistency issue so much as deciding on strategy. That's part of learning and is perfectly fine. I tried a shot in my most recent round and, as soon as the ball left the clubface, I remembered "oh right, I never practiced that shot, why did I think I could hit it here?" The lesson is that I shouldn't try that in tournaments. Practice rounds are great. A lot of people at our level of play will hit a ton of bad shots and one good shot, then say they wish they could be consistent. I thought that's where you were going and wanted to preempt it. I had many a year of the delusion that my best shots were indicative of what I should be able to do more often.
  24. Okay this post is is old but I’m 58 and female and recently played golf solo. I never thought twice about it. I wanted to play and no one was available. If I want to exercise or take a walk by myself I do so why not golf??? I love the game. Funny though that I was approached by a male group ahead of me a few weekends ago and they couldn’t believe I was a female and playing by myself. We exchanged numbers as he said his wife was looking for a female golf partner. I golfed with her last weekend.
  25. For those of you who haven't seen the EX9 woods and hybrids + EXI irons, the stock photos do not do these irons justice. D, 4w, 3h: Exotics EX9 Matrix Black Tie 7M3.1 X-Flex... all a 1/2" longer than standard. (So it softens the X-Flex a smidge) Irons (4-PW, AW) Exotics EXi, KBS Tour 105 Stiff (I ordered these almost 4 weeks ago, they just came today) The shafts are not stock... when I was fitted I swung the C-Taper Lite, 90 and the 105 in both Stiff and Extra Stiff, I went with Stiff because they feel stiffer than the Tour 90s in Stiff. Wedges (54°, 58°) Exotics CB Pro S, with DG Wedge Flex... I like a heavier shaft in my wedges, because it keeps my transistion smooth... Putter: Exotics David Glod Tour Series v1.3, 35", Superstroke Mid Slim 3.0... I liked this putter from the get go... @iacas, I looked into Edel but there really wasn't anyone close to do a fitting... so I stuck with Tour Edge... I think I may need the lie flatter on my putter, I hold my hands low. more photos coming... I have to figure out how to compress photos. If you have any requests let me know. All non putter grips are Lamkin UTX +1/16" I wanted non-tapered, but TE gave me a reduced taper which was close enough. Irons are 1/2" longer than standard, and 2° upright. Woods and hybrid are 1/2" longer than standard.
  26. First off, I wanted to say sorry because I couldn't find the "Golf Porn" thread so I decided to post this here. In my bag: - Taylormade R9 SuperTri 11.5* Driver - Taylormade RBZ HL 17* 3 Wood - Cleveland CG Black 22* 7 Wood - Scratch EZ-1 Forged Irons 4 - PW (The means Digger/Slider, which means that it has a custom grind for someone who takes a "dollar bill" divot) - Taylormade ATV 52* Gap Wedge - Taylormade ATV 60* Lob Wedge - Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T. Blade Putter - Taylormade Stratus Bag - Adidas Tour 360 Aluminum Shoes (I added them because I just bought them and they`re sick)
  27. here they are boys.(these are currently in my sig) please note: 1) i have 714 MB's (7-PW) coming 2) i have a 50* TVD M grind vokey coming 3) i have 2 KBS Tour Hi-Rev X shafts coming 4) i have my 2014 Titleist staff bag coming for the 55/60* vokeys Woods: Irons: Wedges: Putter:
  28. Here my first WITB bag view Driver Rescues/Hyrids Mashie M2 and M3 - Hiyazaki 59R shafts Irons/dog (5-pw) CG16 Tour - Dynamic Golf True Temper Regular Shafts Close up of iron heads (ignore the mud played today) White Hot #6 Putter Forged 588 54° Copper, RTX 558 53º(used as sand wedge) Donnay 60º Copper wedge that i wont get rid of, was given to me when i started 8 months ago and remains my favourite, cheapest club.
  29. Added some new wedges and hybrid over the winter. Should be done for this year.
  30. Just added this little guy to my bag.. I have a really good feeling about this one.
  31. I finally got around to snapping some pics for a WITB. It's cloudy out and the lighting is poor but you get the general idea. As indicated in my signature, my bag contains the following... Driver: Callaway 9.5' FT-5 Tour N I-Mix w/Diamana WB 73 S Fairway Woods: Titleist 13' or 18' 909F3 D3 w/Matrix Ozik Code 8 S The driver is a stock I-Mix FT-5 with a Diamana WB 73. This will likely be replaced sometime in 2010 w/the new FT Tour (if the FT Tour proves to be a worthy upgrade anyway) or another "smaller" driver (never have been a huge fan of the 460cc heads). The fairway woods have both been custom built starting with stock clubs from Titleist. Shafts have been spine aligned and play just a tad stiffer than "stock S-flex". The swingweights are set to D3 (4g of hot melt added to 18' for swingweight adjustment). The 18' fairway wood is my 15th club so it shares time in the bag booting either the 13' fairway wood or 3-iron depending on course, conditions, etc. All of my woods are gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cords. Irons/Wedges: Scratch TD SB-1 3-PW D/S D2/D3, 52' SND D4, 56' SFU D5 & 60' EGG D6 w/S300 My SB-1's were also custom built. Shafts in all irons and wedges have been spine aligned and are Dynamic Gold S300's playing true to flex. 3-9 irons swing at D2, the PW comes in at D3. My wedges are also Scratch, this time from the Tour Department. Lofts, grinds and swingweights are indicated above. Later I spine aligned the shafts and adjusted the swingweights to my preference after coming from the Scratch Tour Department lighter than ordered (I ordered them as D4, D5, D6 and they showed up D2, D4, D4). All of my irons/wedges are also gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cords. Putter: Scotty Cameron 33" Studio Select Newport My putter is an OTR Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport at 33" w/the red cord grip. Factory Scotty headcover has been swapped in favor of an Odyssey headcover since I really didn't like the added bulk or velcro found on the Scotty headcover. I have two of these putters, one stays in the bag the other stays at home for practice around the house. The "gamer" is pictured below. I love this putter but the graphics and extensive stamping annoy me to a point. As you could likely tell from the rest of my set, I like simple and clean. A more "traditional" satin chrome is just fine by me and I don't want or need a lot of stamping and graphics. Due to that rather small annoyance, I'll likely have a custom SSB made to duplicate my Cameron in form and (hopefully) function. Of course, if I do this, it will be clean w/very few markings. For now however, the Cameron sinks enough puts to stay in the bag despite the minor annoyance. Well, that's my bag for the start of 2010.
  32. Again!! Driver- titleist 907D2 8.5 With a Flo'ed Diamana WhiteBoard x5ct X Flex. 3Wood- Taylormade tour Launch 14.5 With a Matrix Ozik F7M2 Proto X flex Hybrid- Adams Idea Pro 20 With Matrix Ozik Altus Hybrid X flex Irons- Mizuno MP-32 3-PW Wedges- Mizuno MP Series 56/14 60/6 Putter- Scotty Cameron Newport. Now for the pics... Adress- 3 wood- Hybrid- irons- Wedges- Putter- In the line up for future use.. Big oaks T'Ville and a scotty TeI3 Long Kneck cally x forged 50. Spined Project X (thats what the tape is for, to point out hte Natural Bend Point) Mizzy MP-32 2 iron
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    • Day 289 Same thing as yesterday, but with an 8-iron, and no superspeed or driver swings    
    • Been stuck on two to go for a while, ticked one off the other day, just the opening hole to go. Haven’t even come close to birdieing it for ages. Green is twenty metres or so above an undulating fairway , falls away back & sides and is always hard. Even though we’ve just left winter Ive never known it to be soft, just drains away, and difficult to stop on.
    • The Callaway Edge at Costco might be seasonal.  Doesn't look like ours has them.
    • Day 61 I played 36 holes today at 2 different courses. Both rounds consisted a solid Front 9 with the Back 9 going south on me
    • Well, first you said that it had been discussed that he put on 40 pounds but that it wasn't lean mass.  I replied that I never said the 40 pounds was lean mass.  You then surmised that I had difficulty believing that he had put on 40 pounds naturally wherein I answered that I never said it didn't look like he put on 40 pounds and based on what I see from before and after that of the 40 pounds in relation to the ratio of muscle to fat, what I feel is likely he can put on naturally isn't how I see that being distributed on his frame. So, if your overall conclusion is that I'm skeptical that the muscle he's added (which is not all 40 pounds) was done naturally and if I'm skeptical of an organization turning a blind eye in a situation which they may feel it's more beneficial for them to do - then yes to both.  That said, I'm not convinced of either of those things because I don't know the details of the PGA's anti-doping policy, how quickly substances a person may use in this type of situation stays in a body, and the fact that because Bryson is an outlier when it comes to natural and physical ability (which all PGA players I'd presume have to be) then he could also be an outlier in his ability to grow muscle at a quicker rate than most of us.

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