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  1. IMO walk the course is a win. Play on with 72 is a privilege no matter how well or badly. I recommend play foursome or Texas scramble. They are less demand on yourself. Share some wisdom to the Junior. I always welcome some from my senior member.
  2. Now that he is retiring from his broadcasting, I would love to see Johnny Miller as a captain. I know it would never happen, as he is seen as too controversial....... BUT imagine the conversations between him and the players behind closed doors.
  3. I’m sure Stricker is probably a good choice from the player’s perspective. And that’s what’s important. Personally I just find him to be very lacking in charisma or personality.
  4. Golf is a game best played with others. But I can play a round solo and enjoy it just as much.
  5. This is a little tricky to say which is right and why they are different. Could both be wrong or could both be right. First I will say remember that the clubs you were fitting are different and have different specs. Stock length on the 5s are longer than the 2s. Swing weights are also slightly different and static weights are different. 100g DG shaft vs a 112g PX (speaking rough cut weights) also could make differences with lie angle. All this is to say that I think you need to fit each club (ie set) on it's own after picking the shaft and head you want. Because those two things will impact the lie fitting. As a club maker I have also come to the conclusion after years that iron length need be far less rigid in it's measurements. If you feel more comfortable with longer clubs so that you are less hunched over in the short irons, then go with that. A half inch longer iron is not going to make much difference in your accuracy game and if it feels more comfortable then go with it. Just make sure you factor in the weight changes in a longer club because that is way more important than length. After all that lock down the lie angles.
  6. Yes, I think you may be missing something. There is more than one way of not knowing about penalty strokes you have incurred. There is ignorance of the rule (and that includes DJ's error) and there is knowing a rule but not realising that you have breached it eg by not noticing you touched sand with your backswing in a bunker, not noticing you accidentally moved your ball, not noticing that you had teed up in front of the markers. You cannot know what you have not seen. In such a situation it's right that the player cops the penalty for whatever it was, but not right that he should be further penalised. Exception – Failure to Include Unknown Penalty: If one or more of the player’s hole scores are lower than the actual scores because he or she excluded one or more penalty strokes that the player did not know about before returning the scorecard.
  7. I'm in my mid-50's & ham and egg it out there 230ish ON AVERAGE. I know my game and my limitations. I play with a bunch of younger guys in my office. I love beating the cocky young guns that hit it 30 - 40 yds past me off the tee (one guy in particular does hit it a legit 280 yds avg, but can't control it). It seems to be an ego thing - everybody in that age group wants to hit it long ... but I do get a twisted sense of accomplishment cutting them off at the knees when I put my 6 or 7 iron on (or at least close to) the green, while they're in the bunker or deep rough coming in with their 9 iron's ....
  8. I gave it up for a year when i could no longer make any kind of contact with the ball. I delved into my other passion, fly fishing for trout, and enjoyed myself. The golf bug did bite me again and I have continued to be an avid golfer at age 66. Try taking a break doing something else you enjoy.
  9. It's a better position for me. My tendency is to lower my hands on the takeaway which leads me to set my right wrist too early, club head gets in and then the shaft gets shallow/narrow on the backswing. If I get shallow/narrow, sweet spot gets too low and behind me which causes me to stall my pivot and lift my arms. So for me feeling more "Nicklaus" helps me get the hands to ascend "up", keeps the sweet spot higher on the backswing and keep cranking the rotation of the torso. I also just like the way it feels. Gives me a good sense of where the face and mass of the club are. I don't have to "fight" the momentum of the club. I think your takeaway/backswing is ok. Would prefer to see a face-on view. Your club head is basically toe up at first parallel (A2), a little low/in but the shaft does load up your right forearm and by left arm parallel the shaft is pointing inside the ball line, which is good. The thing that stands out to me with your takeaway is that we start to see some space between your knees at A2, which might mean the sequencing of the lower body is happening too soon. If you want to experiment with more of a "right palm down" feel to see how it changes the picture, go for it. Especially since your swing starts by your head moving down, maybe a reaction to what I mentioned with the knees/lower body. The more "toe down" feel might help and the "domino" effect could facilitate the transition piece with the hands moving down and out. Something like this. Which thumb? My left thumb is "under" the grip at the top but not sure what the right is doing, I don't think it supports much at the top. I honestly haven't given it much thought but to me the right thumb is just along for the right. My club face is "closed" at the top but it's a bit by design, stronger grip works better for me. I gotcha. I think it's fine to experiment with feels/motions as long as it connects to a priority piece. If it doesn't change the picture the way you want, then ditch it. Just part of learning and owning your swing. Just don't get caught in the vicious cycle of "trying" swing theories or trying to make your swing look like a certain pro because you like their swing (been there done that). Has to always come back to your move. I want to highlight that I said picture, not ball contact, sometimes that can take a little while to catch up with the better motion (depending on the piece). And obviously I would highly recommend making a trip to see @iacas, especially as the season is winding down. They have a great indoor academy in Erie.
  10. I am traveling now. I will be heading east on I-10 tomorrow sometime. Destination is not known as yet. Depends on where my wife wants me to pick her up on her return trip from PA. All I know is there are plenty of golf courses, RV parks in front of me.
  11. Orlando in november. 26 guys playing golf and telling lies lol
  12. 1 point
    There are a lot of variables when it’s that cold out. I think you had a great round all things considered and it sounded like a lot of fun.
  13. If golf is a chore or a bore, quit. If not have fun.
  14. Maybe this is OT, and I obviously agree with you on the rule, but saying it's a "millennial way of thinking" is ridiculous. Sigh.
  15. Yup - this part is even worse, to me, than the problem of someone who intentionally lies (saying they "didn't know" a rule). I think this rule moves golf away from a game of integrity, self-policed by the players, and towards a game that has to be "refereed". That's not a good thing, even at the professional level (the only level where it's even remotely practical).
  16. I rarely get to play with my son or a friend (most friends don't play). So those are special days. So for me it is my true recreation. It allows me to recreate myself in terms of body and mind and gives me a chance to express my frustrations in invectives from 7 languages. I have a few other hobbies, now that I am retired, but golf holds a honored space because of the reasons above.
  17. My goal this year was to shoot in the 90s and with lessons, practice and playing more I have achieved that goal. Next year I expect to hit more gir.
  18. Given that I think golf as an outdoor sport will be non-existent in 30-40 years, I think smaller courses are temporarily inevitable. Not sure that means it is better.
  19. Looks great, man! You clearly have good sand skills. If you were like me that fence may take a beating
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