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  1. Slim_Pivot

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    Here we go. These are the pictures from 10-27-18. Made a lot of changes. Most of it was very natural for me and it mostly how I used to swing. There’s a chance progress will fast...probably best that it’s winter and I won’t be able to push it too fast.
  2. This is the wrong way to look at it if you're talking about improving scoring. A scratch golfer averages about 9-12 GIR. They need their short game up to 50% of the holes they play and more on a bad day. If your short game is a glaring weakness, address it. It's not as significant a contributor to your score as the long game, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored, either. You're probably joking a bit but I've seen others comment with the similar mindset.
  3. I got this a month or two ago (the iOS app only shipped at the end of August, and it wasn't fully featured at that time). I need to email them to figure out how to use the wrist portion if you don't use a glove. But otherwise… I'm looking forward to experimenting with this more.
  4. Vinsk

    Cortisone Injection

    NSAIDS can actually help this. Along with rest which is the hardest thing to do. But if it’s that persistent you should get imaging done to evaluate the actual injury. If it’s a partial tear then NSAIDS/Ice/Rest may be all that’s needed..maybe some splinting as well. But If the tear is significant you may need a surgical approach. Almost all the time inflammation is the root cause of these issues so NSAIDS can certainly provide help. When nerves get involved NSAIDS are less helpful. Good luck and take care.
  5. mvmac

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Shot my lowest round, 63, weird thing is I was just missing it well and putter was really solid. Definitely had better ball striking (contact wise) rounds lately. Out of eight makable birdies putts, inside of around that 7-8ft circle I made six of them. Then made two 25 footers and chipped one in just off the green on 16, almost putted it but changed my mind lol I got really nervous on 17 tee, never been -8 before and just stuck with the process and managed to birdie 18. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/mvmac83/round/2432567
  6. woodzie264

    Cortisone Injection

    I would - you don't want that inflammation to sit there too long and NSAIDs generally won't help that
  7. David in FL

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    Hey, I did say good bourbon!
  8. Wanzo

    My Swing (Slim_Pivot)

    Those changes look great. The difference in that last pic is cool with your arms more extended. Keep it up.
  9. billchao

    Winter Depression Thread

    Maybe I should start a crowdfunding campaign 😜
  10. For Cameron Champ, mostly any of the A1-4 positions. For Tiger, anyone position. Bubba, A3/A4 caddy or dtl JT, yeah A4 or 5 dtl Not Charles, it's Tyler Gulliksen from USD golf. Think that's Patrick Rodgers.
  11. Club Rat

    Need Some Help With Ferrules

    Make sure the shaft tip does not have a burr. Use emery cloth or sand paper to smooth the edge. Also, if they are not sliding up on the staff, liquid soap or as mentioned above, Chap Stick. And you could bore the ferrules by hand twisting them on a drill bit. If all fails, try different brands of ferrules. Make sure you are ordering "Parallel" not Tapered.
  12. Day 299 Just some.light pitching, and chipping practice this morning. I like early morning practices. Not only does it help my golf game, it's also a great way for me to start my day with some exercises. Focus was on just hitting the ball to my chosen landing areas, which were towels I had laid down as targets. Even hit a few of them. Edit; some where I messed up my continuous practice day numbers for 2018. Today is the 299th day of 2018. I thought it was 300th day. So, I have two "Day 299s". I know I have not missed a day of golf practice, or play this year. Just want to be accurate in my count...lol
  13. JxQx

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    I feel like this change in rules further pushes golf away from a "self policing sport". It's pretty hard to self police if you don't know what you are policing for.
  14. Can’t play a shank. So no, I’ve never just allowed for that. 🤣
  15. If that's her shot pattern, it's not necessarily a mishit or a "bad" shot at all.
  16. Welcome to TST! I would recommend adding a putter. 🙂 Also, you might want to consider a 3 wood. You may want to add either a hybrid or 5 wood depending on your gapping and preference. Also if you have a yardage gap between your SW and PW you can always add a gap wedge (or some call it an approach wedge). Basically, I would try to get yardages for all your existing clubs and try to fill the gaps where the need is.
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    • Today I started using mine to practice on the carpet at home.
      Primarily for chipping and checking impact and flight direction. That helps me adjust my grip/clubhead angle. Their weight and material will obviously result in a different distance when hit in comparison to a regular golf ball. Therefore I would only use it for occasional practice at home.
    • So a local cadie who cadies the course whole year round, knows less about the course then a pro caddie who visits the course once a year (for a week). Or even less because the pro’s don’t play the course every year.                                     And about not speaking English, what do we know for sure? Even caddies in Marroko at mediocre courses speak enough English, at least enough to caddie. And Matt doesn’t speak a word Mexican/Spanish too? People find ways to communicate.                                             One way or an other, Kuchar was at the top of his form. The way the caddie acted could be more important then is given credit for.
    • 72 last week at TPC Summerlin from the TPC tees (6400) in maybe one of the coldest conditions I've ever played in. 71 today back home, hit 15 greens. Missed four birdie putts within 5ft and got a bad break where I drove it into a bunker and it plugged in the lip (made bogey). Not bad for the range being closed and only getting to practice once this week and not much last week either. This was my drive on 15, and it wasn't like it was a high fade, solid medium flight draw.  
    • Yeah it was a dumb move PR wise to not be very generous with the bonus.  Can't really compare the usual rate with that week with Ortiz, completely different situations. John Wood is there for him every minute of every week, scouting the course beforehand, getting yardages, mapping greens and paying for his own travel. They can also act as emotional "support" and the good ones figure out when to give it and when to hold back. Ortiz is nowhere close to building up that "sweat equity" to earn 10%. If I was John Wood I would have been very insulted if my guy paid a temp caddy 120K.  
    • “How much should you pay?” questions tend to select responses. How much should you pay for a car? Obviously the guy who paid over a million for his McLaren doesn’t think everyone should; that’s the whole point of having one. Likewise, the guys with the $2k custom Scottys want something exclusive.   So it makes sense that most of the responses are $300 or less. If you just want to make putts, and know basically what you need in terms of length and style (mallet, blade, etc.), I don’t think you need to spend more than $100 on ebay. I’ve sold several perfectly serviceable and respectably branded putters for less.   Personally, I paid $350 for my Evnroll ER5, which I love. I like it so much that I’m going to spend even more for the black one when it becomes available. It was a subtle difference between the ER5 and my Ping Tyne ($189, I think), that it replaced. But given a choice, I’d choose the Evnroll every time. I can’t afford — and have no desire — to run with the big dogs when it comes to putters. And if I couldn’t afford a $350 putter, I think I’d do ok with any of the ones that I sold. But it’s a hobby, and it could be worse. I could be collecting large stationary engines.


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