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  1. Here we go. These are the pictures from 10-27-18. Made a lot of changes. Most of it was very natural for me and it mostly how I used to swing. There’s a chance progress will fast...probably best that it’s winter and I won’t be able to push it too fast.
  2. To echo what @nevets88 said, keep filming your practice to make sure you are doing it the same way. Also, if you have a mirror, 5 minutes of mirror work can help a lot. It looks really good.
  3. An activity I share with my son.
  4. Heading to Pinehurst with a buddy 2 weeks from Thursday for a long weekend. Playing Talamore, Mid South, and Dormie Club. The trip came up last minute and wanted to keep it on a budget so skipped out on the Pinehurst resort courses and Tobacco Road for now. If the schedules work out we might play a round or have a drink with @DaveP043 who helped me narrow my course decisions down and gave me some local knowledge.
  5. I'm not sure what your points are with these posts with respect to the subject of this thread. If you want to start a thread about swing speed and age, or experience, please start it. This thread is more about the internet exaggeration of distance. What you are posting really doesn't apply. Thanks.
  6. What I love about Golf?? I love the challenges that every new round and course brings, I love being in the outdoors and away from work, and I can just be me and enjoy the game we all love playing!!!
  7. Thanks 👍 Yep. Like Hogan said, it's not how good your good shots are, it's how bad your bad shots are (or something to that effect). Trending to a +3.2 index now (+4 at my club), at the beginning of the month I was a +2.0, pretty crazy jump. Out of my last ten rounds, eight have been under par, one was even par and one was over par. I'm saving my winnings for when I have to give four shots back and nobody will want to be my partner lol
  8. Proceeding without knowing what's going on is not a positive! I should have added another bullet point: Don't consider just one type of golf, like the golf you see on TV. These rules affect ALL of golf. As do I. I can see how people thought an outright DQ was too harsh, but two strokes seemed like an appropriate penalty, to me, for failing to uphold your responsibility to know and play by the Rules.
  9. Broadie defines short game as within 100 yards of the hole which still requires long game mechanics, so yes there is quite a bit of overlap, but if you're talking more about pitching and chipping, the stroke is a bit different. Still fairly easy to get decent at compared to the full swing.
  10. I thought this was going to be the new challenge at the next NE staff outing 😜
  11. Too much sway resulting in far too much reverse tilt: That might be enough to get you started, but it's gonna have to feel pretty extreme for awhile.
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    • Day 320 Superspeed workout, then some mirror work on takeaway/backswing, and finally hit some balls with 7-iron. Hit the ball well today. Still searching for a good feel/thought to take on course for backswing piece. Current one is okay, but I think I can come up with something better. 
    • Update - I sent an email to Arccos support about my Caddie Link order, again, and received this prompt reply (in part): "... We did begin fulfilling pre-orders at the end of September and then the first week of October our manufacturer informed us that due to COVID they are unable to acquire the needed materials to complete further devices for the next couple of weeks so shipments have halted for the time being. Shipments of the devices will commence the first week of November. We greatly apologize for this delay and issue and once they send yours out we will be sure to send you tracking and status updates."  
    • Hi all, I was fit into both the Mizuno JPX 921 SEL irons (which is a combo set of 6-GW Mizuno JPX 921 tours and then 4-5 JPX 921 Forged) and the Taylormade P770 irons.  I hit both pretty well, and thought the Mizunos had a slightly better feel but the Taylormades went slightly further.  Both had good spin rates and descent angles, although the Miznuo was slightly better on those factors for me.  I feel pretty torn between the two, I like them both a lot looks wise.  My fitter said it was a really close and tough call but that at the end of the day he would probably suggest the Mizunos for me because they're cheaper to get customer shafts and grips with, the lie can be bent more, the higher center of gravity helps a small amount with my miss (a hook), and they will last me longer as I continue bringing my handicap down.  On the other hand, the P770s are a touch more forgiving and go a little further, so it's a tough call for me. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts between the two or advice or perhaps would just like to share which they would pick in my shoes. Thank you.
    • No clue. Here is some images of the drawers.  

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