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  1. My apologies to the group as it was never my intention to be viewed as a troll to the group so for that I apologize. I like this forum more than anyone else's because you can really dig into the understanding of the game and there are a lot of educated golfers on this forum. I am just like everyone else on here in that i am looking for continued and sustained improvement in this game that we all love so much. I feel that the change to the name of the topic was justified and if any of you felt that I was confrontational towards you then I apologize. I will continue to post "my journey" topics as I feel that I can positively contribute to this forum. My experience is my own and take from it what you can even if it is just one part that gives you and "ah ha" moment as that is exactly what I did to get to where I am in my golf life. I started off right handed as you can see by my avatar and injury after injury wrecked by body and I thought that I was never going to play the game ever again. The frustration of having a fully paid for unlimited golf membership and being relegated to watching everyone else play....that happened to me twice...had me on the verge of quitting the game. I then made a decision that I was going to play golf left handed but I was determined to not take 6 years to break 90 so I took in all the information that I could and deciphered all of the information that was of use to me and that is why the particular videos that I posted above are close to my heart. I watched them over and over until I truly understood what they meant and then I got to work...left handed. The Pro and my golf buddy said that they would never forget day that I changed to lefty. I don't think I hit a ball solid for a couple days but there was one thing that I noticed and that was that I had a way more swing speed. The only club that I could hit with accuracy early on was driver believe it or not. This would create some crazy funny stories on the course where I would drive a ball 330 yards into a green side bunker then make a double bogey! As I gained coordination and some touch with took a few months I could feel things changing. I could now apply what all of what my mind had processed through studying and watching others. I broke 90 within 6 months and within one year I shot my best score of 1 over. That being said I still putt right handed...there was no way I was going to go through that stress ever again !! My journey has been much much different than most anyone else so I completely understand why the things that helped me seem unorthodox. I found along the way that if you really are okay with making yourself feel uncomfortable and think outside of the box a bit that sustained improvement can be found even when you don't think you will get any better. I am extremely passionate about all aspects of the game from the athletic side ( Excercise Science major) to the club design side (Electronic Engineering major). I also feel that I have quite a bit to contribute to the forum in that regard also because I have spent so many hours working on my own clubs at a much deeper level than just shaft, grip, and club head that I will love to share. Once again I apologize to all that felt that I was trolling them and I look forward to pressing onward from here with contributing in a positive light to the forum.
  2. I survived...kind of. Shot 79 gross. Lost 2 ways on one bet and only 1 way on the other. The stroke on 18 proved pivotal as i thought it might, with my 4 for 3 swinging 3 bets. 3 ways only cost me $30. Honestly, a better result than I deserved given the silliness of the bet in the first place!
  3. I wanted to share this. @mvmac is absolutely right about ‘changing the picture.’ Pictures/video are real, feel isn’t. As an example here from me at Mike Bender’s Academy. My swing so flat it was embarrassing. I just couldn’t seem to make a decent bs. Finally Mike put me on the wall and says, “ I want you to very slowly take your club back without touching the wall hold the top and tell me what you feel.” Once at the top I literally felt like I was playing a game of vertical twister. I said I feel like my club is just above my head...way too steep and totally out of any feasible position to hit a golf ball. I honestly thought I must look ridiculous. Mike then showed me this picture he took and said, “how’s that position look compared to what you felt”? Pretty damn eye opening.
  4. It's not a penalty, and you're not penalized. It's golf. It may be little more difficult of a shot..but isn't that just golf? What if your ball is below or above your feet because the fairway has a natural slope to it? Is it fair you have to play a more difficult shot even though you hit the fairway? It's just a normal condition of a golf course.
  5. I voted the draw as being "cooler" simply because I used to struggle with a slice and the draw just feels better to me. Most high handicappers hit a slice, meaning most of the time that you see a draw is with mid to low handicap golfers adding to the appeal behind it. Realistically though you won't see much performance difference between the two, in terms of reliability. When I'm playing I don't generally get any distance difference either because I like to play a bit of a push draw which means I've got a degree or two more loft at impact compared to a squared face. What is a more reliable shot depends on the player. To me a draw is reliable because when I'm not rusty it's a shot I can count on to end up left of where I aimed to start it 95/100 times. When I, personally, hit a fade it ends up to the right of where I aimed to start it only about 85-90/100 times (unless I'm trying to hit a hook or slice, those are both pretty much 100/100 times right or left of where I aimed to start it). I've played golf with a 40 yard slice and a 40 yard hook, and I was much more comfortable playing the 40 yard hook. It's entirely personal preference inside my head though, both work just as well as the other.
  6. Yeah, usually a result of: a bad grip or lack of wrist flexibility or taking the club back too far (by attempting to over-hinge the wrists) The trail elbow getting too far around you and thus in an awkward position. I've seen your Evolvr progress. You're making your way.
  7. I was finally able to dump the TV package and just keep my internet service with Xfinity. I have Netflix, AP and Hulu. I use Hulu for sports mostly, Netflix for originals/movies and Prime for the same. So much out there now with DirectTV direct, YouTube, etc.. It’s hard to know what the best/economical set up is to cover everything you may want.
  8. It is better if you upload the videos to Youtube and then copy the link into your post. This embeds the video. I usually set the video to unlisted. You could also start a My Swing thread and keep posting progress.
  9. Why not? Is there a rule banning men from playing the ladies tees?
  10. My flop shots, and sand shots are basically the same. Set ups, and swings are almost identical. Ball position is different. Basically when I hit one, I am practicing the other. Difference is I hit closer to the ball with my flop, and when I practice my flops, I use a club with less bounce than my SW. Depending on the lie of the ball of course.
  11. My sand technique is similar enough to my pitching technique that I'm confident mostly practicing the pitching. From there it's more of a setup adjustment that is fairly quick to relearn at a practice bunker in the spring. I would think if you're spending adequate time on pitching during the winter, you can spend a little bit more time specifically on bunker play in the spring to make up for it, too.
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