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  1. To the brave men and women who have served, We thank you for your service, sacrifices and dedication to our country. We honor you today and remain forever grateful for the opportunities and freedom your service provides. Very best, -Marv D Co., 2nd Bn 16th Inf Reg, Ist Inf Div "No Mission Too Difficult. No Sacrifice Too Great. Duty First"
  2. @iacas and Dave for years have used a similar image of the torso/hips transferring "downhill". Surfing or snowboarding downhill.
  3. Hi everyone. Clay Ballard here. I am a golf instructor and new member to the forum. I thought I would write a little about myself for anyone who might be interested in what I teach. I have always been impressed with the huge number of dedicated golfers on this forum. I figured I would sign up and start to chime in when I have some free time. You guys are awesome!! A little about me, for those who might want to know. First of all, I am probably the luckiest person you know. I get to do what I love for a living and help people enjoy this game. It doesn't get much better than that! I started playing golf at 12, played in college, and a little on the mini tours. I started teaching after I finished playing. I always had a lot of unanswered questions about my own swing when I was playing. Like many golfers, that is what drove my obsession with learning the game. Fortunately I have been lucky to figure out through thousands of hours studying the game, giving a whole lot of lessons, and always wanting to learn more, how to hit the little white ball pretty far, straight, and solid. (Most days, haha!) Even though I only play about once every few weeks, I usually hit the ball more solid and straighter than when I was practicing 8 hours a day. I like to think a big part of that is from what I have learned about the swing and applied to my own game. I definitely do not have all the answers, but I like to think I have uncovered a few. My teaching philosophy is pretty simple. 1. Give detailed instruction anyone can understand. 2. Simple is better than complicated. 3. Learn from every student you teach. 4. Fix the 1 thing that fixes 10 things. 5. Give everything you can to your students. At the center of what I teach is what's called the "Scratch Golf System." For years I noticed that almost all good players do a few motions the same. I also watched as thousands of golfers got frustrated trying to perfect their swing and chase one of thousands of tips on the golf swing. That is why I developed a step by step system for how to learn these key moves. I know a "system" isn't for everyone, and I am fine with that. But I don't teach the kind of system you are most likely thinking of. Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Ben Hogan all have very different swings, but all fit into the system I teach. It isn't about creating an identical swing. Everyone has their own. It's all about doing the "Key" pieces correctly. Those few moves are where you will find your best results.
  4. My gullibility knows no bounds!🙄 -Marv
  5. I believe that the researchable measurable reality is that MOST golfers play BETTER with GIs and SGIs, once they try them out for a while... It used to be the case that pros (who are NOT practical models for most players to emulate, anyway, given their extreme gifts and massively focused dedication and TIME investment in this funny little game) didn't play hybrids, either, and didn't play graphite shafts in irons; even that is changing, however. Does that mean that you and I shouldn't play hybrids or graphite shafts? Play what you have the most fun with, because unless you are a pro or pro wannabe, then that's the name of the golf game. If you're on a zen guru quest to master the most difficult clubs you can come up with, well then that's fine but then you ought only be advising yourself and MAYBE other esoteric zen guru questers; however, why would you advise anybody until you actually ARE a zen guru master of the blade? And then, real zen guru masters only advise other serious seekers of such mastery. For most players, even players in the top 25% of the world, which means anybody under about 14 handicap ( most experts agree that the "average" golfer shoots 100+, probably more like 105+ measured honestly... do your research; I have.), the goal of the game is shoot lower scores while having more fun -- for MOST people, that means playing clubs designed to be easier to hit, though I know "easier" is SOMEWHAT subjective but it is mainly measurable objectively.
  6. This was done with a wedge that has 22° bounce: Short answer is that you can pitch from hardpan type lies with a lot of different types of clubs, though I'd avoid high bounce PLUS wide sole.
  7. Nail

    Tee box etiquette

    That would totally annoy me. If there is any chance of hitting the guys in front it is downright dangerous to play. Look at the Brooks Koepka hitting thst woman in the eye incident.
  8. Club Champion is offering 50% discount on a full club fitting and 33% off on all other fittings. This is good between 11/5/18 to 1/31/19. I've called the Michigan location in Royal Oak to verify.
  9. We have a bunch on the site, yeah. Have a look around.
  10. When considering SGI irons, shaft testing is really critical. In 2009 I switched out my irons for the first time in a decade. I tried the Ping G10s, and the Callaway (first wave) Big Berthas and the X20s. The G10s and Berthas high-launch heads and high-launch shafts, and popped up the short irons too high. The X20s, however, had a mid-launch Uniflex shaft, and got me decent but not too much height. As for all irons, the head is only half the club. The head and shaft both affect the launch height of the club. (Ball type influences this too).
  11. Unless you're 12 where you still have a chance of being a good golfer, or you plan to quit your day job and practice 4 to 6 hrs a day, get the clubs that will make this game as easy as possible. Those are the SGI irons. Seriously Cobra, Mizuno (JPX-EZ), Callaway (XR) make some very nice SGIs and GIs. Cobra has probably the best bang for the buck. They're very underrated, and usually get their first markdown in July. I've been gaming my set for two years and don't look to replace them any time soon. I seem to hit them the best. But just remember, just because you have a few games in the low 80s doesn't mean you need new clubs. There are teaching pros who play with SGIs.
  12. You are, of course, absolutely right. But I don't have the same mindset about golf. I just think of it as a game that's fun. I play with old friends, on old public courses, and have a great time trying out different shots, clubs, etc. Belonged to a private club once and never saw more unhappy golfers, all with the newest equipment money could buy. Nothing wrong with that, just not for me.
  13. Most pros don't play SGI for the aforementioned reasons. However, I remember K.J. Choi playing with with a 3,4,and a 5 hybrid last year instead of long irons.
  14. VCoG and RCoG will have more affect on trajectory. A CoG that is higher and closer to the face will produce a lower trajectory. A CoG low and rearward in the head will produce a higher trajectory. Curving the ball is all about face angle at impact relative to path direction. 85% of the ball's initial direction is determined by the clubface angle and only 15% of the ball flight is determined by the path. Curving the ball is pretty straightforward.... for a righty to draw/hook the ball, club face is closed the the path. An open face relative to the path will fade/slice. Pros irons, or SGI irons, it's still works the same..... strike the ball with the center of the face, and the ball will start in the direction the face is pointing, and will curve relative to the face angle/path. Where the SGI irons differ is that off-center strikes will fly less off-line because SGI heads are generally built around a higher MOI, or the ability to resist twisting about it's CoG.
  15. I looked on ironfinder.com and they say the Laser FX forged was 90-93, after that it became the FX2. Ram used to make some really nice irons, and since yours are cavity back, not blades, they might work very nicely for you. I personally play FX2 GT Steel (non-forged) irons with factory graphite shafts and absolutely love them. I have tried some FX with steel shafts and found them to be somewhat dead feeling, presumably the shaft was too stiff for my tastes. What flex are yours? Bottom line is that if they feel good to you, play 'em. Don't let anyone tell you they aren't good enough because they aren't Callaway, Taylormade, etc. It'll be extra sweet when you whomp 'em with your hand-me-down Rams.
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    • 2 worst things in the world: 1.  Hitting an approach shot into the wind on a 470 yard par 4 hole. 2. Being downwind to somebody else's bad choice in music.
    • Few posters to forums admit to playing music on the course.  Those that do universally state that they play the music very low so no one further than 10 feet or so away from their cart can hear the music. My experience is that there typically are several groups with music playing loud enough for me to hear from a good distance away.  Generally the noise doesn't bother me but I have come to the conclusion that music players either don't post to forums or they are unaware how sound travels.
    • I do agree.  And they mentioned on their live stream this morning that they got a decent bump in subscribers over the weekend, likely due to the SkyTrak video.  So more of this type of content could be on its way, and maybe they'll be more willing to go out of their way to create it.  My point was only that this video wasn't meant to be anything other than comparing SkyTrak to GC Quad as opposed to a comprehensive look at all home launch monitors. 
    • I understand that, @bweiss711, but I also think you’d agree they’re branching out more and I think they monetize their videos. I also think they should have hit more than about three shots. 🙂
    • Put together a vintage set for some rounds with the kids and some par three courses.

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