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    • Apparently not very consistently.  Some days are better than others. Due to the dead scaphoid bone that supports my left thump, I usually have too much finger pressure in my left hand, leading to a dead slice if I don't consciously release through impact.. I keep my hand strength up through regular exercise with the devils backhoe (a shovel, doing road work) I was retired for a while but decided to reenter the workforce as a grunt, getting paid to exercise while being outdoors, while waiting for my young bride to qualify for a full pension.  Years ago I had ER  Drs who wanted to fuse the thumb. I declined. My regular orthopedic Dr says if I keep my hand strength anywhere near where it is I may never need it fused. I may be a bit -um- rotund, but I am still very strong for being 61. I am going to read that blog. Sounds interesting, and I will try the Snells, never heard of them till now. Thanks guys!
    • Day 52 - Didn’t get around to filming, but still took some swings; working on my setup. 
    • Day 318 Did a superspeed workout, then some work on backswing/takeaway priority piece, and started working again on hip turn priority piece.
    • 2018 PGA Championship: DeChambeau wins long drive 10th Check out the results from the annual long drive contest at the 10th hole of Bellerive during a practice round. This was pre bulk up plan.  The 2 swings he had were called "the fairway finder" and "the crank." 
    • Day 127.  Ten minutes of 1/4 and 1/2 shots (indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls) with a 56 degree this evening.  Focused on setup and form.  Despite having less than .5 shots lost short game last round, I hit several really poor chips and pitches, so I still want to get a bit of practice in with this. 

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