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    • I like that idea about the 3rd day.  I would be good playing either course the third day.  I wish they had the third course built, that would make this easier.  Someone else is also going to build one across the street I guess.  No snow here yet, but it should come soon. It usually doesn't stick until mid to late November.  I'll be over in the Winter Depression thread when it does.  
    • Day 71 pitching drills and my normal swing routine. Paying extra attention to my downswing feel to clean up my plane. 
    • I am happy for any of this. I would lean towards Sand Valley on 3 days as opposed to all 4. I'm sure I'll love SV, but I also like to experience more than just those 2 courses on the trip. A thought if we do 3 days at SV: maybe we make a foursome at each course, so that people can play their favorite of the two again. That may not work out perfectly in the end, but it's an idea. Question for you, though, Nate. Is it snowing where you are right now? I tend to get the golf bug and try to plan something like this when there's snow falling or on the ground. 🙂
    • Day 19: Some chipping in the yard for about ten minutes.
    • @dennyjones @bkuehn1952 or any other Michigan area golfers I have 2 vouchers to play Leslie Park in Ann Arbor, which expire on November 1 and for several reason I'm not going to be able to use them If you can use them in the next 10 days they are yours  - send me a PM and I will send them to you  Make my loss your gain

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