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  1. Colin lives on… a planet with 35-minute hours.
  2. I haven't seen any on my social feeds, there's just this thread in the golf subreddit. Don't see anything earth shattering based on a quick perusal. If there's anything that's amazing, please let us know!
  3. This is Captain Obvious, but wait for Black Friday, companies will usually tweet out deals.
  4. Definitely check out the link @Vinsk posted. But in a few words, it sounds like you're talking about the face position at the top of the swing. When it's cupped, for a righty, that face is open. When the face is open, that introduces a lot of compensations coming down. Subconsciously your body knows that face is pointing right and will kick the path left to compensate. Some Tour players have a slight cup at the top, but you can bet it's going towards flat/bowed coming down. When talking bowed vs cupped, I usually am thinking impact, but wrist positions at top and impact are both super important.
  5. People often forget that some of golfs essential moves are performed by our human bodies quite often. It is just in the extremely awkward and timing nature of the golf swing where these ‘moves’ become so elusive. For the lead wrist. Imagine you’re hammering a door frame across your body with the frame to your left. (I assume you’re right handed.) You would never imagine striking the wood with a cupped wrist. Hell it would hurt! Drills: First off..go slow. No, slower than that. You can use an impact bag for this when at home. On the practice field, start with small shots. Maybe take your club back to waist high. Focus on your wrist being straight or slightly bowed at impact. There are some devices out that may help with this feeling. ‘Impact Snap’, ‘Watson’s Hanger’ to name a couple. Film yourself, use a mirror. You’ll never really know if you’re doing it properly without visual confirmation. I often feel excellent impact, solid, and a divot after the ball only the see my wrists were just a hot mess at impact. Great place to do some reading. Tons of solid and well researched instruction:
  6. To be perfectly honest, I'm left handed(so is one student in the group) and didnt want to be left out of the fun of testing the putters.
  7. Can't find it in a better resolution, can make out the writing though fuzzy.
  8. I don’t believe they are Ben Hogan. If I’m correct Hogan clubs have either ‘BH’ in the octagonal point emblem or at least say ‘Hogan’ somewhere. As for value it’s quite rare for a vintage set to have much value unless there is some ‘celebrity’ connection to them.
  9. Something I considered for my first set was resale value. I wasn't sure if I was going to survive that first summer.. So I bought used, name brand clubs. At the end of the summer, I sold them for close to what I paid, and was able to roll that money into a fitting and another used (albeit much newer) set. I had an instructor who told me the "weight" on an expensive club was much better than on a cheaper club (as he was swinging a 4-iron around w/ one arm). But then he went on to say Phil Mickleson could "beat everyone here with clubs from the Goodwill".
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    • Just started looking at this topic, what's the helicopter drill ?   Today I've done driver and 4 wood hitting a ball on a string for about 15mins, I also do a 5 different arm shoulder exercises using 1kg hand weights. I'm recovering from 11 weeks in hospital, I'm very lucky to be still hitting golf balls lol...
    • Most Buckeyes won't go as far as to give you a proper acronym. Most just call you "that state (sometimes team) up north". I'm not a football guy, but I am up for a good rivalry
    • 84- at the monthly medal which gave me a 2nd out of 31 players position off the Blue Tees(which gave me a course HC-16) Net - 68 (67 won it) wasn't playing all that amazing with a few offline drives and a few shocking strokes ....but I seemed to recover on every hole with a brilliant chip/pitch/iron etc or didn't score any worse than a Bogey till the 17th --PAR3 where I tripled Bogey after I pulled a shot off the tee and backed it up with some slack short game ...wasn't happy and thought I blew any chances of a decent position ....esp. when on the 18th I drove into bank blindspot to the green and sent the next 8i right of the green on another bank !!!! but yet again chipping saved me hitting the flag and stopping the ball less than a foot from the hole for a PAR... 8xPARS 9XBOGEYS 1xD-B  
    • Day 181 Played 18 today. Didn’t play very well but had a couple good runs of pars to break 90. A scratch player in my foursome pointed out I was collapsing my arms in the backswing, so I changed my swing thought and worked on backswing for the remainder of the round. Got home and did a little mirror work with the same thought and also hit some balls. 
    • Shafts do not acquire memory.  Nor do they wear out.  Flex is a longitudinal measurement...not a lateral one.  There is no such thing as a left-handed, or right-handed shaft.  Carry on and don't worry about it.

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