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    • I understand that you MAY post these rounds, but can someone please explain WHY you would post a round for handicap with the assumption that you have played the last 5 holes in nett par? The only thing it can possibly do is contribute to a vanity handicap. In no way does 13 holes approximate  a full round of golf, so what is the point of pretending to have played 5 holes to your handicap when you haven't? Just call it 13 holes of golf. I can understand that there may be occasions when a whole field has their round counted and estimated due to thunderstorms or something in a shotgun start, but to me it would seem crazy to play 17 holes and then just give myself a nett par on 18, let alone 30% of the holes.   And as for match play rounds with concessions.....come on! Really?
    • And, predictably, here endeth the thread. Another budding professional who has a handicap of X but has the ability of a scratch and - wait for it - the astonishing expectation to sink 15 footers -  eagerly intends to inform us of his results in  a tournament or CC round being played the following day after playing by himself for a month. But we hear nothing. Presumably we are talking a score in the mid 90s all due to bad luck, but we'll never know. There is only one possible reason, given that "anything is possible"; he just didn't want it badly enough.
    • It wasn’t good at Pebble lol.  
    • Same, except on Friday the 13th when I try to swing with no plane at all!!!
    • Two plane... though some days it feels like three or four planes going on. I tried the Natural Golf/Single Plane thing years ago, and it just wasn't right for me. 

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