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    • I disagree with 1 and 3. 1.The golf swing isnt a natural motion. What feels like a natural golf swing to me isn't the correct golf swing. What feels natural to me is a swing that has very little body rotation, extremely steep, over the top, hands flipping through impact, etc. That is what feels natural to me, but there are many flaws in that swing, and as I have taken a lesson and been practicing, what feels like an unnatural swing to me is actually producing better shots and putting myself in the proper positions.' 3. I can keep my eye on the ball and still pull, slice, top, and shank it. 
    • For me, and some better players I know, they're tougher to keep down. Hybrids try to get the ball up, and there are times I want to hit a low spinning ball with a 3-iron or a 4-iron or something. Or a low flat ball.
    • Right; if you’re getting close to 50* descent you don’t have much to worry about with stopping power. Also, course conditions can vary even hole to hole.  Yeah. It doesn’t matter what the club says on the bottom of it in terms of “7i” or whatever. You want clubs that will perform reasonably how you anticipate that it will. With irons we don’t care how far they go; we want them to go whatever distance they go and in your desired trajectory window time and time again reliably. 
    • Meh. I don't know about that one.
    • I don’t have much use for hybrids. For just advancing the ball on a par 5 they’re ok as long as the dead left shot doesn’t sneak in. I can fade an iron shot but it seems pretty hard to slice an iron. Irons allow shotmaking. I rarely hit a full blown “as hard as I can” iron shot. 

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